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Ed the perfectionist? In ABIEH



  • No, not to throw us off, but to lead you on.
    Every defect screams for closer attention.
    I think ed was collecting silver for it's electrical properties. Possibly coils, or plating. I don't know, but gold and silver have exquisite properties when it comes to light and power.
    I also have some kind of inkling that if an alchemist could ever turn a metal to gold, silver to gold would probably be the logical way to go. Considering there is 32 protons/electrons difference in silver and gold, that's sweet sixteen twice... and when I think silver I think 'silver bells', and then ring twice makes my head spin...
    So I get thinking about what ed talks about, especially acid, and then oxygen. Thinking in divisors of 8 atomically theres oxygen and sulfur, and ed talks about sulfuric acid, also HCl, and nitric, which I find interesting because nitrogen is right next to oxygen, and Cl next to sulfur.
    But I am getting way too far ahead of myself, and I don't nearly know enough about chemistry to hypothesize anything at all about transmutation.
    That's just wild ideas running around my head.
  • edm talks about briefly Sumerian scroll seals. When I think of silver or even copper it reminds me of the Sumerian poem called " The Debate between (Strong)Copper and Silver ". From what I remember,the story mentions at some point putting silver pieces into a reed box. It has been mentioned that Strong Copper was a personified bell
    I think you are right silver would be easy to make gold, or perhaps to make " shrew bread " or an ancient form of ormus(white powder)

    I think someone did put these defects into Eds work to help decode, perhaps freemasons
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