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    The dielectric materials produce different voltages . Now clearly the plastic dielectric is thought of as an insulator, which is misleading! The insulator makes sense only if you use a model of a current flow. What the magneto dielectric materials are doing is establishing charge boundaries or better magnetic vortex boundaries. . The pressures within these boundaries increases differentially. The source of these pressures is not straightforward. The Galvanic chemical reaction is clearly disappointing , but the introduction of other materials called electrolytes might improve that. However, clearly the earths magnetic reservoir has a dramatic "near field" effect . Bounding the induction region with a dielectric boundary like a leydenjar gives the highest
    Pressure readings.

    One can completely avoid a chemical and electrical explanation when using the magneto dielectric concept . All materials, including electrolytes can be conceived as receiving energy from the environmental magnetic flux

    Galvanised bolts the coating acts like a diode
  • Xxx I was unable to post here for a while so I started a new thread that deals with the more mathematical and theoretical conceptions of magnetism

  • This nice summary of recent discoveries in cometary and asteroid science confirms in passing the magnetic Universe.
    Whether we term it magneto dynamics, magneto hydrodynamics, or magneto electric theory , the motion of comets and asteroids and meteors through the magnetic universe generates an " electric charge in and through them as well as upon their surfaces and in their atmospheres.
    Faraday dealt with this behaviour both philosophically as well as experimentally. His tubes of electrostatic force were accompanied by tubes of magnetic force, behaving like hydraulic pressure tubes , extending and shortening in a way constrained by observation.
    While not a truth it was an apt model that guided his intuition, and that ifvMaxwell, up to a point.

    I find the JJThompson makes a better fist of interpreting Araday and Maxwell than many , and his assumption of electrostatic tubes he explains sensibly, but unconvincingly. For him magnetic tubes are the only alternative if his preference is found wanting.

    NASA claim to have found these magnetic tubes stretching out like ropes throughout the solar system. , indeed they see them in the whirl of every galaxy.

    It is the variability of these " tubes" they fail to u der stand. As structures they are instantaneous, they do not exist as objects but as equipotential surfaces. Thus a rope does not move through the magnetic aether, the pressure in the aether dynamically adjusts, so a pressure meter would have to move to a different position to maintain the same pressure.

    Objects moving in such a changing pressure field would mark out the acceleration due to the change . While they may not mark out equipotential regio s if they do the structure would be like a streamline of constant velocity . Any acceleration would again have to be uniform across a region giving rise to jets bordered by regions of turbulence ranging from mild to infinite or inertial if that describes it better.
    The acceleration is not lineal but trochoidal, leading to surfaces that separate or combine by interference. The trochoidal surfaces may act as if propagating in a straight line, but bending( diffraction and dispersion) occur due to rotation, and refraction, breaking of the assumed straight path. And reflection occur at density boundary changes where impedance masks absorption and transmission phenomena that are frequency dependent. Scattering is also attributable to trochoidal boundary interactions.

    The concept of charge is I'll defined generally but I have made the case for a definition of charge based on observation of frequncy. The amp,itude, of the charge is dependent on constructive interference of the frequency , and therefore phase plays a major role in controlling the expression of high amplitude charge at any frequncy. Coherent phase and frequency I therefore ec therefore easily manifest charge distributions in everyday events such as rubbing fur on glass. The coherent fibre structure interacting with the coherent crystal lattice in glass soon generates a mased amplitude frequency we call charge , within the disturbance of the underlying incoherently phased magnetic patterning.

    The magnetic resonance induced by a simple rub of interacting fibres and crystal lattices is as everyday as it is mysterious., but comets and asteroids and evn conductors or elements like cobalt, moving through a magnetic field demonstrate how natural this everyday I duction is.

    The sun, the great" lodestone" in the sky reminds us not to believe the simple bar magnet , or the PMH as a powerless thing that is static, but as a signal of the limitless power and influence of our magnetic universe

  • The simplest explanation for everything from double layers to cosmic lightning jets with bubble pulses is magnetic dynamics. When Sir William Gilbert considered the magnetic phenonomena he included the Electra magnetic behaviour. . When Faraday discovered that dynamic magnetic patterning created electric like behaviour he supported Gilbert's view and intuition that they were the same phenomenon but subtly connected.. At the time only Weber steadfastly held to the magnetic doctrine . Electromagnetism cleverly buries magnetic phenomena underneath an " electric" interpretation. .
    The Lodestome reference magnet in the Royal society was renowned for having multiple poles. These magnetic structures exist at all scales and are dynamical at all scales.
  • It is an assumed fact that light travels as a transverse wave.

    The history of light and it's propagation is simply as follows:first of all light was assumed to be a ray. Then it became a ballistic projectile which was made of rubbery bullets or corpuscles. And competing theory is that it was a disturbance in the plenum. A more sophisticated version of this disturbance theory was put forward by Huygens, according to Huygens light was a spherical disturbance in the medium, and this spherical disturbance emanated from every point within the medium.

    In the meantime Boskovich was developing his theory of forces in nature. This they basically opined the forces appeared and disappeared on a rotational basis within the medium.. Then Fresnel began to show that light travels as a transverse wave by means of a mathematical argument. However his opinion was not universally accepted initially even though it was supported by Arago. Young, another proponent of the wave propagation of light, argued that light must have both the transverse and a longitudinal component. The argument waged long but the French Arago and Fresnel now one out through the mathematical support for their work but their idea.

    Later Lord Rayleigh in his notes on wave mechanics indicated that a rotational dynamics was not only possible but necessary for the propagation of waves in the surface of the medium

    The concept of the transfers wave therefore, has only a limited credence. The fact observation and also from theoretical work the idea of a longitudinal and transverse component has been substantiated by Boskovich and also by Ralegh and also by observation.

    We have all seen those scenes in films Wer transfers below to an object slices through without any disturbance to the object, so the object is separated at the point of intersection and remains whole. This indicates that any disturbance which might cause a transverse motion there is no list is necessary longitudinal propagation of the transverse motion.

    Once you accept the physical absurdity of a pure transverse waves for propagating anything then you become able to understand why rotational dynamics is the sound basis for any disturbance propagation  in the medium.
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