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Magnetic Current

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Hello. I'm curious if anyone can help me with a few questions. Curious if there is anywhere I may obtain truly original copies of his work? Including blank break pages. This is for personal research and private collection. I know there are a vast number of "authentic" re-publications but I'm after a "closest to original" piece of history. Any help or advise will be greatly appreciated, Thank you.


  • Hello sitesix,
    I have been doing loads of research on this as well, I have several different versions only because of the pictures are either different or crisp
    The link Gardener posted is one of the closest
    The ultimate goal would be to find a copy of ABIEH that has no mention of the words Coral Castle in it
    Ed always referred to his place as Rock Gate. There is a postcard floating on the internet that advertises Rock Gate stating to come see Rock Gate and Have a New Experience. In my opinion a rare item and true.

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    This postcard?

  • Yes, that one Gardener :)
  • I'd also like to see those original books, but they seem doesn't exist anymore...
  • that postcard is a goldmine
    Caesar cipher, compass and square, king tut's mask... its all there...
    in a simple postcard
    a simple 'add one' shift makes 'See' into 'Tff'
    where have we seen TFF before? i think i just mentioned it recently... nit
    but i would try the caps with sweet sixteen first
    ducam my friends
    this postcard leads directly to ed's 8000 word booklet, which isn't 8000 words
    unless you cut some letters out...
  • @sitesix
    The oldest Magnetic Current I have dates back between 1945-60
    I haven't been able to narrow an exact year as of yet
    The only way you can tell is by the paper used(more transparent that newer versions)
    and the company used to print Magnetic Current on page 2
    Bottom of picture
    This dates back to the version of ABIEH posted by Julli
  • The oldest known version of ABIEH has unique marks on the front cover(circled)
    At some point this line was removed from the front cover
    You can see more within the crescent also
  • Oldest known Magnetic Current
  • Scanner light to show transparency of old Magnetic Current
  • I came across another publisher of Magnetic Current
    " Zenith Communications Group " ( See photo)
    They have an interesting logo, from a basic search I figure this version is from the early 1970s
    The PDF I attached back in June 2015 is still the oldest version
    At present I have three versions, the oldest being the most transparent
  • nice little pyramids... ;)
  • I had to laugh when I first looked at it, of course
    Who would use three pyramids as a logo for a printing company?
    - my guess for that time period would be only initiated individuals

    Doing a basic search online, the owner of the publishing companys last name was Levine, perhaps related to Julius Levin? Could be a coincidence

  • The flow of electric current produces a magnetic field, weather the current flows through a metallic conductor in the forms of electrons or through an electrolyte solution in the forms of ions.
  • I feel the ancients knew this, evidence can be found at several ancient sites
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