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Symbols and Numbers

edited July 2015 in Decoding Ed's Writings
I have used " Pythagorean cipher " more so than others, comparing and matching numerical values
Example.. A Book in Every Home, the numerical value matches the 12 zodiac names ( adding the individual numbers )
Others I have used is the Phi cipher from leeds, and the Agrippa Key, mixed results for both



  • Closest symbol I can find matching the one to the top left corner of this website( A Book in Every Home ) It is from an old Rosicrucian manual from 1916.
    I know combining the symbols gives more.
  • Since we know the bible is linked to A Book in Every Home, and we can see Pagan symbolism almost everywhere especially Vatican City, St Peters Square etc. Would there be symbols in Eds work or photos? I believe so
    666 relates to Pagan Sun Worship, or in the bible, mark of the beast
    I put a Pagan Amulet beside Eds front cover
    I can find a few(perhaps there are more) symbols on the front cover. I used colors to match between the two. The blue circle is revered on the front cover
    6 pointed star(6 points in nature) is prominent in Eds work and with Pagan symbolism
  • Heres more to the six pointed star and the inverter magnet.
  • Here is an idea, Go to a page and unlock some hidden meaning with it. Do you think Ed was doing this intentionally?
  • Yes the pythagorean cipher works nice, but don't skip over the fact that ed used the regular values of the letters too, 1-26, not just 1-9, he adds them together when it's convenient, Z=26=2+6=8, etc etc.
    "Go to a page and unlock some hidden meaning with it." -are you kidding me? Seriously, you're kidding about that, right? I've looked at ed's writings so much, I can't help but see the hidden meaning on EVERY page. The repetition, the bad grammar, the misspellings... and that's not considering the 'myth' doesn't even resemble the reality of who ed was, how he lived, and the past he was running from, the future he was escaping to, the depth of his intelligence and character...
    Okay, the reality of it is that ed did everything intentionally. From the way he spelled his name, to the way he gave his tour, the specific ways he wrote EVERYTHING he ever left behind, how he arranged and built CC, to the 'love story of agnes'. He spent 39 years here, creating a puzzle to be unwrapped. If you see it, it's probably there, and it probably means to look closer, and closer, and closer, until you see so much of it, that you sound absolutely insane to the world looking in... but then it doesn't matter anymore, at least not to us, because we are seeing wonderful things we never thought we would see. Impossible things that we only see because ed wanted us to see, because ed let us in.
    I've been unlocking for some time, and the doors and keys seem to be infinite. I've also been sharing them everywhere I go. They are not mine to hoard, they belong to ed, and since ed left them to find, I leave them behind me as well, in hopes others will find them for the gold they are, and use them if they will.
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    Well I said that because that was said to me. It is easy to make a cipher and make it show a hidden message and this can be done with any book.

    Hidden meaning Hidden message it is basically the same thing to me. There is hidden message/meaning all around. I know for a fact that A book in every home has multiple meanings in the title and not only the Bible can be derived from it and that there is also another book that is in every home as well and I got tons of these books and I think it is funny that with all this talk about numbers and symbols that there is no mention of this book so far that is in every home. But I guess once I talk about it everybody and their dog are going to be like "Oh I knew that." But to me the most important thing is understanding how do you know that because that is what unravels the mind the most not some hand out answers.

    Now I understand some stuff about hidden messages. I'm not no scholar about it but if you don't have the code key that is provided by the author then how is it that you know for sure that Ed intentionally left these obscure messages. I've read some of the books and watch some shows about this hidden codes stuff. While the books were more in depth on the matter the Tv shows about it to me just wanted to talk about how misleading and how much of a coincidental thing that it can be. Now I'm not going to talk about all the way codes can be created and formed that is for the code maker (Ed) to decided how. But it is that important to the code credibility that there is a bridge of some credible sort under the author work that is linking the two together.

    Now another thing I can think of is that Ed could have misspelled words because he was from another country. I would misspelled words all the time if spell check wasn't a thing I could do.
  • @poughkeepsieblue, that's true I didn't think of that, trick is knowing when, I will adapt :) and I agree with you. There is so much Ed covered, I'm constantly reading, referencing, comparing with other works, finding patterns or similarities.

    @boxerlego I am by no means a scholar, nor a dictator, everyone is made different and we have our paths in life, certain things will resonate with me and not with others, vice versa of course. Keeping an open mind is essential and at times for me it can be difficult and frustrating with Eds work, it is a matter of perspective.
    Code is everywhere, and begs for it to be deciphered, there is compelling evidence Ed was a Mason, or knew about the information they possessed. A striking number of historical places within the United States are Masonic and protected under the historical heritage act( someone correct the official terminology). From Route 66 to the 20+ symbols in DC, to Eds place.
    It would be easy if there was one answer to every question, or symbol, but there isn't
    Do I think Ed had the genius to code and protect his work? Of course
    Do I think he did it? Yes, no doubt

    If we were a group of individuals who had divine information, or knowledge that needed to be passed down to future generations in order to preserve it, and for it to be entrusted to certain individuals how would we do it??? 1611 King James, Shakespeare, John Dee, historical sites such as Eds Place

    All the best

  • The 'Book in every home' is the bible/torah/qur'an, depending on your beliefs.
    Magnetic Current is tied directly to the book of genesis.
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    @Dante That is certainly the case when dealing with Ed work. Every time when I read Ed's work I find a great level of discernment in his all views. For example his few words on education. This is my few words about Education Welcome aboard to the crazy train. I would put that in his book if I could.

    @Poughkeepsieblue I know for a fact that the book I have and so does everybody else have also double as a Bible and more, Exactly like ED's PMH. Even Ed could have a one of his own, he does seem like a solitary kind of guy to me. Now for the everyday person today would only stop at have thoughts of gambling when looking at it. Well can you gamble with Ed then. It just goes to show how much has been left out about a seemingly ordinary book of playing cards, just like everything else Ed wrote about. :D

    Wrote about 3 centuries ago "The perpetual almanac or the Gentleman Soldier's prayer book" has been around for a long time and is a unique perspective about a ordinary pack of playing cards. Now I did some internet searching on it and found a wiki like source page along with a video song on youtube about this.'s_Prayer_Book

    Also I google perpetual almanac and found this picture. Its certainly wrote in Hebrew. I wonder what it is. Figuratively it looks like a code key to me.


    So what do you think Gold or Trash? Or do you still think I'm playing with Toys :P
  • That's fascinating boxerlego, I vaguely recognize the perpetual almanac. It is a book that tracks the constellations and their number or meaning( at this point I don't know how the numbers relate )
    Ed did track the constellations, when looking east
    Gardener posted on this sites Library Section a book from the early 19th century relating a deck of cards to the pyramids at Giza. The book has some interesting points in its origins.
    Those are good finds.
  • In ABIEH
    (This technique isn't the only way )

    On page 2 , a book in every home, 2nd paragraph on that page ( A girl is to a fellow ... )
    Count every 6th letter starting from the first letter in the paragraph. You get..
    ieht notes easi?
    8 notes easy?

    This could be a start, or the middle

    I have used different ELS , if you have the time and patience I think it is worth counting.
    There are findings in other paragraphs


  • Its going to be something easy! Somthing your going to kick yourself when you know. It's going to be something so simple. The secrets knowing how?
  • I believe it is, very easy.. once you know technique
    At the moment I'm 35 percent certain it had to do with the 8 modes of the Gregorian Chant. However it is a stretch right now
    We know for a hard fact Ed put music notes in his photos.
    I'm just not sure if Ed would sing, or use an instrument, a lyre?( would seem odd)
    If it were as simple as music notes or tones( at the same time a tone = a frequency) , such a thing could prove beneficial to all, or possibly destructive( a good reason to encode or keep it a secret)
  • That's fascinating boxerlego, I vaguely recognize the perpetual almanac. It is a book that tracks the constellations and their number or meaning( at this point I don't know how the numbers relate )
    Ed did track the constellations, when looking east
    Gardener posted on this sites Library Section a book from the early 19th century relating a deck of cards to the pyramids at Giza. The book has some interesting points in its origins.
    Those are good finds.
    Thanks! It is interesting to point out that today's technology has replaced the old style calendar methods at which we are able to chart the calendar dates. Ed writes that all books are written are wrong and the one who is misled cannot write a book which is correct in ABIEH. And with in his other writing Ed wrote about how and I quote "Millions of people all over the world have been fooled, including myself, by wrong drawings in geography book, in showing how the earth's yearly path around the sun causes summer and winter. In fact the drawing are wrong. I was lucky. I made a rock telescope and a rock sundial and they defooled me. Now I know the right path the earth follows. The scientist should come to ROCK GATE, Homestead, Florida, and have a good look at the new drawing, the telescope and the sundial, and then notice how they would affect science." and after that that is where he says the above reading and the rest of his writings all go together Now is interesting that what he says here is dealing with the calendar overall. Ed made a rock telescope and a rock sundial what is it that made these devices that superior to anything else that is a telescope and a sundial?

    Also I want to point out the hidden numbers and symbols that can be seen on the cover of the book in every home.

    ABIEH hidden number
  • In the upper arch of the crescent you can see the upside down Omega Symbol, and at the tip you can see " M "
    M - First thought is the constellation Cassiopeia!

    Other thoughts..

    The way M is written is established as double arch, one could make the connection with the " Golden Gateway " that we can find on the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount(one of my favorite places for sacred geometry ) which is sealed off now. I believe The Golden Gateway can also be linked to mcdonalds, the original mcdonalds logo had one arch on its logo and also incorporated it in their architecture, and after time developed two. A spacing method can be used to separate mason or monas( which is linked to John Dee Monas Hieroglyphica. That same symbol can be found on some of the backs of the Moai on Easter Island, fascinating!
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