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Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life



  • Anyone? I've asked this question in the hope someone would speculate what the white hat/helmet could mean. I think it's important because if we assume that the flywheel creates some type of energy it should somehow be distributed on-site and that's where what Ed holds in his left hand may come into play. At first I thought that the hat is just to create a diversion but I see that helmet on other photos so it may have some real meaning. If it's just for a diversion it's doing a fantastic job because it looks like no one have noticed that Ed also holds a wire.
  • There are several parallels with old tablets, figures, or structures, Ishtar, the "sacrificial(unproven) basins " at one of the solar temples in Egypt
    Are you speaking of the rod and ring in the tablet? there is no official explanation, it has only been depicted with a few other deities

    If his hat were a rod of some sort, perhaps it was a receiver

  • No, I'm talking abut Ed's photo. Look carefully behind his left arm and up.
    As for the tablet I think the two ropes above the star may symbolize the distribution of energy.
  • Hello everyone. I want to say this and I know lost of you wont listen. Its ok. I dont expect you to. I learned what ed taught. So much so its changed my life. We can do anything. This is not just a philosophy. I can make eds machines. In learning what he did I also learned that the persuit for knowledge for the wrong reasons will end with failure. You have to be able to grow with your work. I have been trying to tell everyone but in the process ive learned that you cant just tell people, you cant force it, but instead you can only show people the answer and if they are ready to accept it then they are willing to grow as well. Its not about being first, who owns it, or what can I do with it. Its about learning that what you gain can only be fully appreciated and utilized if you are willing to not only give it away but safely use it. Just because you have a battery in your car doesnt meen your going to see how it works by connecting both ends to your ears. Apparently thats what most people do tho. They misuse it before they give theirself a chance to see that by putting it in a car and letting all the parts of the engine that needs it have it for nothing the whole car "world" gains and in doing so able to move many peoples life. More than if they sat on it and kept it to themself trying to either make others work for it or just simpley keeping it because if they save it later on they have it and dont consider had they shared all with everyone then everyone can share all with him. Please im asking and will continue to ask for help. Why make the things that can save the world when if left unchecked people of power will steal it and use it to controle the masses one day when man stops paying attention. Lets not be like the Egyptians. They had a vast knowledge of ancient things but when they kept it to their most powerful not only did they lose their culture a d civilization but they also in the end lost the knowledge and set man back thousands of years.
  • 6 points at center in overlay, second image in
    I put the rest in a compressed file
    I find it interesting on how the lines are positioned on the perpetual motion holder, when sliding the overlays it gives a sort of "flow" with the image
  • Ed collected water on his property, perhaps for various purposes
    A few hundred years ago individuals would go out on a rainy night under certain astrological conditions to collect dew(water) The water would be collected in sheets and then twisted into basins.
    Naturally there is a higher Nitrogen(atmospheric) concentration in rain water. Gardeners know this as some individuals collect water from their roofs. However living in populated areas means a bit more pollution than if one were out in the countryside
    One of my favorite books is titled Mutus Liber - 1677. It shows how important this " dew " was
    Ive attached a photo which I find exciting
    You can see in the top left the sun, to the top right the moon. In the center are the cosmic rays which is the most important aspect of this photo. In the middle to the left is a Ram which represents Aries, the bull to the right represents Taurus, pinpointing a time in April
    Ed has a small seashell sculpture with a few interesting pieces on it, one of which includes a " shell with rays " The position of each piece is important as it represents a time in the calendar.

    This Dew was important to alchemists, as it was considered to have healing properties to name one.
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