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A Sound Magnetic Base



  • I am going to start a new discussion. Its purpose it to find a place for me to go. Im leaving everything behind and willing to not have anything just so I can start over anew and show everyone that this isnt about money. Ill suffer any hardship I have to. If we want to grow and move past the problems we innocently created I need to pass my mind to people who will not only use this right but not make the same mistakes our elders and ancestors have.
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    If you could help change the world would you?
  • I made a new discussion concerning that I know 100% for sure what Ed learned and I'm looking for a place to go to teach how anti-gravity and free energy works and how to make these things. Where I go to build the things Ed hinted at is up for discussion. I stated a little of what my plans are when I make it to where we can share this knowledge and find a way to give it to the world in a way that will not cause more harm than good. Its taco1981 "jacob adkins" Your Voice Is My Future. If we can figure out where I can go to finish everything it would be a huge appreciation. Anyone wanting to help figure out where I go to do my work safely and teach everyone what I know is the objective of that discussion. I hope we all can find a way to change the world and I can find some peace in finding people that I can trust with what I know. This will be for the world. Any profits made will go to this group of like minded people and spread evenly as thanks for helping me find the peace I need. We can change the world in ways that man has only dreamed of. We just need to find somewhere to start.
  • May I ask the moderators of the site to ask kindly taco1981 to stop spamming all discussion threads.
  • Hi Barau,
    Sorry for spam. Taco stopped that already.
    I believe it was just some misunderstanding.
  • It's all very well, only you forgot what he'd said. Namely, that he knows how the pyramids were built. This means that the ancient Egyptians could not be our modern technology.
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    Thanks Barau for continuing the thread.
    I have often wondered if the wire used to demonstrate the rotational/ circular force of magnetism a la Örsted ans Ampère was due to the twisting used to draw out a wire like copper!

    I am sure it contributes, but essentially I think rotation is the fundamental motion of " space"

    What does this mean?
    For me rotation is otherwise described as magnetism . Thus all material and space is fundamentally and profoundly magnetic. Like Gilbert hypothesised little magnetic domains in motion sufficienyly explain magnetism if you accept 2 types of domain or monopoles.

    I like to refer to these 2 types as fluid material or plasmas.

    Material philosophy has adopted a wave corpuscle model. . It is presented as a mystery more due to the traditions of the Mystery Schools, than in the pragmatic sensibility. Pragmatically we know a fluid can look like a wave yet that wave feels like its cycle and reflective undulation vibrates against the fingers

    Materials are different magnetic patterns , and part of those patterns have been assigned the name electric!"

    The iron magnet and the electromagnet simply package these same undulating patterns indifferent form factors.

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    Velikovsky: Interplanetary space is magnetic
    in Immanuel Velikovsky - Challenging Truths (@14:14)

    If you think that this guy is a nut, check it again: COSMOS WITHOUT GRAVITATION
  • @Barau_R_Tour

    I enjoyed reading Valikovsky's theory. It seems straight forward and intuitive. Further it seems it would be relatively easy to build an experiment that tests the validity of his claim if I understood it correctly. There should be a way to charge any object, relative to the earth, such that it floats. But I sense it is not so simple.
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    ssd510, you are correct: it is not so simple

    To understand fully why it is not so simple you need to delve into the Velikovsky's unpublished manuscript Before the Day Breaks where he describes his efforts to cure, so to speak, Einstein from his nonsensical theory of gravitation without ever mentioning or touching the subject of relativity. Remember Velikovsky was a trained psychiatrist of the highest order.

    Here is an interesting quote from that manuscript:
    Strangely, one of Einstein’s marginal notes to my chapter on Lafleur agreed with the latter’s argument that the Earth is neutral because of the behavior of the leaves of an electroscope touching the ground—they do not diverge. To me it was clear that the behavior of the leaves does not give an answer to the question whether or not the Earth is charged. The Earth being charged in relation to the upper atmosphere, the lines of force would pass in near-parallels vertically and, consequently, there would be no divergence of the leaves of the electroscope. Nikola Tesla was a great inventor, perhaps the greatest electrical engineer who ever lived; he would not have asserted that the Earth is a highly charged body if such a simple test with an electroscope could solve the problem. Actually, there is a permanent stream of electrons flowing from the ground upwards: it is calculated that between the feet and the head of a standing man of medium height there is a 150 volt potential. The source of this stream of electrons, or of the source of replenishment of the permanent discharge of the Earth, is not known.
    As you can see from this quote, Einstein had very limited and very simplistic understanding of electricity. Tesla was way way ahead of everybody else in this area back than, and I suspect that he still is.
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    I'll look into it, thank you Barau. I understand Velikovsky was the subject of substantial ridicule but some of the arguments he poses, such as the weight of water molecules and the formation of clouds contradicting the accepted theory of gravity, are great considerations along the path toward a sound magnetic base. I'm very interested in these fundamental topics. I believe getting wrapped up in the legends of Leedskalnin or Tesla, and the like, detract from the reality of the matter. It is clear that these people were great but it wasn't their celebrity that they were seeking to gain; though it seems that much of these forum conversations devolve to, or are born out of, merely that. I see this happening a lot on this forum and others and it is a breath of fresh air to read up on subjects that are more grounded. I think that conversations along these lines are in line with what those legends were seeking to gain.
  • Xxx thanks guys, for kerping the thread current.
    Ken has produced his most accessible description yet

    While fields are a but of theoretical gobbledygook for me nevertheless the spatial influence is kinetically measurable, and of course mechanically differentiable .

    Coherence , as in MASING is an alternative modelling structure ..
  • When we first learn about air we just breathe it.
    But we never think that there may be more essential things, Somethings than air. No we are told that there is Nothing!
    But then someone claims that an immaterial thing called spirit is the substrate of all things. There is no gradation from air to spirit. The two do not mix or have contact so some opine.
    Thus magnetic behaviours become mysterious .
    Some by logic establish a finer and finer grade of material things , material Somethings, others a coarser and coarser spiritual thing in order to explain magnetism.
    Some place electrodynamics as causative of Magnetostatics but some refute the distinctions.

    I am happy to set magnetic behaviour as the sound basis from which to construct all our models of these aetheric behaviours, because we live in a sea of magnetic fluid that flows around us continually .
    Like a fish in the sea I am surrounded by fluids of differing densities and some densities are exponentially different to others . So different we call them discrete forms. But their difference is only in density, that is scale at which certain properties become differentiable

    A fractal description of this fluid model requires only that exponential jumps be made between the scales at which behaviours are described.
    The Fourier expansion of the binomial theorem is as good a model as any for mathematical categorisation of the different behaviours and the different geometrical( spaciometric) forms used as forc or vector models.
  • Ivor Catt poses some insightful questions about the origin of forces in space.

    Classical theory combines electric and magnetic behaviours as modelling components. The ratio is 1:1.
    We do not need the two concepts. We can combine them into a single magnetic theory
    We do not need a particulate or corpuscular style of model we could use a fluid dynamic style of Model( original motivation for Maxwells concepts) .

    This fluid model will support compression wave theory, a theory still in its infancy , and this wave compression( and expansion) can model impinging forces of both repulsion and attraction. The model requires the fluid to be elastic in the common sense.

    The model thus assumes space to be an elastic fluid. Elastic fluids are notoriously difficult to model!
    Claes Johnson has developed a numerical model of fluid dynamics that describes aerofoil behaviour for near inelastic potential flow. It is a major modelling breakthrough that is seemingly ignored by the aeronautics industry and NASA.

    Not really. Our technology is based on practicalities that work, not on theoretical positions that are consistent with the facts. Theoretical triumphs are only celebrated if some group finds an economic advantage in highlighting it. Einstein is only a "genius" because American post war propagandist wanted to show Jewish science triumphed over Aryan science! This was a powerful propaganda war that waged throughout the war and into the cold war period.

    The reality was that science is not speciated like this spin doctoring attempts to do, and both sides of the cold war scrambled to get their hands on " Aryan" scientific results and research to get the advantages of the scientific break throughs demonstrated by Germanies technological prowess which had its origins in the Bismarck era.

    Magnetic behaviours can be modelled by rotational "waves" in the manner that Ken Wheeler is attempting to explain .

    There are 2 fluid behaviours which are not reflections of each other as in common nations of wave reflection. The rotational wave theory is also in its infancy but these 2 fluid behaviours correspond to Eds "individual magnet" behaviours, which I link to the label plasma, redefining that label and inviting a revision of current Plasma Physics .
  • Skyrmions are a phenomenon in magnetism that indicate the fluid nature of the flux

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