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Ed the perfectionist? In ABIEH

So lets go to pg 16, more than fifteen
Think ed wants you to look for defects in ABIEH?
Perhaps, since he also says...
Ed the perfectionist? I think so.
So what are these defects ed is telling us to look for?
That is what this post is all about.
All you have to do is follow ed's clues...
So let's look:
-between the i's
-at the i lids
-at shorter legs and lower shoulders
yes, watch the 'girls', I got that covered...
get your magnifying glass, and check for typos,
there is so much more, three is left, but one and two is right...


  • This 'one' is just fun...
    Well well, 'red' face? or 'read' face? Window to look in on? Perhaps that means ed's face is looking out the window? So let's find a window and open it up, and stick ed's face in...
    Oh look he's playing the hidden piano keys that he drew on the pic in the moon fountain...
    now if only you could move the window around and find A B C D E F G... oh wait, move it around 'OK' and you will find it...
    Don't believe ed was into music? Let's find VIOLIN on the cover...
    So 2 is perfect, 3 'is left', wondering why I bring so much attention to 3's? or rather ed does? Simple optics...
    Anyhow, lets break A BOOK IN EVERY HOME down to 3's
    but the third party, or third letter 'is left', so lets get the mated pairs out of the picture...
    O I V Y M
    just reverse them
    MY VIO...
    or rearrange them
    V I O Y M
    Now who can find the musical tune that ed coded in ABIEH?
    look for the staff lines
    they're there, and so are the notes...
  • Forgot to mention...
    V I O Y M
    might not be a complete
    but 'L' is 12
    and we got 1 and 2 out of the picture already... if you were wondering where it went... OK
  • Ever tune a Violin?
    EDM will tell you About ETA DAE
    So much you're not seeing, so so much... did you see one smiling? Have you found the teeth yet? Or the lower shoulder? I left pics of them above... the first 2 pics even...
    AG MQ EZ
    A-G? Notes? Or AG, being silver? Silver Notes? Silver Dollar? Or paper dollar? In 1936, paper dollars were redeemable for silver, it was even printed on them.... time to show you the Dollar I guess, or as Ed calls it, the 'rod'... that is, if you consider the spelling 'DOLLAR' and 'ALL RIGHT'... but I will have to show you... so so much...
  • And why the confusing rambling of what appears to be a crazy bachelor hermit?
    So those who want to focus on the verbatim, miss the well placed words and directions that ed left for you to follow.
    And I have only shown the obvious ones in ABIEH, I havent even started on ed's other writings, which are rife with more.
    First things first, count.
    Ed even jokes about how, "Those fellows who fail to see this are not desirable to have around."
  • Of course MC is next in chronology, but I'm gonna skip it for now and go into MVAL.
    When I start to explain the dollar, you will notice more, but for now, the curious imperfections are worth a looksie, and I also circled YHWH in blue, in case you missed it cause ed shifted the H's to I's.
    I will mention that 'By' on the cover is curiously spelled 'beta' 'gamma'. and if you like reversing things and mirroring things like ed does, there is the capitol gamma in ed's name followed by epsilon epsilon... or is the 'y' a mirrored lambda? like 'L' is a mirrored gamma?
  • So next would be ed's AD, which has some good stuff, the . and - in 'positive' is one of the best and obvious. Is it positive and negative, or perhaps . and - of morse code, which would then be ET... which is just fun. Especially considering 'if you read it you look E as T'
    The word 'analyze' which looks like a mix of hebrew and greek letters is just brilliant.... I mean the guy even is telling you to analyze this obviously queer looking word.
    Theres the sigma in the 'g', and after spelling the word 'battery' 68 times, the word 'batteries' 4 times, and the word 'battery's' 11 times throughout his books, you think you would get it right with only 2 t's as opposed to 3 t's, wouldn't you? Or do you think that is blatant as well?
    Oh, and if you have an old copy of any of these, and you think im off my rocker and want to refute what I'm saying, than please do. I actually would love to know what is really old, and what is just printing errors. I wont be offended, really, that would be great if someone could confirm these. I am positive, no pun intended, that the misspellings are going to be there, but the 'worked' letters, and extra dots and ticks, I still have my doubts about some of them. Not all of them, as I am sure some are there for a reason.
    So, to answer a question from another thread, why do we 'attempt to decode'?
    This is why, ed begs us to, if you're paying attention.
  • Here is an old copy, there are a few differences. All the misspellings are there like you said
    I have gone through a few versions and this is the most accurate. I haven't noticed additional markings as of yet, perhaps you might.
  • Many thanks!
    I wonder where all the mistakes in the newer versions came from?
    Especially because some of the missing things make it easier to spot hidden things... I'll try to remember that when I go through, as my version has marks that specifically I used to find the dollar bill tricks. Gotta get to that dollar still... and MBSB... and MC...
    But thank you. Exactly what I was hoping for.
  • MBSB, my mistakes for comparison.
    The line through 'wall' always baffled me, until I figured out what an important clue it is to the dollar, are you all seeing it?
  • Good question
    Soo many things have been added, neglected or removed
    Everything is just shrouded in mystery, including the owners of the coral castle
    I cannot help but wonder if they realize how fantastic Eds place really is
    Are you using a current dollar bill or a bill based from the 1940s?
  • HeHe, oh no, those would be silver certificates, and those would be collector's items, and I as a good antique collector could never fold one up and use it like that.
    But any of those worthless $1 federal reserve notes will suffice. The design on the back hasn't changed since 1935, when they added 'In God We Trust'. I wonder how ed knew they wouldn't change for at least 80 years, meanwhile the $5 bill and up has changed drastically.
  • Right, thats wrong, not '35, rather '57, 1935 was when the back was changed, and the seal of the US added. In God We Trust was printed in '57.
    I think I got the facts right now... I think...
  • Why do you think Ed was collecting silver? for its transmission? or health benefits ?
    mixing gold and silver could make Electrum which was used in the tops of obelisks and pyramid capstones.
  • Do you think someone also could have added defects in Eds books to throw us off?
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