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Circular Toroid with silver-coated copper wire exhibited lift effect

edited June 2013 in Edward Leedskalnin
One two separate occasions, toroids Bob Boyce was working with that had silver coated copper wire windings around the circular core exhibited lift (e.g., flew across the room) on two separate occasions. Our research team in the D.C. area are working to replicate the anomalous effect. If anyone feels that they could assist with the configuration, please contact Todd at 202-317-0048 or email thathaway4 {at} See! for a pretty good video on how the toroid units were built. On one of the two occasions when the toroid went flying across the room, the toroid and wiring were contained within the Faraday cage.


  • This line of research is interesting. This video is one of many on the YouTube site. The reason I chose this one is because he uses " charge" and " discharge" to describes clear anti gravity effect followed by a gravity effect.

    Understanding that space is not empty, and that above our heads are powerful radiation belts or van Allen belts it is clear that we live under a huge "electrostatic " type of system. We have differentiated magnetic from electric and so lost insight into the structure of these " radiation" like effects.

    There is a lot of terminological garbage we have to remove in order to view the phenomena in the light of new data.

    I can recommend Ken wheelers detailed research and explanation of so called magnetism
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