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What is the Gravity ?

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From Science to have a conventional explanation of what gravity (one of the four fundamental interactions ), we must go back to 1666 Sir Isaac Newton , and when his head was struck by an irreverent apple (although it seems it never happened, a legend short).

Anyway, before this "tragic" event, there was Galileo Galilei who was able to determine through balls and an inclined plane, the value of acceleration of gravity very close to the conventional value of (9.80665 m / s 2 ) established by the third CGPM , in 1901. Not to mention the experiments on falling bodies carried out on the tower of Pisa

In this movie, is reproduced the experiment of Galileo Galilei, by an astronaut on the Moon (Apollo 15)

Galileo Galilei formula his theory of falling bodies subjected to acceleration due to gravity , then we must then wait for Sir Isacc Newton and his apple that "hard-coded" in the law of universal gravitation , but it still had its "weak points" that will be addressed by Albert Einstein in the General Theory of Relativity .

And according to the ... Frontier Science what is gravity?

But first some considerations:

Now let's try to imagine un'instante our planet Earth (despite its mass) without gravity force on it, what would happen?

First goodbye to the atmosphere, there would be no kind of force to contain gases having no more weight that make up the Earth's atmosphere, the water of the oceans, that which flows in rivers or waterfalls would be free to fluctuate.

Perhaps only the plants remain firmly planted in the ground, (until it starts to fluctuate too) needless to say that they would end all animal species:

Without gravity, life can not exist , the dear gravity that we take so much for granted, is more important than the air we breathe and the water we drink!

There is a force in nature that interacts with matter, in an immediate and even if we are in the space, and is the magnetism.

Intimately least once we thought that the magnetism has to do with the gravity, but in that way from the time that the permanent magnets interact only with some metals (which can also be diamagnetic or paramagnetic) and certainly not on the meat or on the bones (or best there is minimal but diamagnetic effect made ​​to simulate an absence of gravity and need powerful electromagnets, in Holland at High Field Magnet Laboratory are able to experience the "diamagnetic levitation live" thanks to strong magnetic fields, as in the follows the order of 10 Tesla!).

But if we ourselves were the magnets and placed in space (in the absence of gravity) to live on a giant magnetic pole, here we begin to get closer to how things are in reality.

Video from the space station ISS, experiment with knitting needle "Knitting Needle," gravity as a "charge"

Another consideration is that the severity in addition to being continuous it is also very accurate , stable almost comparable to the "invisible binary" on which life can support himself above scrolling its direction (growth).

So we have to imagine a magnetic force (a "glue Universal Magnetic") capable of interacting on any type of matter that exists on our planet Earth, to which we are subjected continuously from moment to moment and that gives an acceleration to each atom of which is composed of the same material .
wrote Edward Leedskalnin the creator of Coral Castle (Homestead - Florida - USA) in his book "Magnetic Current" in 1945:

In a permanent magnet the "true magnet" is not the metal but the particles that make up the magnetic field and that there will slide inside.
The particles that make up the magnetic field are "small" and penetrate anything , more easily pass through the metal that the air.
They are constantly moving from one direction against each other and if guided in the right channels, have perpetual motion.
The magnets of the North and South can be magnets (magnetic force) individually (or just North or South and it is only a declaration of magnetic monopole )
The North and South as magnets individual are cosmic forces , they hold together this earth and everything on it .
To be of any practical use must be present in large quantity .
In a permanent magnet at times some particles manage to escape from the magnetic field, but others came up, to take their place.
They are statements that describe the magnetism in a completely different way from that which is the classical magnetic dipole in physics.

The magnetic monopoles are the "glue Universal Magnetic" which can be either positive (North) or negative (South) in both cases has no effect on any type of material existing on earth .

But where does a stream so powerful, fast and abundant particles magnetic mono- positive, so as to impress the serious then what is perceived as "acceleration of gravity"?

This is explained by Pier Luigi Ighina , in his Theory: the "Law of Rhythm" (and mono-magnetic particles are nothing more than the magnetic atom )


The source of this "flow" is our sun , the only active body in the solar system, the sun starts the flow of energy mono-positive magnetic (of "Adhesive Magnetic") following a spiral movement, such as a carrier or a conveyor belt, carries light, heat and radiation with it (and is therefore the one that will become gravity on earth).

The vortex flow of positive energy coming from the sun descending, will invest the planet Earth subjecting it to great pressure with magnetic particles pass over any type of matter on the planet imparting a "first gravitational acceleration" toward the center of the planet .

The mono-magnetic particles swirling positive (to the right) will go through the material without damage because the material itself is made ​​up of these particles (both positive than negative ) who have joined in solidifying a neutral particle (as in a tiny permanent magnet at the atomic level ).

No amount of material on the planet can stop them because small, will come from all parts up to an exact point in the center of the planet where collide.

At this point, as similarly occurs in a vortex tube Ranque-Hilsch (Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube - RHVT) will be a reflection and inversion of mono-magnetic particles: the energy from positive (red band in the figure) becomes negative ( blue band) and changes direction, speed, color and polarity moving towards the planet's surface. (Aspiration is realized mono-magnetic energy from the sun that will give life to end phenomenon of gravity) ...(Continue)

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    This is in part why I keep saying the Sun is push and Saturn is pull, I we taught the truth years ago , but this shows it and explains it. Gravity as it's taught is a lie.

    The moon spins around us and the earth does spin. only in a spiral behind the spinning Sun. Gravity is simply push and pull

    The Earth is a magnet , along with the Sun, and all the other planets as well. See Ed telling you [in your minds eye] not one big magnet but many together.

    The pmh works in the same way the multiverse does, and it's a magnetricity holder, and when connected to a stone in the right way, will make the stone a magnet; were by the stones weight in mass is really magnetic force, witch can be changed. change the poles of magnets daily

  • thanks for the video "The earth in not rotating - spinning" (very nice ! :) )

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