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Does anyone know what kind of wire Ed used on the glass bottles? Copper, iron, bare or enamelled? Thanks


  • He spoke of using iron wire when not using an iron core, and a few of these look once insulated (enamel and paraffin maybe) and now a little rusty. The clear bottle wire looks like iron wire that may never have been insulated. They all look to be 16-18g.

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    A: MagneticUniverse: Looks like a smooshed brain underneath the green bottle in the first pic... Is that just links from a chain? Ed did mention that everything was physical so in theory some fine steel wool crammed into a copper skull with an electrical brain stem would fire up, so to speak. The brain stem looks remarkably like the body of a beetle:
    B: is that a horsehair brush on an iron frame in the foreground? That's quite the static electricity collector. OBTW the hook over Ed's flywheel is also a glyph from egypt representing static electricity.
    C: has anyone rolled a coil with dense wood or around a bottle of liquid mercury? If so what kind of performance did you get?
  • The clear bottle appears to be the only bottle that isn't iron wire. It's almost green enough to be copper, but in that light, looks like tarnished silver. The green bottle below it looks like old iron bailing wire though. If you keep it out of the rain, it looks like that, I have a roll. When new, the iron wire looks almost black, like the black wire bottles. Insulation would keep that looking new, I would guess. Can't tell much from pictures. Good look on the brush, I missed the metal on it.
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