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The Role of Mica and Quartz in Megalithic Buildings

edited November 2013 in General Science
I wonder if anybody knows if there is evidence at Ed's castle that mica is associated with his artworks. The reason for this question is that at many megalithic sites there are large sheets of mica transported over long distances so it was very important to the ancient constructors. Mica artefacts are also placed in strategically significant positions eg Teotihuacan mica chambers and the Pyramid of the Sun at the same site.


  • Maybe Ed used a modern day equivalent to function in the same way the mica did, most of the mica in south america was stolen by the early archeologists and so the design of what was there is in question. Quartz and/or limestone can store power, how that works I am not sure but have read an article on liquified limestone, proposed to store electricity and then able to be transported to site where it can be tapped into by applying heat, a super battery the size of a truck.
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