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  • Pool Man,
    I checked back here and thought you had the decency to respond to my questions which were very logical and straight-forward. But I see you chose to dodge and weave them at the same time trying to portray that you rushed them head on. The only ego I have felt in any of this is when you summed up my myriad of posts I've made here in the last couple weeks as "NUMEROLOGY". I believe I've only mentioned that word one time and that is in the reduction of the Fibonacci sequence to numbers 1 to 9. Other than that, I've had posts on archaeoastronomy, ciphers of EDL and EDM, Hebrew Gematria, and many other valuable nuggets I shared with many years of research to find these things. You say it's NO "cohesive message". Well.. that is one thing we agree upon. I've not claimed to find all the answers and "the message". Have I? I believe the person who did that was YOU. I didn't go on Coast to Coast Radio and Youtube telling people "I CRACKED IT"!

    I've spent 13 years studying the works of EDL from every possible angle I could..(except admittedly weak and lacking on the magnethead side of things). But during that time I learned not to go crazy by focusing on what is there.. not take leaps of logic.. and prove what I claim. Don't inject myself or ego into it as much as humans can do this. I learned the things that NO one can argue with is pure math. It just is. It's not arguable. If you equate the ancient Hebrew and Greek Gematria as "NUMEROLOGY" you show your ignorance in my opinion. We, in the Western World separate our numbers and letter characters so our mathematical equations and stories are separated in our brains. Yet, the ancients had their letters equal their numbers. This provided a different way at looking at language and math. It enables a rewiring of the brain's functions I believe from my own experience of forcing myself to learn it by no other way than the original Torah text.

    I've spent years on Starry Night software with my Autocad surveys of Rock Gate I made and doing similar things as yourself.. long before you did them. I've seen many such alignments that are very cool. Many of them are quite fascinating when focusing on one carved object in stone and another..but when viewed with the other objects in mind.. the relevance fades. But I walked the tight rope of insanity trying to distinguish what I can prove was EDL's intent and what was my own ideas and leaps of logic. What was put there by others after him?

    Anyway, I'm not going to say anything else to you here other than ask one more simple question. Just exactly what.. is "your cohesive message"? I contemplated what I've seen of yours in your videos and it seems to me it all comes down to

    "A MOMENT FROZEN IN TIME BY ED LEEDSKALNIN ... the HOUR.. the Minute.. the Second.."

    The more I contemplate the message the more I have to fight that summation. It rings very hollow to me. When I first started studying EDL back in 2004, most of the things on the internet was the same old "Love Story" about "Coral Castle". That rang hollow to me just the same back then. Granted, I admire the thought that went into your effort in finding what you claim is "HIS MESSAGE". I've tread similar paths so I am familiar with the pain of birth of such a thing. I applaud that I truly do. I love the fact you seemingly freely shared what you found with others such as I. However, if my gut doesn't accept your overall message of ED Leedskalnin's works.. I'm forced to analyze your steps of logic. I've detailed a few flaws I found in your logic ..where you grabbed onto some things as I have done in the past.. but later I learned I had to let it go. I had to dive deep into my logical path and take a step back from it and ask myself can I prove this and will it stand on its own. I say this is your biggest weakness. I pray you learn this lesson, not just for your sake, but also for the reputation of Edward Leedskalnin as well.. and those who might be inspired to seek ED's message and waste their time on your hollow message. I have shared things on this forum in the last weeks as a sort of social experiment, where I've chosen to study on my own and with a handful of friends via email for many years. The reason for that was in great part to the things I've listed above. I've shared a few nuggets of clues that represent NO "cohesive message".. as I have not found it. But I seek it. I just haven't found it on your videos .. speaking for myself. If someone else does.. and runs with it..and finds an even greater message .. maybe that will ring true to me and I'll have my "AHA MOMENT". But maybe again, you can ultimately be responsible for sidetracking that person from finding that AHA message and sharing with me.

    Copied from other thread Nov 19th.. awaiting response to these questions:

    RL Poole,
    I've been contemplating your videos a few days now. And I'm ready to give you a chance to respond before I call bullshit on what you present as Ed's.

    You claim EDL uses 5 point stars to represent a star and 6 point stars for Galaxies:

    1. What galaxy is the 6 pointed star stone residing next to the earth stone and beneath the moondial?

    2. What galaxy is the 6 pointed star stone that is a bird bath in the "Grotto of the 3 Bears?"

    3. Why do you consider the "Spica" stone as you call it.. a 5 pointed star rather than 6? Why do you ignore the point of the main focus..the tube where you drop the money? The geometry is much more a hexagram than a 5 pointed star.

    4. Why do you call the moon fountain the sombrero galaxy when if you mirror the whole thing in a pool of water on the ground, you'd have the constellation symbol for Pisces?

    5. Why do you consider the top of what you call the "taurus" stone.. what most call the "saturn obelisk" a 5 pointed star.. when it too resembles the geometry the same as what you call the "spica" stone. Did you climb to the top of the obelisk and get the geometry?

    6. You mention Como Berenices.. which I've thought of for a great many years myself.. but you seemed to have left out of your videos where it is in the sky at your exact, hour, minute, and second...and how does it align to the King's Stone crown at that second? You say it's upside-down.. but don't mention the "archaeoastronomic alignments of the ancient megalithic structures" that you say are so important.

    7. Regarding that exact hour, minute, second on that auspicious day of Sept 10, 1923, where are the other galaxies of stone in your alignment.. as mentioned above. Either you have a complete story or part of one. Either it's ED's or it's yours.

    8. What other evidence do you have that we are to take a 5 pointed star as a star...and a 6 pointed star as a galaxy...other than your word for it? Is there any precedence in Secret Societies? Any precedence in other ancient megalithic structures that you claim to understand? Do they willy-nilly assign points to their structures as you've done with ED's? Does EDL code anything in his works that tells you to do this? Or did you just put 2 and 2 together and get ....what you wanted to get?

    I have more but will leave it at that for now. If you're going to go on Coast to Coast Radio and magazine articles and youtube and pat yourself on the back.. you should easily field these simple questions. If not answered satisfactorily.. I'll make up my mind as such. I have a clue how you will not respond.. as you already have ignored my questions and picked PK as an easier disciple.
  • RLPoole said:
    There is an epidemic in this forum, and many others which I have noticed. An epidemic which is highly contagious, and hurtful. It is the sickness of shooting in the dark, and wanting everyone else to agree that it is a bullseye.

    Thank GOD we have RL POOLE to show us the light of our darkness!
    Give me a f(you choose the letters here)ing break. You've got some balls dude!
  • Quote from "Mr. Can't is Dead" by Orval M. Irwin

    Regarding the "MARS STONE" in ED Leedskalnin's tour:

    "On the north end of the wall, one stone formed a corner wall section. It had a round coral stone sphere on the very top of it. There was, and still is, a green palmetto bush growing on the side of it, up there ten feet in the air. Ed said that this piece represented the planet Mars because scientists said this planet might have life on it. Ed had carefully selected a palmetto bush, cut the stone from the ground around it, shaped it, and set it as the part of the wall section without distrubing the bush."

    This is from an eyewitness friend of ED who lived close by. This is the Sheriff's son and person ED asked to help move his working tools from "ED's Place" to "Rock Gate".

    Now, RL Poole, I'd say that if you were to rewrite history and say you see the word "sPICa" on that "Mars stone".. that you would most likely need to prove someone didn't carve it after ED died in 1951. It sat abandoned for many years and there was much grafiti that the new owner had to clean up afterwards is what I read. But if you could somehow show me a back story of the symbolism of the Palmetto bush with the star SPICA.. I might be more interested and tend to believe your reaching and leaps of logic in your THEORY.
  • "if you go from left to right. .. from left to right.. you will see.. SPICA.. which they call the Mars Stone...".. uh.. who is they?... uhh...
    do you mean... WHICH EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN CALLED THE MARS STONE?......but don't listen to ED.. listen to me.. I've got the light...
    ok.. uh... don't worry that I now have Mercury in here and no longer have MARS.. it was an inconvenient bother to my "THEORY"..... What? .. "Palmetto Bush"?.... hmm.. .who said anything about that?... uh countless witnesses you say?.. and ED had something to say about it?... oh .. yeah.. well. .. I think you're going to be so inspired by the greatest discovery ever about Coral Castle.. you'll want to run right out there and investigate those other megalithic structures and see if you can see any similarities to my "theory".. cause quite frankly.. I can't find one example.. so hoping you do.. but anyway.. yeah.. palmetto bush... he meant the Star Spica.. of course.. you know.. Virgo.. Virgin... Palmetto's.. they all go together with Florida and Miami Beach.. you know... "CAN'T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG" and believe what I say.. cause I"m right..and you're jealous that you're in the darkness...and I"m in the light....

    Ok RL Poole... we'll put your name on the place now right above all the doors.. and especially above the King's Stone. You're the man dude. YOu cracked it. YOu got it bud! Good job.

    OH wait.. what is the point of the message again? A comprehensive message where it all ties together? the writings.. all the stone caveman furniture.. the tours.. the eyewitnesses.. the stories.. it all points to R.... L... POOLE!!! Yeah!

    You go girl!

  • This is "MARS STONE".. well.. to the owner....but to me it's SPica.
  • I’ve suggested this question on another is there a more significant object than the drop below sign that was left behind in Florida City?

    Ed stated that he left his sweet 16 in Florida City which leads me to believe it’s possible that the drop below sign or more specifically, what it represents could be a significant key if it could possible represent Ed’s Sweet 16.

    Until PKB enlightened me about it having been left behind, I had been trying to tie it into a “step”, as in the first clue being the sign, then the image on the door, ring twice, and so forth.

    Perhaps what it was designed to show became irrelevant as Ed’s work was extremely accelerated after he moved everything.( I believe the amount of construction at rock gate was more than double (in blocks carved and weight moved) over a short, three year period.

    Was the steel door at Ed’s Place?
    Was there a ring twice sign (and/or a bell)?
  • so is there a more significant object than the drop below sign that was left behind in Florida City?
    That's a hard call. They all are significant in their own way I guess.

    Was the steel door at Ed’s Place?
    I don't think so.. think it was new at Rock Gate.

    Was there a ring twice sign (and/or a bell)?
    Not sure of this. So much unknown about that place. Best thing is to find any old pics of it.
  • @RLPoole I'm afraid that you're out of track with this interpretation, especially when you say that the crescent is "an arc connecting 2 galaxy clusters in the constellation of Leo" (?).

    Praveen Mohan got it right by simply making a phone call and reading the CC visitors' booklet. Please check:

  • However @RLPoole, I believe that when you talked about the Analemma (I believe in another of your videos) you were onto something big time.

    @dante do you have any news on your findings about the "Alchemical Door" - the door which displays a sign similar to the ADM stone?

    While I wait for you guys, I'm gonna prepare a post to connect a few more dots.
  • edited December 2017
    @RLPoole could you please elaborate further on your explanation about Ed's realizations about the earth's axis and earth's movement around the sun?
    Thanks a lot.
  • Royalblue....Please do not be mislead... Praveen is nothing but a plagiarist who cherry picked his book off of you/tube He has no original ideas of his own... He has been confronted more than once and has never responded ...A very weak person, with only stolen...sound base ... Balance Shall Arrive ,) Naturally ...
  • @Ones65118 thanks for the warning, I didn't buy his book nor do I follow the guy or anyone else. I think that he's right here when he talks about Venus and Mercury. Don't you think?

    @RLPoole I spent some time thinking about your explanation but I couldn't wrap my head around it and I don't think Edward's realization had anything to do with Earth's axis. Rather, I think by looking at Polaris Edward simply realized that North & South have nothing to do with our planet but they exist outside, in space, and that has to do with how we receive light.
  • RB,
    I don't know if you've read Orval Irwin's book that you can buy in the Coral Castle Visitor's center.. if you ever visited. But I have a copy of it. I'd like to find the section that dealt with what ED's friend said from first-hand experience about EDL's discovery and this topic you ask of RL Poole. To summarize here right now.. the bottom line is Ed's discovery was that the Polaris didn't go around each quarter of the "circle" in the Polaris Telescope in the same period of time...and throughout the year. He found that it sped up and slowed down.

    Personally, I never could quite wrap my mind around the description myself.. though I asked someone who acted like they understood it. I find it doubtful that it's an easy solution.. or EDL wouldn't have been so excited about it when he found it. In his adverts, he asks the scientists to look at his sundial in conjunction with the Polaris Telescope. Obviously the sun dial involves cubes and spheres. The Polaris Telescope obviously involves the celestial pole. But Orval add that it also involves time. I don't understand how he could use the SUN dial at night when he would be using the Polaris telescope to see Polaris star. I also never understood how he could tell the speed of Polaris during the daylight hours to see that it changed. I often wondered if he found a way to see stars during the day with an ingenious device he found.

    On another thread G11 mentions bouncing radio waves off of the moon. I guess it's highly unlikely but feasible that EDL found a way to find the location of Polaris in relationship to his Polaris Telescope during daylight and nighttime hours. Another odd fact about Orval Irwin's statement that I could never understand is that I know from seeing EDL's cross wires on the telescope... that the quarters are not equal. Orval seems to intimate that this is showing EDL's find in the difference in time relative to the clock and the Pole Star. If you look at it.. you might be tempted to think it was just thrown up homemade without accuracy if you didn't understand EDL's flare for details. If it was accuracy.. in mind.. he could have found much better ways to chart the position of Polaris relative to the cone shaped hole in the stone. I wonder if the iron in the cross-hairs was somehow involved with his homemade magnets hanging in thread or spider web somehow.

    I'm no magnet-head by any stretch of the imagination.. but I wonder if those two crossing wires could be part of a larger machine to constantly find the position of Polaris.
  • Why I point to the moon. It has two orbits. One is the 27.5 cycle the other new moon to new moon cycle. How often is the moon in the same place overhead and in the same phase. Waxing and waning. Waxing is increased illuminated surface, waning is decreased illuminated surface. It also is closer sometimes and farther away at other times. I use markers like a tree that the top is dead. Now stand in a spot where that tree top meets a star. Mark the spot. This stuff takes years to notice the patterns. Like how often is the ring of fire eclipse? Over the ring of fire in the pacific? Next blue moon on new years? Because of computers this stuff is calculated quickly. Without your looking at a lot of work calculating the moons orbit. Are things accelerating or slowing down? Take a three foot bubble level. Now using a three foot iron rod, balance the two hanging. Now add a pair of equal magnets, one facing north and other end south. Notice your level isn't level anymore. The south magnet attracts to the close north pole, unless done south of the equator then results are reversed. That level will point north to south but with a tilt when the magnets get added. I know the spider web is magnetic. Maybe you over looked which side the spiders thread was leaning to. Attracted to. Someone showed me how insect wings are magnetic as well. Now we know why insects get trapped in the spiders web. Most have heard the story of Frankenstein trying to reanimate the dead using electrical devices. Say Polaris takes three months to travel one quarter of the cross hairs, next quarter takes four months, then the next 2 months. This may be what he was referring to.
    You familiar with the law of the inversed square? At one foot X=X, at 2 feet X=X/4, 3 feet X=X/9?
  • ohGee11,
    Yes, you told me nothing new there.. except for the insect wings being magnetic.. and presumably a spider web as well. Did not know that.

    However, your understanding of the Polaris telescope likely is very naive and flawed. Polaris makes one revolution around the outside of his stone cone hole in 24 hours roughly.. not in 365.24 days. I am familiar with the fact that they say the earth speeds up and slows down at different points of its yearly orbit. I did allude to the fact that someone else already told me that as well. That was their theory.

    1. It's too simple of a solution and EDL wouldn't have been so excited about it if that was the answer in finding common knowledge I say.

    2. As I said above, Polaris makes that "circle" every 24 hours.. not every 365.24 days.
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