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The Working Atomic Model Project Update



  • charlie said:

    I've worked for about 5 years (two years ago) as a maintenance guy for a company , with a very modern hi-tech machine shop of about 30000 sq feet ---- long story short ---- I had a few buddies of my age group ( 55+ ) of the best seasoned tool/ die makers and machinists of the area.....they were not Floridians either :) ... we had break times together , so I've got some insider info....but no one would listen to them as usual ....... but me .....for credential :)

    cold rolled steel and cutting is kaka ..... like lunch meat , bologna .... You'll get a pretty model , but it won't work as it intended ( I could be wrong , but not likely )

    Iron/steel has to be stressed like cookie dough , folded , bent , pressed , heated , cooled etc get rid of imperfections ...... eh , whatever...

    The cooled rolled process encompasses all of the stresses you mentioned albeit at a lower temperature, but I think you have your kaka attributes backwards. I prefer a little bit of grease over scales.

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    So ,when you'll 'gonna fire it up ? .... reverse model at 2.44 minutes......"your kaka attributes backwards" :D ......Big Earl :*

  • charlie said:

    So ,when you'll 'gonna fire it up ? ....

    When its time
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    Should we go to a bomb shelter ?
  • It's primarily nontheromodynamic as it were
  • More along these lines

  • As long it stay cold and no black holes is okay

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    ...demolished by Federal Government...

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    Here's a picture I posted on the line at my Instagram page: I mentioned there that these 4 arcs weigh about 50 lbs. and can make nice room temperature superconducted particle accelerated flux capacitated perpetual motion rings. Any ideas?

  • Just messing around with a few concepts. Happy Father's Day!

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