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Ancient Knowledge



  • Make your own judgments on this film, and there's a part on Ed as well. Hope to see your comments!
  • and also, this will help understanding how matter reacts to vibration.. maybe ed found out how coral (CaCO3) was vibrating, was able to "prison" each hexgonal microsctructure of the coral inside the knots of the vibration, making it less heavy...
  • Why does every one think Ed wrote about magnetic current, then gave us all the experiments .Why , does any one think Ed talked about balance, OR why does any one think the PMH works in the way it does. Why are the simple things Ed left behind so over looked
  • @ironshades What do you mean exactly?
  • Magnetic current does vibrate, everything does, When The things Ed left are used only you can see the v-magnet flywheel, the PMH, we all know Ed used the flywheel and the PMH in some manner together. We all no how the PMH works how it holds current. If I were a cop I'ed think Ed used the PMH to hold current made from the flywheel, then as a cop I would think hum... Ed wrote about EQUAL forced magnetic current that means = north and south?the flywheel must make equal north and south current , then I would try to use the PMH a electromagnet then I would try to see if the PMH would hold the power as a electromagnet, a electromagnet holder?. Then after reading plant animal mineral realize how magnets are in everything[static], static is magnetic?Yes not electric? static is in nature! electricity must be made, but magnets are every were. Some things not right here. could it be the powers that be give us electricity, but really it's magnetricity wait didn't tesla talk about that to. Tesla gave us the A/C motor was that his first idea, could it be electricity is only one half magnetricity, the math works, but only if your going to use force. Nature is perpetual. PERPETUAL MOTION HOLDER. Any thing modern if applies will only work in part not in whole. The perpetual motion of nature is made by the flywheel, so that it can be placed back into the coral, but isn't there magnets in the coral? yes but with no poles to run to. could the PMH have been used to recharge the coral with the magnetic static life force in such a way that the magnets new and old could have poles to run to, and hold that charge perpetually? Could it be that the mass we see as weight be nothing more than magnetic force? How do we as humans get to were we can understand how the sun the moon, and all the other planets control each other, and every thing on each? What will it take us to realize Ed used the flywheel to make or rather collect the static magnetic life force from the air to recharge the coral with new poles, then used the PMH to flip the poles and hold it that way , and then waited until a crescent moon knowing moon light is a reflection of sun light[push] and for saturns crossing with earth. After flipping the stone poles from inside to out then the planets help lift them. What will it take?
  • If you read the books very carfully you will see he gives you all the answers,but unfortuanetly your closed mind will not accept what it is readind due to preprogramming from and early age. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 05:37, 3 February 2011 (UTC).....This is right out of wikipedia
  • reference Churchill/Massey 1910 expedition to Egypt .....

    1/137.0359815 is 99.9999867% of 1998 NIST value

    Interesting to note that when Leedskalnin died (1951) the value of the fine-structure was thought to be ....a(em) = 1/137.035978....

    Another interesting Cheops constructs form is as follows:

    6105195 / 7129 / ( 37^17 ) * ( 10^25) = 10 ^ ( 2*ht/bl )

    if ht = = 763.81
  • @ironshades Steve, so which of Ed's experiments did you already reproduced? What are the results using your theories?
    Did you ever try to lift a piece of coral using the steps, that you are describing?
  • It would appear ironshades has all of the answers but rather than to provide insight he appears to instead show us arrogance. Arrogance which is relayed not in the form of knowledge, but in the form of questions for which neither he nor we have the answers. A complete waste of my time in reading any of his condescending drivel.
  • @Gardener i have done most given in his writings, Ed's tests . Know I have not lifted any stones . I need the flywheel . I have studied the old school ways of making magnets. It will come with time. Only the v-mag magneto makes the equal forced current Ed writes about
  • @Gardener I mean lets just rebuild the flywheel and try collecting equal forced current within a pmh, then use the pmh as a electromagnet, then try using the pmh in different combos using stone as part of the pmh, try charging one pmh connected with a single steel wire to an other pmh, from the u part to the u part and watch the power transfer from one to the other...
  • edited January 2014
    @bogtrottter You have a lot of nerve , calling me what you clearly stated, Why questions ,because these questions, are easily answered. Answered if modern physics is left out Ed did not write about electrons or protons, his book was not called electric current. Electric current is not balanced it can't be. Ed clearly wrote equal forced magnetic current. So because you don't understand magnetic without using protons and electrons, I.m what? writing drivel, all I right is insight . Trying to pull teeth would be easier than getting people to understand magnetricity. If people could just understand some of the power placed in permanent magnets, came from some thing that once lived, that the power of life it's self is magnetic current , that it's in the air all around us. That when we die the power within our bodies is recycled perpetually, that the power in all living things is made up of everything that ever lived. You are arrogant, not me at least I try to keep true to the likes of Ed his writings and his works, your insight is into things Leedskalnin, never talked about, and I sincerely apologize to the masters of this forum for lowering myself down to your level. Slander can't be your best suite, how ever it is the practice of modern science, in cases were if not every thing mentioned does not fit perfectly into the modern teachings in modern schools. The electron is used over and over to try to explain Leedskalnins works, it is helping the secret stay a secret. Ed clearly wrote simple terms what we need to do, he even called it simple. My thoughts are that it is, but by applying modern physics and it's lack of balance makes it hard. I no the answer but my question to you is why did Ed say electrons were not real?
  • Is it so foolish to say the weight of mass is nothing more than magnetic force misunderstood?
  • Well that's us being told! Pack up the lab boys, we've been discovered! Old ironshades (how appropriate) in his infinite wisdom has yet again flapped his blabs again making no sense nor providing any more insight than to prove what a pompous fool he is. Taxi!
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