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Decoding - Why ?

edited February 2015 in Decoding Ed's Writings
I have been visiting this forum for about 2-3 years now and this is the very first time posting and hence just now registered.
I got a question :)

Why are You / we trying to decode Edward`s writings ?
To find a hidden blueprints for a machine ?
To find the exact way how he cut, raised, moved and put in place stones?

Got another question.
How far have You gotten with this riddle?
Has it really answered at least one of Your question fully?


  • To answer truthfully to all your questions...
    We don't really know why.
    Again, we don't really know how far.
    Of course not, nothing will answer all of our questions, because who can perceive to know the mind of God.
  • HI LIBRA! Great to see someone else asking questions, I know I have loads of them as well. Now I dont think there is anything major to decode through some keyword cipher in Edwards writings to uncover something like blueprints for a machine but I just dont know to say the truth. Now I do know this Ed did leave several clues in his writings. ED writings to me are more Logic riddles and require loads of critical thinking along with thought practically that makes GOOD sense, let that sink in for awhile... Now for an example, ED wrote that made a ROCK telescope and ROCK sundial that himself believes can checkmates anything modern science can build to PLOT the yearly movement of the earth around the sun the causes summer and winter. That includes today's super computer models of the solar system along with the any modern telescope like the Hubble. Now for a comparison, The Hubble Telesope uses 2800 watts of power, ED Rock Telescope uses 0 watts of power. Now If you have the same "love" making mind set that ED has you should be able to discern which is one is the most reliable. Truth is stranger than fiction and the primitive nature at which Eds devices can be describe as is not in fact primitive at all. The word I would call his devices is Robust. Lets examine the word Robust for a moment. It can mean several things along the lines like, strong and healthy, sturdy in construction, able to withstand or overcome adverse conditions and that is basically describes everything at Coral Castle. That is it for now.
  • Ed put so much of his life into Rock Gate and into his writings, from curing his tuberculosis to Rock Gate itself. There are several clues which make up this mystery, and who doesn't like a good mystery.
    It is an honor to read and research what he did
    Trust your intuition
  • Good question Libra and welcome. It's a good question because all too often conversations about any topic on Ed go in some pretty radical directions.

    I think the reason for that is because what he accomplished is multifaceted. I cannot speak for others, but I personally believe he left information throughout his works.. on purpose. However, even if he didn't, I study everything I can find about him so that I can understand how it was possible for one man to have such a grasp on such a broad range of topics. I personally believe that he understood something that allowed him to not only heal himself but also move giant stone, have the finesse to solder a watch spring, the patience to watch algae grow, to build his machine...

    To be honest, if you've ever seen the movie Phenomenon, that's what comes to mind when I think of Ed except, I think Ed's ability is understandable; doable...once you understand what he understood.
  • edited March 2015
    I have not seen the movie. Most likely will check it out someday.
    Got another question for everybody - how many times have you read all of his pamphlets?
    I am really curious about this.
    Personally I do not have the exact number for myself. But my guess would be ~20 times.


    Also, in other threads I see people claiming that Edward worked with numbers and left clues in numbers. This seems kinda odd for me because, well, he only mentioned that magnets got to be in great numbers.
  • @libra How many times?
    Well at least 20 times, but i have a nice audio CD with all of them (done by Matt @MagneticUniverse ) and i can listen to it, while i'm driving back home (about an hour), for countless days ;) then i let it rest in my head for some time, so it finds its place there, then repeat. ;)

    I personally don't believe in those number games by Ed, i think he was more practical person and the key is hidden in plain sight (+ his books).
  • Same here Gardener, while I definitely see a couple numbers there on the cover of A Book in Every Home (references to specific pages?) I think some people go crazy throwing out random math figures. I mean, I think you can take just about any set of numbers and if you are creative, make them add up or look like whatever you want them to.

    I think the number games started way back when the TV show In Search Of, mentioned the "secret" numbers on Ed's door, which have clearly been shown to be his immigration number.

    I have no idea how many times I've read them; a bunch
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