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Deeds - Ed Leedskalnin's documented transactions

Property Ed Leedskalnin purchased



  • Ed's estate, handling of nephews

  • Serial Numbers of Registration -Selective Draft will be based on these officials numbers and will start soon
    Number 549

  • Blows me away how much money Ed left behind, I had no idea... I knew he had stocks in some things so the rumors go but wow ... there should also be a deed concerning frank leonard in 1922
  • I will look it up/research
    Ed was well rounded
  • I have it somewhere has address to but not sure what state, i think it has been mentioned before here but could be a different one which would mean Ed had four properties in the states during his time there
  • Another deed back in the day
  • Thanks for posting these Dante. Good to see others interested in Ed's history. Would be interesting to see the actual deeds in the archives in Florida/California/Oregon.
  • I have tried to track down info on Dr. Adolph Sarma in the past but to no avail. I wonder what his relationship to Ed was. All the other people wanting a piece of his money were relatives.
  • Thanks @Ones65118 ; @OROLO
    I will try and locate the deeds, worst case an archivist
    There were also a few references about owing someone money back in another state. Ed was supposed to join the military, there was a notice in one paper I found regarding a list of people wanted for being "absent"
    This would seem to confirm what Marlinski found regarding a code " Not Eds War"
  • @OROLO
    May I ask what leads you to believe Dr. Adolph Sarma was talking with Ed?
    I will try a search as well. Do you have small bits of information on Dr Sarma?
  • Hi Dante,

    I don't know what the connection was, if any, between Dr. Sarma and Ed. I only find it interesting that he was the only one mentioned in that article that doesn't appear to be related to him. I'm curious why he would have wanted a piece of Ed's estate. If he truly was a doctor you wouldn't think he would be desperate for money. Unfortunately I haven't found any info on him yet.
  • After Ed passed - Name change from Rock Gate to Coral Castle

  • It has always really bugged me the name was changed. I always refer to the park as ROCK GATE out of respect. There is possibly one time Ed ever uttered the words Coral castle and that was in reference to his tower with tool room and living quarters, I do believe that was hearsay as well. Indeed it was named Rock Gate for a reason... I think
  • Also at the same time there was the other place in between Ed's Place and Rock Gate called Coral Castle... Coral castle was built inspired by Ed's Place and Rock Gate if I remember right... anyway
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