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Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life

I was able to find an older version, this version is from 1945-60
The photos are completely different, the newer version has a photo of Ed and his machine
Text is sharp and clean


  • Awesome! The pic of Ed and his machine...the same one seen elsewhere of him turning the handle or a different one?
  • Yes it is the same one of him turning his machine
  • The Masonic Society of Trinosophists has a system of 5 degrees.
    Symbolism of the triangle, Leedskalnin always shows 3, number 3
    First line represents Mineral Kingdom, proper study of apprentices
    Second line represents the Vegetable Kingdom, generation of bodies
    Third line represents the Animal Kingdom, where the Master Mason completes his education.

  • Oldest Version known to the date posted
  • Photo from Mineral Vegetable and Animal Life from, aside from zooming in on Eds work, you can also see things from afar.
  • A book worth mentioning. Athanasius Kircher's third book on Magnetism called Magneticum Naturae Regnum ( The Magnetic Kingdom of Nature 1667 ) it contains his last thoughts on sympathies and antipathies in the animal, vegetable and mineral realms --- I have been trying to find a copy for some time.
  • In the front cover of Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life there is a picture of Eds perpetual motion holder. Edm talked about the symbolism within, particularly at the bottom portion of the perpetual motion holder (circled ) he refered it to as possibly a crescent or the greek letter w

    This was found in an old symbolism book I was reading, the symbol itself is called Le Triple Hecate translated to The Triple Hecate. You can use Wikipedia to find further information on it
    -It has also been mentioned in Shakespeare
    -The Night of Enitharmon's Joy
    Possibly Orion, however I can't say this with certainty

    It should be mentioned that if the same symbol is all black then it is named Le Triple Serapis

    Any input welcomed :)

  • Interpreted as Mithraism
    There are a wide range of interpretations of what this image is.
    I believe it relates to the moon, measuring a precise time or moment
    The Magnetic Current symbols are also present in the images
    Pictish stones located in Scotland

    The first image is refered as Pictish V Rod Crescent

    The last photo represents Pictish tools, including a tuning fork.
  • Hi everyone!
    My first post here.

    "Yes it is the same one of him turning his machine"
    Have you guys ever discussed/analyzed the photo?
    It looks like there are a lot of clues on that photo.
    Could someone post the photo please?
  • Hi jmi112, and welcome
    Here are a few pictures. I haven't analyzed the picture as of yet
  • Make sure you fold the picture 8 times to reveal the hidden image :P
  • Thanks Dante!
    Here is what I remember from reading discussions in different forums.
    Jeremy@code144 finds similarities between Ed's machine and the drawings in Norman Hall@Grand Masonic lodge in Philadelphia.
    He also notices that Ed had painted parts of the machine in black & white which probably indicates some kind of separation in the "magnetic current" (if we use Ed's terminology).
    Few guys in the Energetic forum speculate on the importance of the chain right above the fly wheel. They suggest that the chain somehow absorbs magnetic current/some kind of energy then Ed uses it to lift stones.
    Some Canadian guy on youtube sees a PMH on the front part of the machine and proposes few different possibilities. But on high resolution photos you can clearly see that it's not a PMH.
  • I haven't looked into the details at Norman Hall, im hoping with the research im doing it will lead me there.
    Ive read also people talking about the shamash tablet, and comparing it to Eds picture and the machine ( the star symbol on wheel ) It could be related, that symbol could either be a cymatic frequency, and or a star. That symbol can be found in a few ancient stones and more recently on tarot decks

    I find it odd how Ed positions his hand on the machine
    poughkeepsieblue has mentioned that Ed is often doing Masonic hand gestures in his photos
  • edited August 2015
    A quick inversion of color and zoom
  • What does Ed hold in his left hand?

    shamash tablet
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