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Deeds - Ed Leedskalnin's documented transactions



  • Would be very interesting to find some old articles on that Coral Castle, I wonder if there was anything ever written of it in the media?
  • @Ones65118
    ---Also at the same time there was the other place in between Ed's Place and Rock Gate called Coral Castle... Coral castle was built inspired by Ed's Place and Rock Gate if I remember right... anyway

    The picture you posted was the original Coral Castle
    When I visited in December I went to all three sites.
    Originally I couldn't find Coral Castle, they filled the land with trees and buried the pond located next to the road. From a distance I noticed solid blocks which would have indicated a path or partition. I took pictures and will try an upload them here.
  • Dec 2018 - Original Coral Castle

    The castle itself is of different design, however the blocks that are resting throughout the property is similar to Eds style.

    Ed's Place and the original Coral Castle are within walking distance.
    Ed's Place today is heavily shielded by trees and brush, the only place on the street like it. Odd

  • edited February 16
    Although I have seen postcards of Redland Coral Castle, there doesn't seem to be any advertisements made.
    This address: 31500 SW 187 Ave
    -This page advertises a book where he found the information. I own the book and it doesn't offer any additional information than what the page offers.
    The page has more photos, however the information regarding 1936(from the book) is inaccurate.
    -good photos are also found here

    I was able to locate a newspaper advertisement

    Heart Attack
    William A. Blizzard Age 62 - His address in the article matches with Redland Coral Castle
    Article from 1961
    Was this the original owner of the Redland Coral Castle?
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