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Magnetic Numerical Code in Temple of Solomon Porch Pillars



  • edited March 2020
    I want to highlight here one more thing that is relevant to understand Ed's work, a characteristic of sulphur and its "true meaning" in Alchemy, so to speak.
    I want to do it by reviving this thread by [Lost Soul] a.k.a. CONSTITiTION (aka CONSTiPATION). CONSTi was good at connecting things. He's the only one who mentioned sulphur on this forum.
    You didn't get the names reversed CONSTi, it's just that they mixed things up for hundreds of years to protect the world, but now things have changed. Christ has to come back to sort things out. Those who have eyes to see will see.
    Take note.

  • Sulphur I never mention sometimes.
    Sometimes I left out salt Peter.
    Charcoal is needed.
    Water is easy to find.

    But the first is found with plants.

    Source: Sulfur deposits are found naturally in areas around hot springs and in volcanic regions. It is also widely found in nature as iron pyrites (iron sulfide), galena (lead sulfide), gypsum (calcium sulfate), Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and many other minerals.

    Most of the sulfur produced by refineries is sold into the petrochemicals market where it is used to make sulfuric acid. Processing of high-sulfur natural gas is also a large source of sulfur supply.

  • A+B+C=6

    Beginning of chapter 639
  • 73 key numbers. In that chapter.13 pages of numbers.

    Only using 9 gigabytes of space on my phone.

    Can't upload the .INI file or I would share one chapter of my big book of numbers that has 504 chapters to it.

    Once you understand the number of man. The bible makes strange temple's.

    Like Chapiter's of column's

    How 2 use your I's.

    Try walking with heavy weights laced to your shoes :)

    Try holding 15 pounds 1 foot off the ground using one foot for one minute. Really not hard to stand on one leg with 15 pounds on the other.

    This is how you increase the weak system.

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