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Magnetic Current



  • It took me a while to find a similar shape that would match the symbols on the front cover of Magnetic Current

    This culture didn't place faces or personify elements of nature as much as others did
    Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo
    Within some of the arches, are six and eight pointed stars, and these are where the "Magnetic Current " curves are
    Each relief is flanked by compass curves

    @charlie · February 2016
    Did you know , that the symbol on " Magnetic Current " are called F-holes?

  • Dante,
    Thanks. That is fascinating. I spent years looking for the mathematical equation for those curves. Your comment about the "F-HOLES" was a fresh take and I just happened to find this online involving a sphere.

    Now I can look at the golden spiral on a sphere.

    I decoded in first couple of paragraphs of MC..


    One of my interpretations of this is "golden spiral".
  • If you look at that video image:

    You see the circles of the poles that become the ends...I've always wondered about those. Now, with this fresh outlook.. I can use his page 5/6 geometry question as a clue of what latitude these "circles" start at. He says 115 degrees longitude is 260 miles. Anyone can use this information to find the total circumference of the circle at that latitude.. then look for what part of earth has that circumference:

    115 degrees 360 degrees
    ----------- = ---------------
    260 miles x

    114.59 degrees of arc is 2 radians
    This seems a more likely reason to start there rather than 115 degrees even because mathematically, it is where the radius equals the curved arc sweep of the circle... in this case 2 x radius is the diameter.

    Side note: You will see other thread that I showed this is a similar relationship of "the darkness" 333 curved semi-circle with its diameter "the light" 212.

    The circumference of the earth in EDL's geometry problem is:
    816.814 miles

    This site shows how to calculate the relationship between earth circumference and latitude:

    Triangle with short side of 130 miles and hypotenuse of 3950 miles produces an opposite over hypotenuse ratio of 0.03291139240506329113924050632911.
    Take the inverse cosine:

    This is the latitude of earth that matches ED Leedskalnin's geometry equation and where I believe his "orange peel f-hole" circles start and result in his rather circular heads on his two grail curves on cover of Magnetic Current.
  • Mathew, Mark, Luke and John or as most of you know Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius. No particular order . Four winds etc..


    In support of Revelations , John the Evangelist
    I found this image below last June

    Notice the overall shape, looks familiar on Eds property.
    Now look at Aqila, aka Golden Eagle or John, Scorpio.
    Ed placed this on his front cover of Magnetic Current.

  • @dante what's your point here, sorry?
  • @royalblue
    No need to apologize
    Like most posts here, food for thought. An idea, a piece to a puzzle.
    Perhaps this supports your book of Revelations theory
  • @dante thanks for the suggestion, I know what that is and it doesn't support my "theory" any more than other the vault under the dome of any cathedral. It's not a theory btw.
  • What were you trying to get at with the book of Revelations and Eds Rock Gate Park?
  • @dante I told you, I am trying to find the connection between the Moon and Taurus. You seemed to understand what I meant in the other thread...? :|

    I remember you were fond of Atalanta Fugiens and alchemy, so I thought you would understand...?

    PS: Ighina documented how he changed an apple tree into a pear tree (or maybe the opposite, memory fails me now) with his rotating magnets. However, he was gifted. Me, I'm blind (working on it).
  • @royalblue
    Yes, however you said that wasn't it(regarding Moon/Taurus. Not what you're looking for..

    Yes I am, to me it deals with life, growth , regeneration, attraction/ repulsion.

    I have yet to perform experiments with plants, but from what I read from members on this will be an exciting process
  • @royalblue Taurus looks just like a tuning fork BTW
  • Earth,wind,fire,water. Thinking how, by pumping water I am pumping air into the water, then separating the air from the water, the air I pump into a flammable liquid then vent to a tube under soil I should be able to get fire.if I funnel above the soil.
    Might just try this later.
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