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Magnetic, Spiritual Ley Lines maps of the earth??

edited May 2013 in General Science
Chinese called them Dragon lines, no person on low nobility was allowed to be buried on them.
I was told they are on Google earth, but can not find them.

Does anyone have detailed maps of the lines to the USA map? I've just "heard" that hurricanes travel on these to intersect landfall, occurrences of tragedies. Washington DC was built upon one?? The Georgia Guidestones?? Earthquake epic centers?? Ed Leedskalin moved his Coral castle to properly locate upon one??

Any fact to these rumors?


  • Is this what you are looking for friend?

    Try Bruce Cathie, and Harmonic 33... thats the best place to start.
    I've done a little ley work before...
  • Hi. Not sure I want to get $190 deep into this research.

    I read about "mass" human sacrifices by Babylon God worshipers on the grid lines and was interested. (That'd be Lucifer the light bearer, their god of light, Not Jehovah) I didn't sleep well for a day or two after reading much on that anyways. Too strange. The people who commit these things have strange "flashes" in the eyes also, almost reptilian. (demonic?) Type "Reptilian" on youtube.
    As a old biker, I have been around a few murderers who had "Dead" eyes like a shark, no emotion. I steered way clear of them too.

    My Cherokee indian ancestors had "special" places they'd journey to visit.. I recall one on Fort mountain, old trees bent over pointing the way up to a tree that had a branch that looked just like a bear's head sticking out.. Make your neck hair crawl.. A electricity in the air, not as bad as the feeling from being around a killer thou. Then there was this cave full of crystals, they say, the elder indians would walk in, focus on a crystal and die. I carried a few of these "trinkets" around, some would actually feel "hot in your hand", while others would not. Women over the years stole them, since they were shiny and easy to conceal-steal.

    You can act as a antenna for the things around you. (I still can't lift a big stone thou)
    Be happy, affect the things around you with Love.
  • Ya, a little pricey…

    But, Cathie has been studying spherical trigonometry longer than me, and ley lines are based, as I understand, on “Shape Power” based on the Platonic solids, mostly the icosahedron, and tetrahedron.

    And, also based on the magnetic universal properties that edl used in his work. The vortex energy that some call pseudo science, but we know is the real enchilada.. So to say.

    Mapping leylines is not exact. I found that nowhere is there a guide besides what Cathie explains, and most info on leys deals with ‘known’ areas, meaning most ley mappers are using patterns based on what is known about the Bermuda triangle or the Devil’s sea. Do a google on the subject you’ll see the same map time and time again, not very interesting. I did spend a good deal of time though hunting deeper, and there is a handful of scientists and mathematicians who actually spend some time researching geometry and spheres and have proposed some different ways of calculating the vertices of energy on a moving sphere. There are new school theories and old theories, but to me they all tie into old greek math, and ancient code. If you understand the swastika as an energy symbol, you might understand what I mean.
    The main vertices of energy are calculated using a few methods I’ve found…
    One is the points on a sphere where the tips of the isocahedron and stellated octahedron touch the sphere.
    Another is based on 3-4-5 pythagoran triangles, with the hypotanuse as the radius from sphere center to outside.
    Another is based on pyramid geometry, and the pitch of the sq rt of PHI
    And yet another is based on squaring the circle geometry. Err… cubing the sphere…
    If I still possessed notes on the math, I would pass them on, but I have lost most of them… I do remember that there is a gray area concerning the fact that earth is obloid sphere, and bulges at the equator.

    After the ‘vertices’ have been located, the ‘secondary’ lines can be mapped between them using line work, and minute arc. Ley work is based on sphere geometry, and ties into ‘light cone’ theory, such as you would read in a book by Stephen Hawking. Of course, light cone theory is very similar to vortex theory, but that’s another thread…

    My work studying leys came from studying Alestair Crowley. Crowley believed in ley lines, and I believe he traveled quite extensively to find them. Crowley and edl were cut of the same flock, but both took a different road, ed found the physical, while Crowley searched for the spiritual, both which go hand in hand. I began here in New York, using the landscape, and some tips from Tesla, Crowley and the founding fathers.
    I suggest getting familiar with google earth, and if you are comfortable with the math, study on your own.
    I followed a main line, that I mapped along the Hudson river, through Indian point nuclear facility, west point military academy, the Roosevelt estate, the morse estate, a con Edison power facility, central park, and through the bimini islands. I found sacred math along several of its points that crossed Washington DC and wardenclyff as well. I was also working with lines over coral castle, the pyramids of Egypt and the Yucatan, Vatican as well. I lost it all when I lost my pc though, and have been studying ed more since then. I regret not being able to share more precise information on the work I have already began.

    I don’t really know about reptilians, have heard the theories, but don’t exactly subscribe to the aliens on earth stuff. Although I do believe we are not alone, I don’t know to what extent. I do on the other hand know what you mean by dead eyed. Ive seen that ‘loss of a soul’ look before… creepy.
    On the other hand, yes, body as a channel for energy, that’s why chakras work, tai chi, and magnetic therapy. The image of Jesus on the cross is said to depict the directional flows of energy from the core of the body. There’s a little asian guy who does therapy with high energy from his hands reiki style, but the people he works with say he literally shocks them, his hands build up a high enough heat to combust balls of paper… this could be a cool camera/parlor trick, but I don’t doubt its possibility. This is the opposite of the vampire myth as well. If you can give energy, you can drain it. I’ve met lots of emotional vampires, the US is filled with them, ready to suck every bit of energy and life from you, and they thrive on it. You know, the people who cant be happy unless they are miserable and stressed, and looking for company.
    Sorry for the long winded post, good luck.
  • These pics are from my local buddhist monestary. They are chinese foo dogs.
    My friend Dave pointed this out to me, but I'm sharing the info.
    the foo dog is sometimes shown with a paw on a sphere such as the second pic here, on that sphere you can see the representation of your 'dragon lines' and also the flower of life style pattern. Also notice the hair of the foo dog, it it wisped into little 'vortexes'
    Notice the last pic, another foo dog with its paw on a small foo dog who is on his back, this is another visual representation of the 'what is above is also below' theory. Again, similar to the light cone, and very similar to walter russel, and pier Ighina.
    Hope this helps
  • Hi, I too prefer happiness to melancholy.

    Chi, Other than build it to break boards, I can tell you a trick I learned from a Korean girl, My bad back, I found a chiropractor helped it. She showed me to go into a half squat, horse stance, palms close, fingertips pointing upward. Focus, the "tingle" between the palms grow. YOU are building a Chi ball between your hands. When you have developed enough power you at the same time straighten your knees and extend your arms upward. You snap-pop your spine from the base to the base of the skull. Pain leaves you.
    Our cat (deceased now) would run across the room to be petted with "power" emanating from your palms. He could see it, acted like you had a sardine to feed him. Actually the wife came with a pet cat, I've been a pitt bulldog person all my life. Those animals also see the energy from a person, good or bad. (and bad places and things, I had a haunted 52 chevy that made my dog growl)

    A local Tau-Chi Master says he can "take someone's energy". My Tae Kwon Do instructor said he'd kill the crazy old man. I've met older people who like to hang around younger ones and "sap" the energy from them. Those are vampires. The blood sucking is just a insane persons misconception.

    There are places on this earth, good, some bad where you can pull-draw, feed on the energy of the earth. There are people who can add to your power (antennae) good, bad or suck the life force from you. I have felt the "power surge" from the audience-crowd in a martial arts tournament. (rock and roll rush)
    Was a pretty blond who competed, she would "find someone scary in the crowd to focus on" and draw energy from them. Whether she knew it or not, she pulled "bad" from them. As a large scary looking man I was her focus a few times, till I learned to "broadcast" happiness, that was not the type of energy she wanted to develop for her power and she would look elsewhere. She "said" she had crowd-stage fright and this started her doing this. She excelled at forms, but failed at sparring. She was beautiful and I'd liked to have possessed her for a while like a toy. BUT I knew of the blackness inside her.

    The eyes are the window to the soul, good, bad, evil comes out of them. Some people project demons, I think that is what the reptilian eyes are about. I've seen eyes flash before, hurt, pain, anger.

    I have a happy place I can sit, drink coffee as the sun rises across Fort Mountain, beautiful, as I enjoy the scenery things prosper around me, plants, animals, some birds fly down to sit and sing, my big dog lays at my feet. On the other hand, as I got angry one day, all the tomato blooms turned black and fell off.
  • If you read my book "Ley Lines of the UK and the USA" or see my website you will find the most powerful leys in these two countries. They are between two or more volcanic plugs/extinct volcanoes, and this knowledge is still being used. Standing stones and ancient burial grounds here in Scotland are always placed over volcanic faults, and the Federal Triangle (Pennsylvannia Avenue) is in line with three and also the setting Sun and the setting constellation Virgo in Augus. No (sensible) person will be able to refute the theory of ley lines from now on!
  • To further prove that the most important and powerful ley lines are between volcanic plugs/extinct volcanoes, have a look at this illustration in my book. The extinct volcano on the Azores not only powers part of the Federal Triangle but the famous Michael/Mary line. The UK and the USA are connected geomantically!
  • Two other locations that are connected on ley lines which aren't mentioned enough.

    1) Manitoba Legislative Hall - Fibonacci, Golden Ratio.. 666, built in the 1920s. If you like symbolism and structures built by masons, you will like what you find here

    2) Astana Kazakhstan - Rich in symbolism, a mesh of ancient cultures, particularly Babylonian.
    Detailed information is hard to come by
  • I read Spiritual ley lines are alignments in the geography or culture of an area. Humans and animals are sensitive to the earth's magnetic field which is centered in the middle of earth.
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