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Freemasons And What The tapestry meens

edited August 2015 in General Science
In Eds place youll see a reference to the fremasons. Theres a old work you can find. If you look at it there is a reference to to the altar and a ladder going up to the heavens where you see on the pillars a sun, moon, and a star. This is a reference to alchemy. The thing is alchemy was created from something else. Its real meaning is not pphilosopers stone. The alchemist needs to be looking at what really created man. The forces at real play. Hence the real meaning is philosophof the stone or wrather more importantly philosophy of the floating stone. If you want to know what makes life you need to know what life is. Ou and that tapestry... punch in 19 81 02 19 . Theres a interesting road on the maps. Its inbetween 2 places thats connected by a road. Its ancient and important. If you can learn where I got the numbers then your a true FREE MASON.


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