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Curious Alignnments



  • dante,

    Yep, I think I have them all here. If I think of others, I'll let you know.
    1) ADM sign outside (upper left)
    2) half submerged in ground left of 3 bears grotto
    3) 3 bears grotto (pool of water in it)
    4) at base of wall-works as a step to look at small sundial (what others call "moon dial)
    5) top of Obolisk
    6/7) built into wall and cut out star within the star (the one on cover of ABIEH with #4) image
  • Thank You
    You wouldn't happen to know what type of star it is on #2 and #4? 6 pointed?
    It helps with the constellation puzzle I'm working on
  • I'm pretty sure all the stars are six pointers. For some reason I didn't take a pic of the half buried star (2) but I've seen it online somewhere, probably another forum.

    Here is number 4.
  • edited April 2015
    I know we're not really talking about it but I think the "coin slot" on the ADM sign represents a bell. What do you think?

  • I just found this parallel thread to one I commented on about this topic. Found this one by searching "andromeda". If you do the same, you'll see my thread. Dante asked if you saw any other 6 pointed stars. I show that I think these stars form the constellation of Pleiades.
  • Hi Constition, consider if these alignments are relevant, what would they pertain to?
    Something astronomical? Something alchemical?

    Throughout history there is a story of the sun going through each constellation and its effect on civilization. (Hercules)

    Whether we chose to admit it or not, the twelve constellations have an affect on our bodies.. this is why the ancients matched a constellation to each general part of our body(starting with Aries in the head to Pisces in the feet). The eclipses (IMHO) are a turning point in astrology the effects in our anatomy, and its effects.
    I haven't discerned if ED is a speaking of a future event , an alchemical recipe, or how for humankind to live an ideal lifestyle "
    Time will roll out the truth
    All opinion is welcomed in criticizing this.......

  • Dante,

    I apologize for the long delay in response. I just now saw your response. As to why Pleiades and/or Andromeda and what does that have to do with 6 pointed star? Not sure. Lots of stuff out there similar to this such as this:

    It mentions many cultures of ancient temples pointing to Pleiades. I'm curious if it's a relationship to the body.. what body member is Pleiades? It's in Taurus.

    I do know I have a friend in Cherokee NC that is a "medicine man" and he told me his culture believes they came from the 7 sisters constellation.

    I also am familiar with constellations on the Rosy Cross that are in the hexagram:
    and I've studied what little is available on it that I could find online

    You asked if alchemical.. could be. My gut tends to think it's a scaling of micro to macro in nature that shows the majesty of creation. But not sure of this.
  • If one could get the Three Ton Gate spinning fast enough, from above would it look like a star? Or a circle? Or star within a circle... hmm I wonder. Really like the brainstorming throughout discussions here, really gets my brain going :)
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