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Magnetic Universe - Primer Fields

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Following those are the writings of Pier Luigi Ighina and Edward Leedskalnin , we can consider the Universe as holographic, but not electric: Magnetic .
Magnetism (or mono-magnetism) as the primordial energy from which all other forms of energy (light included).

The magnetic attraction can be compared to the unconditional love and how Dante wrote:
The love that moves the sun and the other stars (Divine Comedy - Paradiso XXXIII, 145).

The Brick base can be considered the magnetic particle ( the magnetic atom by Pier Luigi Ighina, the "individual magnets" North or South of Edward Leedskalnin that describes in his texts ) so that the magnetic monopole which can be positive (+) with the polarity of the "North", or negative (-) polarity if the "South".
The North and South as well as individual magnets are cosmic forces , they remain together this earth and everything on it.
(Cited Edward Leedskalnin)
(I strongly believe that it does not refer to the normal earth's magnetic field)


According to Pier Luigi Ighina, the magnetic atom, this particle pulses, where he began his pulse upright then it will be a particle (monopole) positive, if it starts its pulse as opposed reentrant, then it will be a monopole negative.

Magnetic atom photographed by Pier Luigi Ighina

With this brick base is composed of any type of matter existing in the created, and then the entire body-Universe!

Please consider the following article: What is Matter? For Science

The impulse ( Heart Beat ) that the magnetic particles follow, comes from the core which is inside the sun and follows cycles of 33 Earth days in fact researchers at the ' Stanford University and Purdue (USA) found that the radioactive decay of some elements in laboratories on Earth seemed to be influenced by solar activity , 150 million kilometers away.

As described by the following article: Particles changing solar matter on Earth: The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements

The Sun at the center of our solar system is therefore an energy vortex mono-positive magnetic (polarity of the "North") type primordial cosmic energy (warm yellow), that is, than any other type of energy ( heat, light and radiation) is attached to it, and is transported by this vortex. (see also the article: A mysterious tape runs around our solar system )


As described in the Law of Rhythm Pier Luigi Ighina

Pier Luigi Ighina also indicated this primordial force as "The Magnetic Glue", which is described in the following article: The Magnetic Glue (Universal)

So we perceive the gravity on Earth is nothing but the resultant force between the current mono-magnetic descendants (from the Sun to the Earth) positive and upward (from the center of the Earth to the Sun) negative, as described in the article: What is the Gravity? For Science

To make these theories more comprehensible, please refer to the article: Ighina Explained Vol.1 ° (Translation on top Right)

So once on Earth and subject to the force of gravity and hence the current of magnetic mono-Law of Rhythm , we have a magnetism balanced and well-defined in the "North" and "South" as we know it:


With the permanent magnets, the only way to increase a pole than the other is to use magnets with a configuration in " Array Halback "


Here are the interesting and innovative documentaries on magnetic fields in English (thanks to David La Point )

The Primer Fields - ENG Subs

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  • It is clear that David has fallen foul of the establishment mafia in Science.

    He probably was naive in thinking that his colleagues would jump at his theory as the new paradigm. However few realise that science is the paid harlot of commerce. Since the creation of patents commercial interests have been able to effectively stifle and bury innovation.

    While David has only got the basics going in the right direction it was enough to start a full blooded witch hunt.. I do not suppose David knew what hit him!

    This is an important series in the fuller theory so do not dismiss it as failed.
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