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Ok, don’t know why it took so long to see, but ed’s right angle is starting to make more sense now…

This pic is an illustrated version of Magnetic Current, you can find it on the net (this is not ed’s original writings, if youre an amateur)

Now, ed says, in MC, when talking about wires on a right angle, ed says “crosswise”, or “across“…
He was a man of math and science, why didn’t ed say ‘perpendicular’?

Well, I’ve been thinking about how ed demonstrates how to make a magnet, by crossing wires and running current through them… wouldn’t this produce a concentrated stream of N or S pole magnets through the ‘magnet’ you just created? If they stayed crossed, could you use that separated stream of N and S pole magnets, and direct them somewhere else?

Now to the cross, if Jesus’s crossed feet are N and S pole magnets, running through a wire, isn’t the depiction of Jesus on the cross, the same depiction that ed shows when making a magnet?? Look at jesus on the cross, he’s pointing in the direction the separated streams will travel?? Jesus is usually depicted with his legs crossed, such as the power coming up from the ground “in whirling, screw like fashion”, then A-cross another wire where, as ed’s experiments show, the north pole magnets run out in one direction, and the south pole magnets run out in the opposite direction.

Cross-wise… A-cross,… if ed’s enigma machine riddles are a map to how to wire his machine, than you might find it interesting that one of the answers to his riddles is ‘across’, also interesting, that if his generator is (correct me if I am wrong) a pulse generator, it makes DC current, like an alternator (right?)… he demonstrates this magnet making with a battery, DC power… in ed’s enigma machine riddles, he says ‘HE 24 See DC PWR’ the answer is EDISON, and if you look it up, Edison discovered DC power when he was 24 years old.
I may be the only clue seeker still standing… but anyone have any thoughts on this? Remember I’m an electricity novice.


  • I want to be a clue seeker. Would you mentor me? I only discovered Ed's writings a few days ago. I feel like I've fallen in love with magnets/Skalnin'ism and discovering antigravity. #grasshopper
  • edited March 2015
    He also says his writing will be lined UP to have you looking EAST. Meaning east is up and true north is west. Which would indicate the earth is flat, just like Eds wheel.
  • Skalnin'ism... That beautiful . Welcome to the club Oskidigi
  • Poughkeepsieblue, I see plenty of code possibilities in ABIEH, not so much in magnetic current. I'm not so sure there's a lot hidden in MC. Plenty of difficult information but with experiments to prove the literature...
  • flem, I AM SURE there's plenty hidden in MC. I promise, IT IS there. MC is the body of ed's works. MC is the Key. I Know from what I have found, and from what others have taught me.
  • Ok poughkeepsieblue, I'll try to keep an open mind!
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