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What do you think about Nassim Haramein & Marko Rodin?

edited April 2013 in General Science
Hello guys i want to hear your personal opinion about these two teachers and their lectures? Thanks


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    Both are genuine.
    The topics they cover one from a scientific Background the other a faith background are the same. The vortex, is a buzz word for a complex dynamical equilibrium. The Torus, a favourite of all esoteric researchers is but one form of Torii.

    The ancient wisdom is not wrong or right because it is ancient! As an individual I check things out for myself. Sometimes I conclude certain sincere people are "wrong" only to find out I do not know enough to make that determination. However I need to survive as an individual, and following my gut instincts keeps me alive long enough to revise my opinion!

    Nassim has a powerful team of Mathematicians to give credence to his researches. Marko has a powerful team of mathematicians to explain his beliefs. The mathematics is different in appearance, but fundamentally the same. Do not ever think Maths has to be fancy and hard!
    These " Maths" explanations are not what they claim to be. All so called mathematics is just a way of taking notes and building models. The important thing is your understanding, wisdom and belief. Both these men believe and understand almost the same things. Any difference is due to individuality.
    I recommend you come up with your own explanation . Do the hard work of thinking rather than the easy work of just accepting someone else's hard work! If you elect to do that work, then you will find Marko and Nassim as very helpful guides, but only 2 among many!

    Do not give your cash to anyone unless you want to! Charity begins at home!
  • Nice one mate. Thank you for your comment it was very helpful. You are good man all the best! ;)
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