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I can read all of ED.L's writings --just the way it is --Plain English



  • Thank you all (I think?!)

    Information overload buffer overflow.... too fast! This is all so above my head it hurtsI don't know where to start.

    I am not interested in electricity, magnetism, physics or energy, I am looking for the meanig of life and divinity... have I taken a wrong turn on the way to kindergarten and ended up at the rocket scientists ball?
  • The meaning of life is easy, it's right at the end of this sentence.
  • Gardener said:

    Also note that the chart has 16 sections...

    I've heard that visiting stonehenge is pretty expensive and you don't even get close to it..

    Its only £15.50 but thought wouldbe much more fun around midnight under the ropes.

    I susoect I might get the same result under Salisbury Cathedral (under the spire maybe?) or Avebury.
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