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SHAPe of magnetic currents?



  • "the waters" first shows up in Gen 1:2. But it seems more likely to me to refer to the waters in Genesis Chapter 2.. the 4 rivers of Eden. There is 4 works to be added together.. the total lines being 1343 lines. If you sum the 4 rivers of Eden gematria you get 1345:

    pishown = 446
    gichown = 77
    chidekel = 142
    perath = 680

    total = 1345

    This is +1 to the 1344 spheres on the bottom 7 layers of a stacked tetrahedron 22 layers high. The 1343 lines is a -1 to the 1344. EDl's first work of 5 is 681 lines.. where the last line is "world.".. you see here a +1 to the 680 of Perath or Euphrates river. This is the top 15 layers of stacked spheres in the 22 layered Tetrahedron. Somehow.. this same 680 of the 4th river is also mirrored into the bottom 7 layers.

    Geometrically, I have an idea what could be the idea behind this conversion. If you take a tetrahedron and mirror it and "duplicate" it upon itself from the center.. you get what you call a "stellated octahedron". It's basically the 3D version of the 2D hexagram seen throughout Rock Gate. It just so happens that a 15 layered Tetrahedron has 680 spheres. But a 7 layered Stellated Octahedron has 679 spheres. So, if you go with the theme of "creation duplicating creation"... you can start with the basis of it all.. what R. Buckminster Fuller says is the Tetrahedron.. and then mirror/duplicate.. to a Stellated Octahedron.

    It turns out the center of the stellated octahedron that contains 679 spheres has at the center an octahedron with each triangular face of 1+2+3+4+5+6+7. This is very much like the 10,5,6,5 pattern of YHWH.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,5.. with a deficit of 2.
    Then on each of the 8 triangular faces, you append a 6 layered tetrahedron of 56 spheres each. The center octahedron has 231 spheres.. this is the sum of 1 to 21. So, basically to convert from the 679 sphere stellated octahedron.. you chop off 4 tetrahedrons from the 8 faces.. and put them on the bottom of the remaining tetrahedron. .. you simply need to add ONE.. to get to 680.
  • I agree about your feeling better about 'if you add 1, you should subtract one', or if you subtract one, you're still left with one. Ed does seem to follow a natural separation and addition of numbers. They don't appear from nowhere and disappear as easily. Charlie might have pointed to ed's "one hundred per cent or nothing", and I quote it all the time, because ed demands perfection. But math is still perfect if you consider page 3 of MC, ed also said about individual magnets "Some run away and never come back, but others take their place." That's still mathematically 100% perfect. I'm gonna say 'shap' and 'saph' work to become 'rapha' this way. Especially the way ed used it in the margin count like you show, and the bible connects saph and rapha by them both being giants, referenced in the margin.
    I've been grinding through some of the circles and squares ed uses as reference in his copyright. 19, 361, and more, and right now, I'm kind of blind grinding, just to see what the numbers do in reference to gematria, and I find I keep coming back to the rivers of eden as well. Cain and the land of nod. And the woman made from the man's rib. And references to seed, and abraham and the covenant. Those stand out. Again, I'm kind of grinding math, and noting the numbers and words and passages, so I could bet some of it is simply mathematically coincidental. I'm also tending to look at the first occurrences, you're right btw, bible wheel is a quick reference, but because so much comes up in those areas of the bible, I'm looking past the first sometimes, when the passages seem to denote something larger, or as you say, a story that merges both sides of the brain, a story with underlying math, conveying two intertwining, yet parallel messages.
    Yeah, I like being part of your 'social experiment'. Because you don't need to convince me it's there, or it's more than 'numerology', I can just sit back, read and learn. This is still class to me in many ways, but If I see something that my gut tells me to look closer at, or mention to you, I sure will.
  • In regards to EDEN...I found another reference in the numbers of EDL's works. I showed above how there is exact match of 1343 when subtract the 6 "A"s of positional value for caps and count the total lines. It got me thinking about which number of lines don't fit under the 95 remaining it must be an important number I figured. Here is what I get:

    1. Each of the 4 works has 10 single lines not in a paragraph = 40
    2. page number lines = 17
    3. 6 paragraphs start with capital "A" lines = 4+5+11+12+16+17=65

    Total is 122

    This number is tantalizingly close to 124 EDEN which I find everywhere in EDL's works.. but off by 2. So, then the fact that EDL said his booklet was "8000 words" came to my mind. I've found there really is 9224 words. I determined that there is 1224 "U"s... and discovered if you "SAW" or cut the words with "QJU" and misspelled words you get 8000 words. This made me wonder what happens to the lines if you cut the QJU words? I looked down each page of his 4 works and interestingly enough I found only 2 lines in his 4 works that contain nothing but words containing a "U".

    It just so happens to be the "YIWI" last page of Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life that I was mentioning earlier that has "YHWH" all over it. Notice how when you subtract those 2 lines.. it affects the paragraphs this way:

    Left Margin: Right Margin:
    11 11
    10 10

    Left Margin: Right Margin:
    10 11
    9 10

    So, with these 2 lines added to the 122 other "weird case" lines in his 4 works..
    we are left with EXACTLY 124 lines in his 4 works that don't fall under a capital letter Paragraph. This leaves 1219 words that do fall under a capital paragraph.
    This is interesting number because in Magnetic Current there is 1225 "U"s in total. But there is 6 words that contain 2 "U"s. That leaves us 1219. Then there is 2 words "join" and "joining" that contain a "J" but not a "U". Of course all "Q"s also contain a "U"..except perhaps the "Do"..where the "o" is perhaps converted to a mirrored "Q" on page 11 MC. There is two misspelled words that don't contain a "U".. "shap" and "electrictiy".

    There is incidentally 17 words in his 4 works that contain 2 "U"s. This seems to harmonize with the 17 page number "words"/"lines".

    So, Jason, in (not) short, seems we do have "the waters EDEN" the fact we have 95 paragraphs that start with a non-A cap. We have 124 lines left.
    Gematria for
    the waters = 95 = heh mayim
    EDEN = 124 = ayin, dalet, nun

    We see that 2 of these lines are special.. in that EDL gave us the clue to SAW QJU words. If you total the gematria for the 4 Rivers of Eden you get 1345..and the total 4 works lines is 1343... off by the same 2. So, following the "add 2" and "subtract 2".... we see we are at this instance "subtracting 2".. this follows that before that we were to "add 2". Right? 1343 + 2 = 1345.. 4 RIVERS of EDEN.

    Now.. to almost anyone who reads this is surely likely to dismiss it..which most won't bother reading it. But if that person were intimate with EDL's writings.. he or she would see that the first formal line of Magnetic Current on page 3 "This writing is lined up so when you read it you look East,". Then if count 124 lines to page 5.. see a line that has a dot added above it and a dot added below it. The capital letters on that page are "SIRGT"... If you follow the clues there on page 5.. and do as he says in counting the characters between dots.. you find that between the "U"s and punctuation mark on the first line.. you also get "SIRG"...and if you follow to line behind on page 4.. you get the "T"...."SIRGT". We are missing an "I" to get "TiGRIS"... as is said to be the 3rd river of Eden. The missing "I" seems to be in the middle of the "EAIST" written in caps down that right hand margin of that same line starting with the "E" in "East,".
  • It might be wrong idea here... but the page 14 and 18.. read "N" and "R" to me... and to me begged finding the missing "I"s in "INRI". So, I checked out page 9.
    It also reminds me of ED Marlinski's book and logo of the fish hook with "IN"..

    I don't know who this Marlinski dude is, but to me that is always the same story, tying together yin & yang. The fishing line loop is the analemma/ankh with the usual knot, while the "I" and "N" are just geometric representations of how the two currents move respectively (straight line vs. wave). You can find a similar illustration, with the flywheel included, in the footprint of the buddha.

    On the same theme, even Ekapada Trimurti holds in the hand the magneticuniverse logo.

  • Grit's like sandpaper grit. Grit's are a breakfast food consumed by some. Sirgt..
    60 grit is rough compared to 600 grit. I used to polish aluminum alloy with rubbing compound and 5000 grit sandpaper. Amazing what a orbital sander will do.
    Are you using a anagram database for Edward's telegram's?
    Poker duces R wild card's.
    Why with aanst you can use the double a as a "A" and the second "A" as a wild card like "Y" now Santa spell's nasty as a anagram.
    Israel taught me about doing that when spell casting. Casts a net, or castanets ¿?
    Ding Dong. Input Output. Like a log hitting a gong. Input is you swinging the log, output is the sound the gong makes. Converting one type of energy into another type of energy. Like making radio waves using electric. Edward said try getting radio without using electric. Why you can hear lightning strikes on the radio.
    The man on the hundred bill was playing with more than money and lightning. These are known to drive some people insane.
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