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Nano Photography by FEI Company



  • yes and the next pages :)
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    From page 233:
    «Большой конус» с искусственной сотовой «начинкой» и тремя магнитами на торце. Ориентированные друг на друга с учетом положения Солнца, два таких конуса — один за Исилькулем, другой под Новосибирском — под утро 23 апреля 1991 года были разбросаны и искорежены (второй — развернут и вдавлен в стену подземного тайничка в лесу, а магниты и вовсе куда-то делись).

    В те же минуты в одной из квартир Омска произошла целая серия тоже непонятнейших «полтергейстов» (газета «Вечерний Омск» за 26 апреля, передачи омского и московского ТВ). Из-за этого совпадения та же газета 5 августа 1991 года назвала устройство, что на снимке, «гиперболоид Гребенникова». Впрочем, одна из «пучностей» стоячих электронных волн между обеими структурами могла образоваться как раз там, на Иртышской набережной.

    The big conus - with an artificial cellular "stuffing" and three magnets at the end.
    Focused on each other with regards to position of sun, two such cones - one in Isilkul and other one near Novosibirsk (that's about 400 kilometers apart) - in the morning on April 23, 1991 were scattered/dispersed/placed(?) and twisted (second - deployed and pressed into the wall of the underground hole/cache/hideout(?) in the woods, and magnets somewhere disappeared(?)).

    In the same minute in one of the apartments in Omsk (that place directly on a line between Isilkul and Novosibirsk) there was a whole series also unclear "poltergeist" (newspaper "Evening Omsk" from April 26, broadcast of the Omsk and Moscow TV). Because of this coincidence, the same newspaper August 5, 1991 called the device, that's in the picture, "hyperboloid Grebennikova." However, one of the "loops" of standing electron waves between both structures could form just like there, on the Irtysh embankment.


    Apart from that, he is describing different types of structures, which can form those cavities and different materials they could be made of. VG actually says, that material doesn't matter at all.
    There is no mention of the egg transport boxes to be inside of the cones and no mention of whatever else should be in those cones. Apart from the strange mention of three magnets at the end of cones.

    On the page 230, there's image of the "flower design" EPS, which i can personally imagine to be inside of such cone:

    VG also mentions many of home plastic funnels stacked into each other as EPS device.

    VG makes importance of the positioning the cones, so that sun has to be "behind" it, or let's say that the small diameter end should point in direction to the sun. If it's in the night, it should be pointing north.
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    ...also check this out. The image is called Grebennikov cone:
  • Thanks Gardener , i have seen these cones, but there is a video from Grebennikovs museum and the cones look a little bit diffrent. Not as there were only such smaller cones In them....
    I must think and choose one option and make the filling.
  • How come, that there are no images of those in museum?
  • there is one cone in the museum... but it isn't shown what for filling is used.
  • Гребенников Музей и макет платформы:

  • Then you have to go there, to see it yourself ;)
    Or maybe searching google on russian language?
  • There are several problems with Grebennikovs Museum sighseeing... I will make the cones from your picture and then we will see...
  • well... the end opening of the conus is covered by some cloth...
    How are the magnets holding there? Is there a metal inside?

  • That is very good question. I've never before thought about that. I wanted today to make the conus filling from papier as the flower from your pictures on the other side. I dont know only : shoul i them easily place in the conus or should i use anything to separate them , that there is a free room between them ?

    Maybe the magnets are glued to the conus. You wrote , that the conus must be covored with blue material? Or i have seen that in the english translation on

  • As far as i was reading the russian version, there was no mention of blue cover
    He says however, that in general, material doesnt matter for the effect.
    It could be plastic; metal, paper or any natural stuff..
  • yes, he writes suvh thing thst the material plays no role. but when you read the chspger about the cones there is written, thst you have to cover the ends of the cones with any dark material, through which get no sunlight and there is blue mentioned.
    could you tell me it he writes something about the microscope in chapter flight? electron or light? because i think it is very important. in the electron microscope you have a magnetic trap, thst the electron could aim the object as an concentreted stream and if he noticed that effect when he used electronic microscope, than a magnetic field must be involved!
  • Unfortunately i didnt read the whole book yet.
    There was not enough time for it and in the evenings i am bit tired alread to concentrate on russian alphabet... But i'll slowly read
  • no stress! i know, that it is very difficult. i leard russian, but it vomes very slowly and i am at the beginning.... there are many places where Victor plays with words and a very good translation is needed or even better to read the original writing... I believe he discovered that, what egyptians used and Ed... maybe also Tesla.... these all people are connected and use they laws of mother nature in other way....
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