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magnet poles

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I am new to all this and was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is possible to purchase or make a magnet with only a north or south pole.
Thanks, Dan


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    Hi Dan Welcome to the forum, It's been theorized that if you break a bar magnet in to two parts then both pieces of that bar magnet will have a both north and a south pole and if you continue dividing that bar magnet in to its smallest unit a magnetic dipole would come to be. Its a physical impossibility for a magnet to be made to retain one pole and if possible is would be known as magnetic monopole.
    However in Edward Leedskalnins book MAGNETIC CURRENT he writes about individual North and South magnets which one might deduce as magnetic monopole and stop right there and look now further viewing Eds writing as junk science. Now Ed writing is not junk science and individual North and South magnets are real and the results of these individual North and South magnets is electricity. Here some quotes from his book MAGNETIC CURRENT.
    Magnetic currents, or if you want to call it electric current, make no light. We only get light if we put obstructions in the light bulbs. In the light bulbs the wire is so small that all magnets cannot pass through easily, so they heat the wire up and burn and make light. If the wire in the light bulb had been as large inside as it is outside then there would be no light. Then those individual magnets which are in the coil would dissipate in air. Page 11
    The reason I call the results of North and South Pole magnet's functions magnetic currents and not electric currents or electricity is the electricity is connected too much with those non-existing electrons. If it had been called magneticity then I would accept it. Magneticity would indicate that it has a magnetic base and so it would be all right. Page 18
  • The key explanation by Ed is that these individual magnetic poles are not magnets, but the behaviour or function of magnets. There is a function that runs from north to south then back through the magnet to the north pole. There is a function that runs the opposite way. They intertwine as they pass through each other and they spray out into surrounding space.

    Can they be separated? They are already separated by their behaviour and function. In space or in the earth Ed calls them a cosmic force. Clearly you cannot have one without the other, and that is the nature of their dynamic relationship.

    But they are not poles themselves, as can be seen in lodestone crystals or on the surface of the sun. They are plasma flows through space , filamenting by intertwining and so creating regions of concentrated mono directional flow in both directions. When these concentrated regions come together explosive outbursts occur depending on the power.

    Ed is in a simple way stating that this is a continuous dynamic flow, not a static regional potential.

    Magnetostatics and electrostatics are thus entirely misleading terms. These fundamental distinctions are ever dynamic and in flux.
  • Thanks for the info, as I said I am just checking all this out. I am diversed in alot of things and the Book of Enoch, the Bible, and the Annunaki have led me to investigate some of our technologies of today. We are very lacking in alot of things with all of the high-tech things we have. I believe the ancients had the right answers and they did not destroy the earth like our current technologies. Again, thanks.
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