A Sound Magnetic Base



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    The dielectric materials produce different voltages . Now clearly the plastic dielectric is thought of as an insulator, which is misleading! The insulator makes sense only if you use a model of a current flow. What the magneto dielectric materials are doing is establishing charge boundaries or better magnetic vortex boundaries. . The pressures within these boundaries increases differentially. The source of these pressures is not straightforward. The Galvanic chemical reaction is clearly disappointing , but the introduction of other materials called electrolytes might improve that. However, clearly the earths magnetic reservoir has a dramatic "near field" effect . Bounding the induction region with a dielectric boundary like a leydenjar gives the highest
    Pressure readings.

    One can completely avoid a chemical and electrical explanation when using the magneto dielectric concept . All materials, including electrolytes can be conceived as receiving energy from the environmental magnetic flux

    Galvanised bolts the coating acts like a diode
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