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Curious Alignnments

edited March 2015 in Edward Leedskalnin
There is a purposely made cut on the top edge of the moon fountain

When I laid my compass directly on the line, I got this reading

The image on Ed's compass has axis lines through both images of earth, below I've marked in red where the upper axis ends

On the moon fountain, roughly opposite of the mark, there is a raised, comma shaped edge, which I take to represent an area from which to work?

One of my reasons for my visit to CC was to take readings. The first one I took was the angle from the 3 ton gate. I wanted to know what the pointer on the 3 ton gate pointed at 60 degrees, which is the line on Ed's compass before it turns. It pointed directly between the two moons on the moon fountain!

I've always wondered how ADM 10 C DROP BELOW relates to everything else. And even though I recently learned (here) that that sign was left behind at Florida City, I can't help thinking that the cent sign (tilted) represents the earth as represented on Ed's compass. I was staring at a compass this morning, thinking about 10 and it dawned on me: perhaps the 10 is elevation or tilt. If so, ADM (hidden to mean admission) could refer to Andrameda.

I'm not astro-hip so I downloaded a star app and found Andromeda. Curiously, as I was moving around my iPad, I noticed that the North Star was not far to my in, very close to where all this shit is linin up. I marked (visually on the wall--super scientific style), where my iPad faced and mentally marked an object. Then I opened a compass app and put it back on the spot. Yep, roughly 10 degrees. More to do, but I'm thinking Andrameda 10 degrees. Drop below.


  • Thanks flem, this is very interesting!
  • Thanks Julli, it's preliminary. My daughter and I are still working!
  • Hey Flem, do you have better photo of Ed's compass? All your findings are very interesting!!
  • Hi Kubeq_sq,

    No, I got this one elsewhere on the forum. There is an enhanced version, that I believe Scotty from Overunity marked over to clarify what is written on it. I looked at it while there but since it was already available, I didn't take new pics. Looking back, I should have!image
  • Rock Gate could be an electrical circuit, or a large scale musical instrument
    Giza once had a 20 tonne swivel door as well, but like Eds place, vandalized, and left in disrepair over time
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    hmm... Ed's compass.. doesn't it look like the Earth axis is parallel to North South (Polaris to Sun) axis and the Earth's axis is in fact NOT tilted?
    Instead its PATH (as Ed says) is not straight (East to West) around the sun, but it "wobbles" -20 degrees from East position and -20 degrees from West position?
    Why would Ed (otherwise totally precise in his descriptions) draw the Earth's axis that way?
  • Gardener,

    I'm not sure I'm following you. If you draw two lines, one from each end of the earth axis to the sun in the center, they will be different lengths and so; tilted.
  • Dante,

    Are you sure about the door at Giza? That's incredible. You do know that the CC has been removed right? My mind is going wild here... The three ton gate just past the steel door once had a model T horn mounted on it with a sign that said blow horn.
  • Flem i think. Taht three ton gate have moved one of the guides in video in other topic to show how works eds teory of gravity. Have you watched this vid?
  • Kubeq_sq, if you are talking about Ray Ramirez yes, I posted that. If not, I would very much like to see what you are talking about!

    I think you are talking about the one I posted and if so, that video is the reason I started looking at the moon fountain because he is pointing the three ton gate towards the moon fountain! But now that you posted about Grebennikov's ideas and particularly some of experiments at the bottom of the page, I started to think about this:image

    Grebennikov had several applications using conical shapes and his really makes me think Ed had a super version of it and I think he combined the use of metal (the door...and possibly others) and so sound (the bell and singing...and perhaps the horn which is no longer on top of the three ton gate).

    The one thing I have to keep reminding myself is that I always think of magnetic energy as just a quick pull, like in using a magnet to pick something up. I firmly believe Ed was using the waves, the streams of magnetic energy.
  • Flem, that was indeed your video :) Sorry, I watch and read in short time in the work, or at home... I remenber things, but do not remember any more where and how... :)
    image what do you see here?
    From the book my world Grebennikov....

    "A large cone" with an artificial comb filling and three magnets at the back.
    Two cones of this sort, positioned against each other taking into account the position of the sun, were in the morning of April 23, 1991, thrown apart and disfigured. One had been placed in Isilkul, the other near Novosibirsk (the second one was unfolded and pressed into the wall of an underground hiding place; its magnets disappeared).

    At the same moment, residents of an Omsk apartment experienced a series of strangest "poltergeists" (see Vechernii Omsk for April 26 and Omsk and Moscow TV broadcasts). Because of this coincidence, on August 5, 1991, the same paper called the device in the picture "a Grebennikov's hyperboloid".

    Actually, one of the "beams" of the upright electronic waves between the two structures may have been formed precisely there, on the Irtysh embankment in Omsk.

    Sorry for the off topic, but all what Grebennikov writes is real. I have experienced the CSE, when my wife have hidden in the bed some glass balls and glass pipes (cavities) from Christmastree in the bed under me. They all were open upwards. I have the same visions and the ringing in ears and the feeling i'm flying as Grebennikov on the steepe in the book.

    I have made also the indicator of Grebennikov and it works!! you can move the charcoal in the indicator with honeycomb and your bare hands!

    Maybe they both knew the secret and used it in their platform and Ed's generator.

    As you said the bell, the cavities, the iron and so one... I have been now in a blind alley, because i wanted to built the Eds flywheel, maybe in scale, but there is NO!!! NO!!! V-shaped magnets!!! I don't understand it. the U-shaped are very expensive.
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    Haha! But there are v shaped magnets. Here is a link to the same ones Ed used from a model T
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    Please, when posting a link to some website...
    There's no need to enclose it within <a href=""></a>

    Just copy paste the link into the edit box.

    thanx for understanding :)
  • I see!! Not sure what happened before. You can cut all this out of thread if you want to.
    sure... ;) almost done

  • @flem

    Did you notice any 6 pointed stars other than the one on the Moon Pond? or any other star located on the grounds?
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