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YHWH and other judeo-masonic inventions

You decide.



  • Nice!

    Church of the Gesù.
    You decide.. :)
  • Yeah that's the flywheeel, Gardener, the all light.

    However the tetragrammaton expands a bit on that, I guess.

    Look closely.


  • IHVH layout

    The universal man, we can link this with ADM. Royal Blue, you a already know what ADM stands for in Hebrew. It can be applied to the sephiroth, dropping through the "ten" to arrive at man's reality - in simplistic terms

    ADM applied also means Adam Kadmon, David, and the Messiah

    It is fitting to have this "sign" at an entrance

  • As for the YHWH I'm inclined to think it's about geometry.

    I see a flywheel (Yod), 2 PMHs (He), and 1 right angle (Vau) in it.
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