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The Secret Revealed

Well, after giving it some thought, I've decided to release my findings in the hopes that others will be able to follow what I believe I've found...hopefully one day to help drive humanity off this planet and from the repression that it now experiences. Good luck, god bless and please use this information wisely and it is for personal use only (please do not repost). I've borrowed some images from others that I've not yet annotated, this is for private use only until I can annotate the images and references. This is an unfinished work, and a work in progress...I've not included the more advanced portions of my actual design...yet.

Enjoy... :)


  • Huh, seems some pages got jumbled and a few missing, strange.....will have to fix another time!
  • g11g11
    edited September 28
    So when do you plan on building any of it? Have you cut any rocks with it? Have you lifted any rocks with it? Have you moved any rocks with it?
  • edited October 3
    Why 24 Hz shuman resonance is magnetic frequency, and 8 hz is electric? Why both are not magnetic or electromagnetic?

    And about lenght antenna. IF I have 40 feet long wire and it must be in loop or in straight, North to south? West to East? And where i have to connect this? Ed was using bottle coils? Easy to read, but when i try to make sth, I don't know what is to do.
  • @BetweenStars NE to SW is the current flow of earth's Field, electricity is 90° out of phase with the magnets. So I would point NW to SE if you want electric current.

    @Apollo222 you get assinated?
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