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What is the Matter ?

What is the Matter ? (Translation on top right)

Conventional Science, provides the raw material as consisting of molecules, atoms, in turn consist of protons, neutrons and electrons orbiting like satellites around a planet.
Taken from Wikipedia:

From the greek ἄτομος - Atomos -, indivisible union of ἄ - to - [ alpha privative] + τομή - tomé - [division], so named because it initially considered the smallest unit of matter and indivisible, dating back to the doctrine of the Greek philosophers Leucippus , Democritus and Epicurus , called the theory of ' atomism )

Only beginning of the nineteenth century (more precisely in 1808 ) John Dalton reworked and brought up the theory of Democritus founding the modern atomic theory , with which he gave an explanation for the chemical phenomena, stating that the substances are formed from their components according to well-defined relationships between whole numbers ( the law of multiple proportions ), then assuming that matter was made ​​of atoms. In the course of his studies, Dalton took advantage of chemical knowledge he possessed (the law of conservation of mass , formulated by Antoine Lavoisier , and the law of definite proportions , formulated by Joseph Louis Proust ) and formulated his atomic theory , which he displayed in book A New System of Chemical Philosophy (published in 1808 ). The Dalton's atomic theory was based on five points:

the matter is made ​​up of tiny building blocks called atoms, which are indivisible and indestructible;
the atoms of the same element are all equal to each other;
the atoms of different elements combine with each other (via chemical reactions ) in ratios of whole numbers and generally small, thus giving rise to compounds ;
atoms can be neither created nor destroyed;
atoms of an element can not be converted into atoms of other elements.
Ultimately this is the definition of atom by Dalton: "An atom is the smallest part of an element that maintains the physical characteristics of that element."

With the discovery of radioactivity natural, then it was felt that atoms were indivisible particles, but objects were composed of smaller parts and in the light of the latest research, using powerful and sophisticated electronic equipment, it was possible to determine more fully also the core structure. In particular it was discovered that the protons and neutrons are in turn formed from smaller particles: the quark .

According to the Standard Model , matter is composed of particles called fermions interacting with each other thanks to the fundamental interactions mediated by other elementary particles called bosons .
Scientists at CERN in Geneva have spent a lot of time and spent a lot of energy chasing the now famous "God particle" or Higgs boson, which according to their hypothesis would play a vital role in the creation of the universe. Today, we are having to consider the possibility that the particle on which they have worked for a long time does not exist.
In short, a nice way to complicate your life, to hunt for ghosts!

And according to the ... Fringe Science What is matter?

You have to take a few steps back, go back to 1940 where there was someone who has competed in the enterprise through a lens microscope of his own invention (obtaining magnification of the order of over 1 billion and a half), Pier Luigi Ighina photographed what for he is the "God particle", the ' Atom Magnetic (magnetic monopole) .
According to Pier Luigi Ighina, as he wrote in his book L 'Atom Magnetic (page 19): "At this point I saw that in all subjects and especially in the air, there were so many of these there were no atoms and atoms of matter that they had not, around him, many of these atoms (magnetic) "
writes Edward Leedskalnin the creator of Coral Castle in his pamphlet "ADVERTISEMENT" in 1946 "I've never seen an atom, but I think that the designs of the 'atom are wrong. (...) I think all that nature needs three things, the North and the South as individual magnetic poles (magnetic monopoles) and neutral particles. Each type of these three things can act differently with different speeds and different combinations, and so that they can get different results. "

In a nutshell, we have the neutral particles (which are also formed by magnetic monopoles which are joined together, a positive monopole hath been welded with a negative monopole solidifying, creating the material with its own internal magnetic field that establishes the characteristics of the material itself) moves and held together by magnetic monopoles, if we take as an example the game Geomag we can get an idea (of course instead of the permanent magnets of the game, we need to properly imagine magnetic monopoles).

We have to consider in addition to mother nature needs to build everything it needs for growth of life itself (whatever kind of life from viruses to plants until you get to man). And he needs that these "building blocks" of energy are instantaneously available in the quantities needed, and in any place you will find us on the planet (from the depths of the oceans, in caves, on the surface of the earth everywhere in short) and it is for this reason that the our planet there is no cm3 lifeless, just because there is no cm3 without energy!

We are immersed, as it were a constantly fluid continuously from moment to moment (see the "Law of Rhythm" by Pier Luigi Ighina )!

The energy within the material changes and transmutes by magnetic power.
Now if we imagine for an instant to remove material from the structure of magnetic monopoles which maintain the neutral particles, what do we get?

We have the dissolution of matter (any type of matter) as explained by Pier Luigi Ighina in this Video:
What is the Matter ? (Translation on top right)


  • Excellent post! Thanks - bb
  • Yes, good post, however the quotes are inaccurate. I wouldn't normally fuss about it, but it's important in this case.

    In Advertisement Leedksalnin says, "I have never seen an atom, but I think the atom drawings are wrong. They should be drawn to fit the earth on account of the fact that the atom is a part of the earth. The earth has two magnet poles.. This means that each pole has an equal pull and push to hold the earth together, and so each atom should be built as it could have two poles."

    And, "I think all that nature needs needs is three things , the North and South pole magnets and the neutral particles. Each kind of those three things can act differently with different speed and different combinations, and so they can accomplish different results." Just to clarify, he does not say, 'the North and the South as individual magnetic poles and neutral particles '.

    Polarity is determined by direction of travel. Leedskalnin proves that they travel forward while spinning with a right hand twist. This means the tail end of a magnet or magnetic current is turning to the left. Repulsion is when a helix is moving forward with a right twist and encounters the tail end of it's own likeness. If you take a right hand helix from a notebook and cut it in half you will see right away how it works. The mathematical term for either end of a helix is 'pole'. It's also fractal and so magnetic monopoles cannot exist in nature on any scalable level. Although you can mechanically cancel one half like what has been demonstrated with the Hallbach array... Leedskalnin states specifically that you cannot have one without the other.

  • Yes , quotes are inaccurate, BUT magnetic monopoles exist !

    this is the machine for the capture of monopolies (by pier luigi Ighina.)

    through coils supercharged to 132V. (which could hold only 12V.) only by batteries, swirling manage to break the powerful gravitational balance of the ""Law of Rhythm"" by Pier Luigi Ighina.

    can be that Edward Leedskalnin with his "flywheel" by using it in combination with a PMH, unable to get the greatest results and that is a sort of "liquid energy" with the transmutation of nitrogen gas made ​​liquid by the powerful charging mono-magnetic.

    to dissolve the matter, it would be enough simply spray liquid energy on the stone (or whatever kind of matter exists)
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    Everyone has a right to ask what is matter, but no one has a right to tell you what it is! Any answer is a matter of opinion, a mixture of myth and fact, both of which are creations of the human mind.

    For myself, I am happy to accept a fluid dynamic exposition of my material experience, and in part I have Ed to thank for awakening the courage to stand by my own empirical data. What I observe does not have to be verified by anyone else, but of course if I want to build a team approach then consensus is necessary.
    SpaceMatter is substantive and I do not apprehend " nothingness!"
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    Magnetic Monopoles :

    Dirac Strings and Magnetic Monopoles in Spin Ice Dy2Ti2O7

    of course...

    Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer

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