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  • @taco1981 Ed himself could have released details plans but did not and many others over billions of years have known this but not made it public - nobody is forcing you to say anything.

    Why do you need others if you have reached full understanding?
  • Please for the love of god someone send me a mail with the answer. Ive been personaly subjected to every form of mans torture imaginable and I rose beyond it. From the begining of my life I was neglected, abused, and tortured by my family and the social network at large. All because I was different. I swore id never turn out like that. It took me a long time to learn to forgive those that hurt me. Then I spent a very long time running from myself. I spent most of my life being drugged out so I didnt remember what happened to not only me but those around me. Even tho I understood they did it because they didnt know they were wrong or they just didnt care, or they just liked to subject theirself on someone I had to learn to not live in the past. Thats not what I am and it doesnt shape my future. Now that I can help everyone I dont know how to live with letting othes go through what I did. Some people take their own lives because even tho they can forgive they cant forget. I know because I tried many times. If we dont try then were no better then those who think its ok to harm others for whatever reason they think its ok
  • The most basic reason why I need to meet these so called enlightened ones is so I can know that atleast someone is watching mankind. Yes were trying and maybe one day we can go beyond our primitive ways but until then were still doing things that is unforgiveable. I want to save us because I am one of us. In the universe if there are others watching us werenot much more than a bet to see if we kill ourselves. Were only going to matter if we help ourselves. I want to believe that we are more than instinct. Why am I the only one that thinks we can do so much more if we try. We only need to take away the things that we fight over like money. Give everyone unlimited free energy and knowledge. We only need to guide our children at that point to understand that all this that we have been fighting for like land, oil, power, and money are illusions. The greater fight that we should be trying for is life, knowledge, and peace. Being stuck on this rock and letting the power hungry control it will only end 1 way. Ancient Egyptians are not only our past but our future as well. We will end ourselves if we keep thinking "If not me someone else will do it"
  • @boxerlego
    A book in every home is the good place to start. Ed message is very deep and deals with practically everything ranging from domestic affairs to involving politics religion and education. Its going to be a hard for you to even grasp what Eds message is if you have no interest in the stuff you said. Ed basically says that more then 50% of the people don't want to lead they want to follow. They want somebody else to furnish all the stuff that is require for living. People are individuals. Nobody can eat for you and so it is that. You must produce your own living to survive other wise you are a slave. Welcome to New America where you have no rights but just follow the orders of the people with the titles of nobility. Were approaching the age where the Supreme Master Robot Race are going to be in command and control. Old ideas but new fancy words to make you follow the plan. What kind of future do you think that dollar is buying for everyone.
    I'd need to implement the "Like" button... on this forum :)
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    ...Give everyone unlimited free energy and knowledge. We only need to guide our children at that point to understand that all this that we have been fighting for like land, oil, power, and money are illusions...
    I think, that 99% of the mankind is not ready for that yet and who knows when they will be (if ever).
    This world is in serious trouble...
  • Bah im trying to write that for the discussions that I posted on. Centralize everyone so we all can get. consensus
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