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Magnetic Numerical Code in Temple of Solomon Porch Pillars

1 Kings 7:21
1Ki 7:21 And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple: and he set up the right pillar, and called the name thereof Jachin: and he set up the left pillar, and called the name thereof Boaz.

Can it be a pure coincidence that we take the Hebrew gematria for the word "the pillars" or 169 and divide into 90 / 79 and we get the Hebrew gematria for the names of the "two pillars"? If not coincidence.. then could the names have meant something to the ancient builders that they were communicating by the name choices? Since it's math.. let's look at the math.

169 = 13 x 13 = SQUARE 13
90 = sum(1 to 13) -1 = TRIANGLE 13 -1
79 = sum(1 to 12) +1 = TRIANGLE 12 +1

Notice that as Rabbi Ginsburg says in his youtube video for children that the square of 13 is equal to the
triangle of 13 - triangle of 12. He says that there is much hidden in the Torah and Kaballah with this math.
Here is one example on the front entry to Solomon's Temple.



  • Correction: (should read)
    Notice that as Rabbi Ginsburg says in his youtube video for children that the square of 13 is equal to the
    triangle of 13 + triangle of 12. He says that there is much hidden in the Torah and Kaballah with this


  • I did a search on the internet to see if anyone else ever posted this simple mathematical fact about the Pillars of Solomon's Porch.. but so far only found this;

    Notice that in the math of the names of the two pillars we have a 12,1,12 relationship above. It seems that the circumference of each pillar was 12 cubits. It's converting the triangle and square to circle.
    1bd.JPG 195.7K
  • And if you think EDL didn't use this same thing in the design of his works.. well.. you don't know his works. Here shows the line numbers in his 4 works. He says at bottom of Magnetic Base / Sound Base that the last 4 works are to be counted together. These 4 have 1343 lines and the first work has 681 lines. If you take a tetrahedron of 22 rows high.. each row being a triangle itself.. then the first 15 rows are 680 and the last 7 rows are 1344. Notice EDL uses this same +1/-1 magnetic meld the same as in the two pillars of Solomon's Temple:

    It's pure, simple math. There is NO possible argument to any of this I've presented here. If you don't believe.. simply count yourself.

    Here I showed the 22 layered tetrahedron which is 3D.
    Next I will show again the same pattern for the 2D 22 layered triangle involved in the 4 Hebrew directions word gematria.
    1BE.JPG 87.8K
  • Also, notice that the Hebrew word for "the pillars" has 6 letters and can divide in half into the SAME exact gematria as the names of the two pillars:

    דעה de`ah {day-aw'} from 01843; TWOT - 848b; n f AV - knowledge 6; 6 1) knowledge (of God)
    Gematria: 79

    מים mayim {mah'-yim} dual of a primitive noun (but used in a singular sense); TWOT - 1188; n m AV - water 571, piss 2, waters + 06440 2, watersprings 2, washing 1, watercourse + 04161 1, waterflood 1, watering 1, variant 1; 582 1) water, waters 1a) water 1b) water of the feet, urine 1c) of danger, violence, transitory things, refreshment (fig.)
    Gematria: 90

    Knowledge of GOD / WATER
  • hmm... it would be better if the word for "the pillars" broke down into "fire" and "water".. as there is 2 triangles in ancient iconography... male and female.. fire and water. With earth and sky being a combination of the other 2 elements.

    Since we see mayim or water in the word.. somehow that would mean heh, dalet, ayin would need to transform into fire somehow or vice versa. Then the 2 pillars would be fire and water. That does make alot of sense.
  • Yeah.. that does tie it all together doesn't it? On top of the two pillars is Heaven and Earth..... and EDL has this everywhere in his works. If it equates to the ancient elements of SKY and EARTH..... then we have the two triangles with the fire and water... and the 2 combinations when they combine in heavens and earth:

  • Seems it is right..

    Esoteric Meaning

    As with most occult symbols, the Masonic twin pillars conceal multiple layers of meaning, some intended for the profane and others divulged in higher degrees of Freemasonry. However, it is generally accepted that the Jachin and Boaz represent the equilibrium between two opposite forces.

    “These were the names [Jachin and Boaz] of the two pillars cast from brass set up on the porch of King Solomon’s Temple. They were eighteen cubits in height and beautifully ornamented with wreaths of chainwork, nets, and pomegranates. On the top of each pillar was a large bowl – now erroneously called a ball or globe – one of the bowls probably containing fire and the other water. The celestial globe (originally the bowl of fire), surmounting the right-hand column (Jachin), symbolized the divine man; the terrestrial globe (the bowl of water), surmounting the left-hand column (Boaz), signified the earthly man. These two pillars respectively connote also the active and the passive expressions of Divine Energy, the sun and the moon, sulphur and salt, good and bad, light and darkness. Between them is the door leading into the House of God, and standing thus at the gates of Sanctuary they are a reminder that Jehovah is both an androgynous and an anthropomorphic deity. As two parallel columns they denote the zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn, which were formerly placed in the chamber of initiation to represent birth and death – the extremes of physical life. They accordingly signify the summer and the winter solstices, now known to Freemasons under the comparatively modern appellation of the ‘two St. Johns.’”

    “Alef is man; Bet is woman; 1 is the principle; 2 is the word; A is the active; B is the passive; the monad is BOAZ; the duad is JAKIN. In the trigrams of Fohi, unity is the YANG and the duad is the YIN.

    BOAZ and JAKIN are the names of the two symbolical Pillars before the principal entrance of Solomon’s Kabalistic Temple. In the Kabalah these Pillars explain all mysteries of antagonism, whether natural, political or religious. They elucidate also the procreative struggle between man and woman, for, according to the law of Nature, the woman must resist the man, and he must entice or overcome her. The active principle seeks the passive principle, the plenum desires the void, the serpent’s jaw attracts the serpent’s tail, and in turning about upon himself, he, at the same time, flies and pursues himself. Woman is the creation of man, and universal creation is the bride of the First Principle.”

    The permanent alliance of reason and faith will result not from their absolute distinction and separation, but from their mutual control arid their fraternal concurrence. Such is the significance of the two Pillars of Solomon’s Porch, one named JAKIN and the other BOAZ, one white and the other black. They are distinct and separate, they are even contrary in appearance, but if blind force sought to join them by bringing them close to one another, the roof of the temple would collapse. Separately, their power is one; joined, they are two powers which destroy one another. For precisely the same reason the spiritual power is weakened whensoever it attempts to usurp the temporal, while the temporal power becomes the victim of its encroachments on the spiritual. Gregory VII ruined the Papacy; the schismatic kings have lost and will lose the monarchy. Human equilibrium requires two feet; the worlds gravitate by means of two forces; generation needs two sexes. Such is the meaning of the arcanum of Solomon, represented by the two Pillars of the Temple, JAKIN and BOAZ.”

    The union of the two pillars is said to generate a third pillar, one in the middle, which esoterically represents man and mankind.

    “When the two columns find equilibrium between them it will signify the union of the Sushumna and the Kundalini. This sacred marriage will create a “Fire-Mist” to radiate throughout the human body, filling it will divine Light. It is then that humanity will become the third column of the Temple Wisdom. He/She will be a column formed by the combined forces of Strength (Jachin) and Beauty (Boaz). This act forms the Lost Word in the vibratory system of the soul’s physical embodiment.”

    The combining of the two opposite forces of the twin pillars produce the center pillar: the perfected man.
  • I see how you get "heavens" in Hebrew by combining "esh" of alef, shin and "mayim" or water mem, yod, mem. And that makes sense why the heavens bowl is on the Jachin pillar. But "eretz" or earth alef, resh, tsade... how fire and water combine to form this.. mathematically.. I don't yet get.
  • I found a cool mathematical pattern that likely is not accidental:

    Notice that MEM is the pictogram for WATER and is 13th letter
    and shin is in ESH for FIRE... and is 21st letter...
    now look at the word numbers in that verse 1 Kings 7:21.. the 13th word is the female Boaz and
    the 21st word is male Jachin for fire.

    This would mean that the marriage of the two the word "the pillars" would be represented by the 3rd word. Notice that all 3 numbers are Fibonacci numbers.
  • The other fib number words in that verse are "eth", "temple", and "pillar" singular. The "eth" is very similar to "fire" in that it is 1,22 instead of 1,21.

  • This shows the Hebrew words and how both "heaven" and "earth" can be considered compound words of "fire" and "water"......which brings us to the 4 ancient elements, of fire, water, earth, sky.
    01a.JPG 83.3K
  • Notice that the website I linked above said that the number 2 is feminine and 1 is masculine. Also, the left column is 2 and right column is 1. What is interesting is that there is a -1 on both columns to the word "FIRE" or "ESH"....and on the masculine column the subtraction is to the first letter alef ro nothing and on the left column it's to the 2nd letter shin.. reducing to resh.

    The only other difference in the pure compounds word forms is that the left column that has earth.. seems to combine the 3 letters of mayim into one letter tsade...which has the same gematria value (90 to 90) and half the positional value (36 to 18). This should come in handy trying to figure out all of ED Leedskalnin's references to Heavens and Earth in his works.
  • ".. You also formed the letter "BET" in Hebrew..which is a pictogram and literally means "TENT" or "HOME"

    You later state

    “Alef is man; Bet is woman; 1 is the principle; 2 is the word; A is the active; B is the passive; the monad is BOAZ; the duad is JAKIN. In the trigrams of Fohi, unity is the YANG and the duad is the YIN.
    So how things does "bet" mean. It is a wager in my book.
  • Yeah, I got the names reversed... Jachin is feminine and Boaz masculine.
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