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Where to Start Study?

edited July 2015 in Decoding Ed's Writings
Hi All

I came across Rock Gate around 10 years ago and followed all the discussions on code144 and read all I could find on the internet. After a couple of years, I concluded that this was all about free energy and material things, whereas I was searching for some deeper truths beyond matter. At that point I gave up and veered toward Indian teachings, Advaita etc.. Although I have find the discussion here amazing, I am not understanding anything discussed here. I have read Senga's poems many many times but still cannot make head nor tail of any of this.

If I have no family or commitments, no other interests and I wish to study this full-time, assuming no prior knowledge other than English language and basic arithmetic, what is the best way to proceed? Where to start? I have just ordered Edward Marlinski's book.

Would it be beneficial to relocate to near RG or other area? I am ready to move anywhere worldwide
This all seems heavily maths intensive; what specific mathematics should I learn?

Most importantly, can this be understood by anybody, or does it require some Divine gift or background or genetics etc.?

Thanks to all!


  • Hi soh

    Over the last year I have been picking away at Senga's poems. I only understand more when I go back to them over time. Indian teachings are one of the best in my opinion along with the Iching Im only starting to read the Vedas.

    You can find closest to the original copies here on this forum, or on In my opinion Edward Marlinski's book is good but it will only take you soo far, it opens your mind to more possibilities.

    There is only soo much we can learn through theory and reading of other peoples experiences. In a perfect world, one would need to travel to different places around the world and get the first hand knowledge required(experience and feeling of a ley line or 90 degree crosspoint of ley lines)
    Aside from Eds well, there must have been some kind of underground room or chamber on his property.

  • What your looking for is easy, finding it is not.
  • My intuition also says its simple but I have yet to read Marlinski.

    I wonder what happened to sengA from code144? He alluded that he would give some pointers without riddles but broke my heart when he vanished.
  • Im trying to get as many people to see this. Ed figured this out before me. I plan to give him credit. The PMH is a major tool in his work but its only 1/6 of the equation. Ive managed to piece it all together. Im telling everyone. I can give the world what we are all looking for. Whats scary is that Ed didnt just find out what gravity is, how electricity works, why the universe has so much energy. He discovered that applying force in the right way can cause 2 separate reactions. If the energy is kept low flowing in a certain way can cause gravity to be effected. Its not really anti gravity. More of manipulation. Later this year im having. demonstration. I have several concerns. Currently I need to find a way to safeguard my research. Anyone that can help would be appreciated. I dont want to allow thos new technology to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Hi taco1981

    Would you say this knowledge you have discovered relates to Andreï Kozyrev ??
  • Well this depend on what kind of study you want to start. There is lots of thing that you need to known in order to begin to understand why Ed wanted us to know about magnetic current and why it should be good for your electricity along with the concepts of perpetual power. The way we harvest electricity is metaphor for slave energy, Electricity can be created and destroyed it is only the consensus of people at the time that forbid that notion not to exist, regardless how you are educated against it it. Electricity is doing its part the way we figure out how and there will always be better ways down the road to develop to become the new Era of life. The current Atomic Era is a failure waiting to happen, nobody wants to be responsible enough to take care what has been made, atomic energy is a death sentence by our inept ways to deal with it. But the scientific elite don't see that as their problem that is the earths and time problem to deal with it the atomic effects.
  • thanks boxerlego

    I have no interest whatsoever in energy (free or otherwise), UFOs politics or religion. I am interested in whatever Ed's message is.
  • A book in every home is the good place to start. Ed message is very deep and deals with practically everything ranging from domestic affairs to involving politics religion and education. Its going to be a hard for you to even grasp what Eds message is if you have no interest in the stuff you said. Ed basically says that more then 50% of the people don't want to lead they want to follow. They want somebody else to furnish all the stuff that is require for living. People are individuals. Nobody can eat for you and so it is that. You must produce your own living to survive other wise you are a slave. Welcome to New America where you have no rights but just follow the orders of the people with the titles of nobility. Were approaching the age where the Supreme Master Robot Race are going to be in command and control. Old ideas but new fancy words to make you follow the plan. What kind of future do you think that dollar is buying for everyone.
  • Sounds like the puzzle is your poison.
    Theres so much more than meets the eye.
    and you just want to know what ed really meant for some to see
    Riddles and ciphers? or ancient mysteries? or maths?
    try Marlinski first if any of the above interests you
    Here you will find lots of help and ideas, but if youre simply drawn to ed, and
    looking to understand why, start looking where youre drawn the most... his
    writings or his design of CC.

  • 1) Arm yourself with patience and download the Aetherforce torrent. You'll need it later.

    2) Get a general understanding of what the universe is and the underlying physics:

    - familiarize with Ether (Aether) and its history on Wikipedia.

    - get this book:
    Read only how it came into being. Then jump to the cosmogony at page 761 and read on till the end of the chapter. Then go backwards to page 734. Then if you want, explore the rest of the book.

    - familiarize with the concepts of the vortex and vibration by watching the original Cymatics tapes (Youtube).
    - familiarize with implosion physics by reading a few books written by Schauberger.
    - read this book:
    - familiarize with the Octaves described by Walter Russel and Gurdjeff.
    - read all you can from Pierluigi Ighina.
    - get this book:
    - get this book:
    - read all you can written by Walter Russell and review it in the light of what you read in OAHSPE.
    - integrate according to your understanding of the above with the material from Aetherforce.

    3) Familiarize with the concepts of sympathetic vibratory physics (check aetherforce):
    - teach yourself music & harmony
    - read all you can from Keely and books from SVPvril & the sacred-science institute.

    4) Get a general understanding of classical mechanics, magnetism, electricity:

    - get a physics, magnetism, and electricity primer.
    - watch all the videos you can find by Eric Laithwaite (do this first if you have no idea what we're talking about, they'll make you want to study).
    - read Magnetic Current.
    - read Joseph Newman's book.
    - read again Magnetic Current while watching this series
    - equip yourself with copper, magnets, etc. and start experimenting. Read all you can on coils of different sizes and shapes, and test new shapes trying to figure out what happens in the wire.
    - integrate according to your understanding of the above with the material from Aetherforce. If you reach a good degree of understanding read all you can about Tesla and watch all the videos you can find from Eric Dollard.

    5) Understand what gravity and light are (good luck):
    - aetherforce is a major resource here, read everything.
    - read Doctor Pancoast's books on light.
    - study optics, catoptrics, etc. etc.
    - experiment with insects and see how they react to light.
    - get an advanced book on electrostatics.
    - read all you can from TT Brown, especially about his experiments in electrogravity and astronomical devices.

    6) Become a freemason.That is, either apply at a local Lodge and sift your life through a useless and huge amount of crap specifically crafted to hide what the true nature of electricity & gravity really is, or...

    - get an astronomy primer
    - read all you can by Giordano Bruno, Descartes, Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo.
    - go back to the Almagest and Planetary Hypotheses by Ptolemy and read it.
    - read the The 'Astronomical' Chapters of the Ethiopic Book of Enoch (72 to 82)
    - buy yourself a couple of good telescopes equipped with cameras and start making your own measurements of planetary movements like EDL did. Put cameras on water and plants to observe how they change in a time-lapse. Correlate all the information. Build yourself a bunch of sundials too if you want, and remember 2 things: as above, so below; and what Russell and Ighina always insisted upon: planets are stationary, their movement is an illusion created by the movement of light (go figure).

    7) Teach yourself alchemy. About this Fulcanelli apparently said (from Wikipedia):

    "The liberation of nuclear power is easier than you think and the radioactivity artificially produced can poison the atmosphere of our planet in a very short time, a few years. Moreover, atomic explosives can be produced from a few grains of metal powerful enough to destroy whole cities. I'm telling you this for a fact: the alchemists have known it for a very long time... I shall not attempt to prove to you what I'm now going to say but I ask you to repeat it to M. Helbronner: certain geometrical arrangements of highly purified materials are enough to release atomic forces without having recourse to either electricity or vacuum techniques... The secret of alchemy is this: there is a way of manipulating matter and energy so as to produce what modern scientists call 'a field of force'. The field acts on the observer and puts him in a privileged position vis-à-vis the Universe. From this position he has access to the realities which are ordinarily hidden from us by time and space, matter and energy. This is what we call the Great Work."

    Keep in mind that at some point the Feds will come and they will steal all your "Great Work" no matter how Great it is, and optionally shoot you in the head too.

    That's all from the top of my (still intact) head.
    My two cents.
  • Here is my moral quandry. I can build a prototype right now that can move any large object. The problem is that in doing so if someone who doesnt fully understand the forces at play and tries to expand on my prototype if they misuse it they could cause alot of damage. If were lucky only a few thousand could die. The worst case scenario will kill all life on this planet. We will end up like mars. Im so paranoid about this I dont even like coming close to explaining how to access the power that is around us every day. I have plans for a power plant that could power all of the USA. The best I can say is this. Once and if I am known I will be putting my life in danger because countless people will either want this to be hushed or they will want to steal it. They wont care about me or my loved ones. These are the true forces of the universe and how we can access them. Space travel, free power, and answers to the biggest questions of the universe are up for grabs. At first I pleaded with man, then I got mad trying to force people to understand, now I ask will you help me? I want to give this to the world. I dont want money. I dont want anything. I only want to see us as a species take our place in the universe and open our eye's to the truth that we stare at every day. Before this I was greedy, self absorbed, and just wasting life. Now I only want to take care of my family and friends. Before I looked at the world me and everyone I knew as us versus the world. Now I see the world and everyone in it is my family and friends. We can grow. We can be more. I dont expect anyone to change as I have. Just try. Please try. My father once said to me "when a man closes his eyes to the truth all of his life he will suffer a headache the likes he has never felt when he finally opens them". I thought this to be a metaphorical expression. I know it wasnt now. After I started to see the truth and rewrite the answers I started having a headache. Its lasted what seems forever. Even now as the answers are coming to me its like my mind is realing and is in pain at seeing how much I was wrong. Its as tho my brain is suffering a physical pain from having to rewrite itself. Nothing I was before this matters anymore. Ed was right when he said if you want to know the truth you have to do it for the right reasons. He was a wise man. If I at any point let greed, or desires, or myself get in the way I wont be able to see the truth. If you become self absorbed then you wont see whats possible because your only trying to make something off this. You have to see that this is for everyone and in so you cant try and think of what you will make but instead what we all can make off this. I ask everyone please stop being what we were and instead lets see what we can be.
  • royalblue

    I appreciate your extensive reply; thank you.

    I dont't think all this is needed - taco1981 or anyone who has reached that understanding, please comment
  • @taco1981

    the solution to your quandary is very simple - do not build any device and to not tell anyone. You are not the only person with this knowledge and it has been around for a VERY long time.
  • Heres the thing. I honestly dont trust every man on this planet to do the right thing. To assume everyone is just going to wake up tomorrow and be good for no reason is moronic. This site was set up for the specific reason of learning eds work and advance mankind. Here I am trying to give everyone here the answers and yet everyone here is denying me. If this place where free thinking is supposed to rein cant accept whats in front of them then how is man at large who is historically noted for suppressing knowledge to benefit itself is going to act.
  • Also where do I go to find others like me? Do I just turn a blind eye to mans plight and live my life knowing that everyone out there is suffering and I can give them the answers? This is my problem. If this is out there then where is it because I cant live here anymore.
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