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SHAPe of magnetic currents?

Following ED Marlinski's suggestion on how to count the number of lines that touch the margins in Ed Leedskalnin's writings and convert the number to a letter: (you also see one of the 5 misspelled words in Magnetic Current - "shap")

Magnetic Current pgs 14 and 18:

Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal Life pgs 1 and 2:

You see 3 different magnetic patterns that are similar to these:



  • Ed Marlinski also points out that the word "U.S.A" is special. Above you see on Magnetic Current page 14, you convert the "U" to "SA" in "UP". Each of his 4 works has the word "U.S.A.":

  • It might be wrong idea here... but the page 14 and 18.. read "N" and "R" to me... and to me begged finding the missing "I"s in "INRI". So, I checked out page 9.
    It also reminds me of ED Marlinski's book and logo of the fish hook with "IN"..

    Here is page 9 of Magnetic Current:

    You see the capital letters of "IFCF". So many pages of ED's works seem to point to the tetragrammaton of YHWH. For instance the capital letters of MVA is "WET IS I YIWI". We also see on page 18 the "YTTW"... so you see the "I" and "T" replace the "H"s. But on page 9 it seems to me likely that he's alluding to the Hebrew alphabet rather than the English "YHWH" rather Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh.. 10,5,6,5.

    This too produces a magnetic pattern similar to the 0's and 1's posted above in this thread by me:

    Once again.. it is a perfect pattern of 1,-1,1,-1.. except the 2nd "1" is "3". It seems to be the way EDL always works... nothing is ever "perfect"..always has a twist to figure out. For instance if the letters were "IFEF".. then it would be a perfect magentic pattern offset of "YHWH" which literally transliterated from Hebrew to English should read "JEFE".....which is Spanish word.

  • You see here experimenting with the "IFCF" plus "ICFC" get once again close to "RINI":

    This is a very similar cipher process to another thread where I showed the "BREAK" and "HAGAR" and "START" and "SARAH" in Ed Marlinski's book using an identical process as shown here.
  • Here is another angle on the "U.S.A" and "SHAP". There is a place in Magnetic Current that has a dot drawn in-between "U . SHAPE". Sometimes he uses "U-SHAPE" and sometimes "U SHAPE"..and just that once it seems he drew in a large dot between the two words. A dot in Morse Code is an "e". On the word he seemed to intentionally misspell.. "shap".. he left off the dot or "e". You can see the letters "USA" in that string of "U.SHAPE". I divided accordingly:

    You can see that the letters LKP or PKK(L) can be included between the "U.S.A.".
    It turns out that this could be a reference to the Latvian Communist Party that was definitely around during ED's life and his family seems to have been involved with.

    They also were seemingly related to the "FLAME" or "LIESMA".
    This would therefore be a meaning that the LKP or Latvian Communist Party is in the "U.S.A."..... which could maybe represent EDL himself?
  • Note that in the decipher of "PKL" or "LKP".. there is a simple subtraction or addition of letters like ED Marlinski shows with "BREAK HAGAR" and "SARAH START". The only difference here is we have two Abbreviations for words "United States of America" and "Latvian Kommunist Party". It is a perfect math except for the "K" and "L". There is 2 ways to get this to be a perfect cipher:

    1. Use a 27 letter alphabet with a character or NULL at the end of the 26 letter alphabet.

    2. Consider the "Law of COLEL or KLL".. which states that "K" and "L" can be read as "L". Or "you can always add 1".
  • I didn't know about COLEL.... sengA mentioned it, but I never knew it was an actual rule bender in gematria. I find that interesting, because when I posted about 13x13=169, and then I doubled it, as 169 were 1 of 2 brothers, I got 338, but 337 was a better number, as I started with 2 prime numbers, squared, and ended up 1 away from another prime. 337 being SEED, and of course 2 brothers being SEED of the father and mother.
    That brings me back to SAPH and RAPHA as well. Saph is an anagram for SHAP, and saph appears in the bible as a son of the philistine giants. RAPHA is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 20:4, but in the bible it says RAPHA were giants, but it says it in the MARGIN notes of the bible passage.
    Now that you mention colel, if you take the S from SHAP, and take away 1, which is OK with KLL, or colel, you're left with R and A 18+1 R A HAP.
    The rule of KLL, SHAP, RAPHAS, giants, and the margin, all seem to go together. Perhaps edl used the margin count to draw attention to the margin mention of giants for RAPHA.
  • You mention that the law of KLL says you can add one, but can you take one too? Like I did above? I don't know how much to trust the info, but after some searching, it seems to be you can add or take one. Considering the bible math seems to focus on primes, prime sequencing, and 1 is NOT considered a prime, it makes sense that 1 is so malleable.
    I hate spam block when I just realized I have another thought to add... it's like have a steamed up train of thought, that just runs out of track. Shit, gotta wait another 300 seconds... what else can I think of in 300 seconds?
  • Blue,
    Yes, my understanding of the law is as you say.. add or subtract. Personally, at first the "law" intrigued me and I used it.. but this is also one thing that I try to avoid at all cost in most situations. I love a complete, perfect picture to be obtained some day. And if the whole long stream of mathematical and cipher processes I hope to one day find include a law of KLL once... then I'd feel much better about my result. Kind of like.. add 1 magnet to the whole earth's magnetic field from the SUN. Ok. Then even over time.. if the mathematical pattern has waves of sort.. let's say with the Fibonacci sequence.. then awesome. But that law of KLL drove me close to insanity over the years and is one of those things that I personally had to rein back and keep looking for that "perfection" in numbers.

    I was using it on the old CC forum and Charlie quoted EDL as saying "100% or nothing".. from ABIEH in how EDL wanted his "girl". Now.. my mind loves the results I got with "BREAK HAGAR" and "START SARAH" cipher. It's 100% and simple and straight forward "BREAK" into ED Marlinski's book I think. I'm starting to find possible ways to use it in ED Leedskalnin's works perhaps. Not sure yet.

    But, I personally have a goal to use that law as little as I can.. and ONLY if I can prove many other logical reasons to use it. For instance, out of those 2 options.. I'd rather put in the back of my mind the first option.. go with a 27 letter alphabet with a NULL as 27 or some other character. You see here with "LKP" that the only time we have to wrap around the ends of the alphabet is the "L".. so it's highly possible if I'm at all on the right track there.. this is the way. I'd just be very sparing with the law myself until I fully understand what it means to me. I don't think EDL is the type as I know him.. to just go willy-nilly adding and subtracting 1's whenever he wants to at random. I think there is another law or other laws behind that one.. that's my gut feeling at this stage of the game anyway.
  • ...but Blue.. thanks for looking at my postings anyway and I hope they can help you in some way. I'm glad to see you processing the Torah math and numbers. That too is a double-edged sword that can quickly lead to insanity or decide to just chuck it all away if you don't learn your own rules of what you accept and don't. For instance, when you look for the numerical value of words.. do you always look to the root of the words..or do you accept all the prefixes and suffixes and variants of words. For instance, is it "the light" or "light".. "and the earth".. "the earth".. or "earth". I say this because I haven't completely figured out how EDL uses myself satisfactorily. So until I figure it out better, I personally always try to stick with the root words. The main exception in ED's works seems to be Gen 1:1 though.. as his lines in his works points to 296 and 395.. which is including the "THE" to "the earth" and "the heavens". . adding the 5 or HEH.
  • I guess I misspoke.. thinking there was some cases of hyphens between "U" and "SHAPE" in ED's works.. but I find there is only this one case of a dot added on page 13:

    Notice this page 13 is on the reverse of page 14 that seems to be mirrored to page 18. Also note that page 14 has "YTTW" as caps which I show I believe refers to "YHWH" ..or the Tetragrammaton. Now, page 13 also has the same obvious references of "YHW".. missing the last "H" or 5. Now.. as you see in blue letters I drew that the letters that touch the left margin are "YOD". .. 25,15,4. This is the 10th Hebrew letter.. or 2 times 5... or HEH. You can also see the last paragraph on the right margin is 5 lines or HEH or E..depending on which alphabet you use. This I think represents the missing "E" on page 14 in "SHAPE".. or "U.SHAPE".

    You see that page 14 shows us "U shap"...missing the "e"... and page 13 on the reverse printed page shows us "U.shape" us the missing "e" in morse code.

    page 13 "U.shape" (extra dot or "e" in Morse Code)

    Note how the "e" is associated with a dot.. could EDL be hinting at the dots in "U.S.A." as shown on the paragraph break of "U" into "S" and "A"?

    page 14 "U shap" (missing "e")

  • .. that is why this is a social experiment. This is really GOOD STUFF. And it's free to anyone. Charlie said no one just gives their years of hard work on the internet just for the asking. I did it without the asking here. But will it bear any fruit on this deserted waste land? RL Poole sums it up as "numerology"... and not a "cohesive message". But can he or anyone else tell me why these things are in EDL's works. If he or they say it's a misprint.. well.. I'd say likely he or they don't know ED Leedskalnin's works at all. Spend a couple years zooming in and out of 600 dpi copies of his works then tell me that. Also read ED Marlinski's book and do the sweat and then tell me these are pure accidents.
  • Anyone can do a search of "YHWH image" in Google and get something akin to the following results:

    EDL is seemingly linking these things together:

    "U shap"

    We also see that the Caps in his paragraphs are following same patterns as Marlinski's cap codes. They are meant to break at the top and bottom.. and also in-between. They read on place top to bottom and another bottom to top.. and one place poles to center.. and another place center to poles.

    If you look at the masonic triangle symbols for "YHWH".. you see a reference to 1,2,3,4.......or triangular numbers... 1+2+3+4......notice that if you take various numbers together produce the numbers in 10,5,6,5.. or YHWH.. yod, heh, vav, heh.
    1+2+3 = vav
    1+2+3+4 = yod
    2+3 = heh
    1+4 = heh

    Could this be the inspiration for the secret society symbols?
    Look at the full word of YHWH and 10,5,6,5.. in pure math..and substitute 10 with 1+2+3+4...


    Notice that if the last "5" were "7".. we'd simply be counting to 7. This reminds me of the first 9 letters of the Torah.....where I believe the 5th and 6th letters are reversed.. taking the three 3 letter groupings from
    2,20,1 create
    21,10,22 six
    2,20,1 create


    2,20,1 create
    21,22,10 duplicate
    2,20,1 create

    changing the Hebrew word "SHEETH" "six" to "SHATEE" "duplicate". Could that also be one of the secret society secrets that Dan Brown alludes to as the Freemasonic knowledge of codes hidden in the Bible in the "LOST SYMBOL"?
  • Here is more of what most intellectually lazy people would call meaningless happen-chance: (Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life pg 4)

    The starting caps of the 10 paragraphs of MVA are "WET IS I YIWI".. which looks very much like "WET IS I YHWH".. except we have added a +1 to the "H"s to get "I"s... from 8 to 9. .. but really YHWH is the sound pronunciation transliteration of YOD HEH VAV HEH.. 10,5,6,5.....which is JEFE. You see above that the caps are reading top to bottom basically "YHWH".. and the spacing of those paragraphs is reading for sure bottom to top 10,5,(5,1,5),5... where he seemingly doubles the 6 to 12..and overlaps the center. EDL did the same thing with Magnetic Current of folding 394,1, it's 395 from each end to the equator.. with the polar distance of the earth from center of 3950 miles..

    You see here that EDL to me seems to use the added dots to mean center point.. or a mirroring. Here you see the one on this last page of MVA:

    You double the 6 and overlap the 1... leaving 11... seemingly the 1 goes to the bottom of the page in the copyright line. He did a similar thing in Magnetic Base Sound Base right up front in the first paragraph:

    This I believe represents the 1st and 3rd sets of 3 letter groupings of the Torah and represents the word in Hebrew "CREATE"... or "BARA". 2,20,1.....where the middle paragraph is 10 lines.. with the top and bottom indented on each margin as a normal paragraph. The center line hints at a mirroring or doubling with a sort of shorthand EDL seems to use over and over in his works:

    To the "clueless" and lazy-minded.. this likely appears to be Numerology VOODOO... and a big waste of mine and their time. If anyone else is left.. put me in that barren camp to pitch my BET.

  • anyone else starting to see patterns emerge that seem to lead to a "cohesive message" with lots of work and thought?

    You see how it seems "where ED L taketh away... he giveth elsewhere"? To me, this is the higher law that TRUMPS the LAW OF COLEL or Law of KLL. It seems to be how nature works... and balances.. one dies.. another born.. one loses.. another wins.. .one yins another yangs. I'm MUCH more comftorable applying "you can always add 1"..... if you add..... "but remember.. if you do.. you need to subtract 1 elsewhere".
  • The last post I showed a relationship EDL seems to be making between the number of lines touching the margins in the paragraphs.. and the capital letter value. The "YHWH" was based on sound reference to "JEFE".. but if you take each Acrostic Capital Letter that starts each of the 101 paragraphs in EDL's works... and take convert the letter to positional value number in the alphabet.. eg. A=1,B=2..
    then it's quite amazing fact:

    1. There is 1343 lines in his 4 works that he said are to be counted together.

    2. The 101 capital letters' positional values in the 26 letter English alphabet total 1349.

    3. If you count the number of paragraphs that start with "A".. there is 6 of them.

    4. If you subtract the "A"s in the positional value sum you get 1349 - 6 = 1343...
    an exact match to the total number of lines in those 4 written works.
    This leaves 95 paragraph caps rather than 101. If this number is converted to Hebrew gematria.. it could refer to "the waters"... heh Mayim....or 5,13,10,13 positional.. or 5,40,10,40 gematria value.
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