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riddle me this batman... a leedskalnin riddle



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    Simple men posses simple thoughts. It is not to the extent to which you are over thinking. poughkeepsieblue can vouch for me in this regard. Current refers to water and water currents create waves. Waves in the air would be sound and small scale in music are high notes. Therefore "High (energy) frequency sound waves" Guess it would all depend on the context and I have only read several paragraphs of his writing. One thing I can tell you about Sweet Sixteen is he is talking about planetary conjunctions. Particularly Venus (feminine Goddess of love) and its romance with Mars (all other planets are masculine except Momma (Venus's twin)...Earth. Eclipse, etc. I'll have to read it one of these days.

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    If you look at the link just above this post the picture is of a sound wave from ringing a bell, under waver. The V - shaped parts are great, and is just an other example of the natural V shape/ or form every were in nature.


    "As objects with mass move around in spacetime, the curvature changes to reflect the changed locations of those objects. In certain circumstances, accelerating objects generate changes in this curvature, which propagate outwards at the speed of light in a wave-like manner. These propagating phenomena are known as gravitational waves."

    Ring the bell twice~

    "In general terms, gravitational waves are radiated by objects whose motion involves acceleration, provided that the motion is not perfectly spherically symmetric (like an expanding or contracting sphere) or cylindrically symmetric (like a spinning disk or sphere). A simple example of this principle is provided by the spinning DUMBELL. If the DUMBELL spins like wheels on an axle, it will not radiate gravitational waves; if it tumbles end over end like two planets orbiting each other, it will radiate gravitational waves. The heavier the DUMBELL, and the faster it tumbles, the greater is the gravitational radiation it will give off. If we imagine an extreme case in which the two weights of the dumbbell are massive stars like neutron stars or black holes, orbiting each other quickly, then significant amounts of gravitational radiation would be given off."

    "In theory, the loss of energy through gravitational radiation could eventually DROP the Earth into the Sun. However, the total energy of the Earth orbiting the Sun (kinetic energy plus gravitational potential energy) is about 1.14×1036 joules of which only 200 joules per second is lost through gravitational radiation, leading to a decay in the orbit by about 1×10−15 meters per day or roughly the diameter of a proton. At this rate, it would take the Earth approximately 1×1013 times more"
  • @bogtrottter Yes torque ,Torque causes all waves to waive together. Magnetic lines of force in uncountable number woven together, because of the torque. The earth is a magnet, by understanding how north and south magnets, move never stand still, constant. We live with the flux. Ed said "drawn from the air", The thing we no is all around as that the air we breath is held within, is moving, faster than light is self. Modern electricity, is not what early man used, you it as well as I. . I think it was Matt that sent my the info on the first few people that discovered electricity. Along with the electron. My friend the understand of the place between north and south is the key. I have realized after years of studying magnets 0 is the balance or [=] equal, as is is in nature. Modern electricity, is made from magnets yes, but by passing the current through electro magnets , to make more current, for power. there is a high cost trade. Electromagnets at their center, of each electro magnet, is a figure 8, making one pole stronger. When Ed said electrons were not real I believe what he meant to say was the way the power of to day is made is wrong, they have mistakenly or by design chose to only use one part, one pole and grounded the other, then called there new marketable power electricity, and has called it's source an electron. Wih time and a lot of money this one sided power has been broke down in to parts, and there called protons, positive and negative. All these things, to describe the effects and how to use electricity. Cern has admitted to finding Ha Ha magnetricity, they called it an alternative to electricity. Your quotes from Wikipedia are wonder full but they are as one sided as most electrical equipment. They are only good for understanding unbalanced power that force must be used to generate. It puzzle me because of money time and books . Why we fuse to realize the process is wrong. the tesla coil design is the best way to raze current . They could have contained it. However Eds flywheel is simply the greatest generator ever looked at with human eyes. It produces the equal forced magnetic current Ed has written about , and because of torque pulls magnets out of the air, at a balanced rate with the current being used. All because of the Vee shape squared permanet magnets placed together in such a way that from one view if could see it's flux it nearly be a sphere. We over look or we are in capable to make the correlation between the Vee magnets Keely/Ford/Ed Leedskalnin, every were we look in nature. Within ever angle, your hands, your brain, trees. I Puzzles me how I get called crazy yet modern physics one sided, beside on the modern understanding of the electro and proton. I think Ed would have written " Magnetic Current" differently and never mentioned equal forced current how electrons were not real or batteries are out of balance.
  • Thanks for all the information here. I was wondering if anyone knew about the "bell" that was supposed to ring twice. Is it just a regular metal bell? I've only seen pictures online of it. Does it have any interesting properties?
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