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Nano Photography by FEI Company

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Simply amazing, what Nature can create...

Melosira ornata


  • Have you seen the photos of nanostructures in Grebennikovs book?

    That is really amazing!!
  • Not yet, need do get the book from somewhere.
  • Dzieki Kuba!
  • Nie ma za co :) Znasz ruski?
  • edited April 2015
    tez wiedze ruski. To nie jest problem ;) 13 lat w skole..
    here you have pdf
    The images in the book are wonderful!
    many thanxs
  • I've just red few pages of the book and quickly skimmed through the rest of it, so far.. very interesting. Having a dream...

    Grebennikov was obviously a genius. His paintings and drawings.. all the work. Unbelievable!
    He reminds me little bit on V. Schauberger and W. Russell (there's a similar drawing in that book).

    Looking at his machine, I am wondering, how could such a machine be stabilised?
    It looks so unstable to me :)

    Have you ever tried some experiments with cavities and magnetism?
  • With cavities yes, with magnets too, but combined not yet. I've made these two big cone for the experiment with magnets, but i don't know what should I use as an artificial honeycomb filling. You can watch a film from Grebennikovs museum too, there are much more photos of nanostructures.

    The cavities as the honeycomb mozes the indicator too, the bell-form flowers move it easily too.

    Have you read the chapter flight?
  • Not really read that chapter.
    It was too late already and i was tired, so i was reading like 10 pages from the beginning and the i just quickly went (scrolled) through the rest.
    Will read it later.
  • have time , could you tell me if anywhere Victor writes what is used in this big cones as an artificial honeycomb fillings? He writes at the beginning of the chapter , that the artificial honeycomb filling could be made from old eggs cartons but i dont really know how should they pass in the cones. The grooves are to big and at the narrow end of the cone fit not even one in the cone!. That is why i am looking from what material should i make the filling in the cones.
  • Reading the chapter 5... still reading...
    Very interesting...
    ...lots of reading in front of me...
    ...and it's too late again.

    So i am at page 199 and you say, that at the beginning of the Flight/Polet chapter he mentions artificial honeycombs? I didn't see it mentioned so far, but i did mark interesting paragraphs for you. Still reading...
  • I was wrong, that is true. It is in the chapter 'memories from etmonologist diary' near the pisture with egg cartons and radiation from them... than under this text he writes about these big cones. I have already made the cones, but i have no filling. as soon as you tell me how should i do that, i make the experiment with magnets.
  • I'll have a look tonight in that chapter.
  • @Kubeq_sq Kuba, do you mean page 230?
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