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Viktor Shauberger, Naturalist, water flow expert, supposed Nazi UFO creator

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VikTor Shauberger, I watched this man's translated works on youtube yesterday. Many Many things in similarity of Ed's works.

His vortex funnel, made of copper spins the water so fast it develops a charge and that charge makes the water droplets orbit and rotate around the flow like little satellites. Akin to the Lord Kelvin's thunderstorm experiment on youtube.

Even went to create a pipe with a twisted vortex based flow to increase flow. Thou water is not magnetics the vortex coming off I think is similar. As with other discredited inventors, they made a mockery of testing his work and value by testing a partial unit, not the completed one as described in his work

I found his work by researching the charged water I am wanting to replicate for my small garden here. He also promotes using copper implements and a spiral plow that does not disturb the harmony of the soil.


  • Water is magnetic.
    The question is what does that mean for your garden?
    Water can be used to generate static electric charge in dry air. This is Kelvins water generator.

    The vortex is an ideal form. When it forms it means stable self supporting conditions are met for a dynamic system. Without dynamism it would not form, clearly.

    How are all these things related? I think fluid mechanics is our best bet at getting an answer to that question if we start from magnetic electric fundamentals instead of undistinguished matter.
  • I am growing to believe in "Living water", thou everything might be living and pulsating in a different way. It seems that water has a memory according to current scientists. Not only is water magnetic, it affects copper in a strange way.

    What does that mean for my garden? well from observation, rain water is much more effective than "hose water" on growing plants. I can also tell you your mental outlook affects the plants around you, I got angry on the cell phone while looking over some 12 foot tomato vines (amazing), next day I noticed all the blooms were black, I killed them with negative energy. It took the plants a week to recover.

    I think there is "north, south" and "unknown-unseen" right angle polarities , Since wire develops a voltage when crossed at right angles to a collapsing magnetism field, it appears something is amiss to what I was taught as a electrician. Almost as if there is a "vacuum" from the collapsing field and "something" is rushing in to fill it.

    I have the buckets collected for a Kelvins electro-static generator next to my rain barrel. I don't really think that will do what I want, tying the ground rod for the house (close by) to either polarity.
    QUESTION? if it is "either" polarity there? why does the water not orbit the electrodes in opposite directions akin to the "shown" helical magnetic field in this youtube video? When he flips the magnet, the spin reverses.

    THE Spin-charging by helical vortex funnel, or stroking-vibrating the water in a Tibetan singing bowl might charge the water in a manner? Is it true that velocity is just another form of frequency as "police radar" says?

    I'm just trying to eat a elephant, one bite at a time here.

    THE VORTEX FUNNEL, well.. I am a metal shaper, (copper sheet is pricy) and trying to figure out the math for designing a funnel made from copper, (appears to be the same curve as the spin?) A roll of magnet 16ga wire came in for the coils on my PMH, a buddy brought by a half dozen wine bottles for a salt water capacitor for another HV project. AND.. the most perfect machine is calling to me... all the generators I have tore into have only "one polarity field" collected at a time, Ed's design picks off two. Will it really be as efficient as it "sketches" on the paper?

    Each tiny bit develops another question, and another hill to climb to see another taller hill.
  • This vortex effect is actually well known and utilized in one of the most important inventions of all time.

    I made this video about a month ago:

    'This same concept is actually used in microwave and radar magnetrons to get the electrons (magnets) whirling around before they enter the resonance chamber and vanes. It works with AC or DC. I could be mistaken, but I think radar magnetrons use a an electromagnet to create the field rather than a permanent magnet. I agree, I've never seen a valid scientific explanation for how this actually works.'

  • Kinda like a "laser" tube for radio waves? focus them out the nozzle. (a laser bounces around inside the tube between two mirrors, on the "straight beam" is allowed to exit a aperture.

    The microwaves I have worked on made like 1000-1200 volts for the output there. Peg a old 77 Fluke out. (more than rated for it)

    Another note? in case of a emp attack? a microwave is a great faraday cage to store your electronics inside. Just don't forget and turn it on.

    My life has gotten in the way of my experiments, I am now working on a David-Bradley 2 wheel tractor.
  • Another Viktor page Mediator Talks like a old hippy tree hugger?? but is pretty much accurate and does not mock his principles.

    Further experiments? well.. We found a local spring, went and got 5 gallons (after we made 5 gallons of beer from the nasty tap water) THE spring water has a "Ph bite" to your tongue.. within a day I could taste the detergent we use to wash dishes, even thou it is rinsed well. After two days it goes bad, nothing in it to preserve it and it starts "stinking" and losing it's effectiveness. It is polluted, but the ph swing stops the putrification till the water "dies". Beer-yeast has been a way to purify water for decades. (US old bikers drink more beer)

    My Lady-artist buddy in Alabama and I have talked about her building a Schauberger water purifier - fountain. She is much more adept at shaping copper into works of art.
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    Dawai, Gardner, Jehovajah I made a new subcategory for Schauberger under the category Scientists...
  • Dan Winter has developed an imploder based on similar concepts from his work with fractal fields. This guy is another fascinating fellow that may deserve his own category :).

    Here are some of the claims:

    Successful and increased seed germination
    Accelerated plant growth for hydroponics, greenhouse and all crops from agricultural operations
    Reducing water consumption
    Landscape Gardens
    Water treatment for the food industry (taste/appearance/nutritional density)
    Brewery, distillation, winery, and biomass fuel industries
    Domestic use to purify and re energize town-supplied water.

    Revitalized water can be achieved quickly and easily.
    Less amount of water is required for plant growth.
    Cost effective
    Uses established infrastructure
    Measurable and repeatable increase in germination rate
    Increase in nutritional density
    Increase in stem width
    Increase in leaf size
    Increase in plant height
    Sustainable, environmentally friendly
    No moving parts, minimal wear and tear
    No 'parts' to be replaced or dispose of
    Increases bottom line for all users
    Third world communities will have a cost effective means for improving farming methods, increasing food yields and purifying water.
    In the NEAR FUTURE, Every farm, dwelling and community will have THE IMPLODER water treatment device installed.

    Seed Germination
    To increase seed germination success- farmers can simply spray water with the super imploder attached onto a hose. Running the imploded water thru a sprinkler system is easy
    Field crops, Green House, Wineries, Hydroponics, Flower growers etc
    The Imploder creates faster growth rate and denser biomass, stronger disease resistant crops, all of which increases the bottom line profits.

    Dairy farming, Cattle and Hens
    Improves vitality of grass, digestion and assimilation. Increases milk production and quality of meat. Creates healthier eggs and laying performance. Farmers can get significant increases in milk production. Feed The Imploder water directly to milking animals, because the solubility increase makes it easier to suspend the nutrients and butterfat in solution. It makes sense the animal can produce more milk with less biological effort.
  • Hi. You going to "move this" over there to the new category?

    Imploder? isn't that magnetics? Years ago at a local company (supposedly they had the patent), I built a "mixer" that was nothing but a larger section of tubing, conical reducers at both ends, a pump at one end to "pull" the mix into a vortex, a dp cell sensing the differential pressure, and poly balls inserted into the "chamber" between two screens. Inside there was a spinning vortex with the balls mixing everything inside to a homogenous state. Dye and chemicals injected into the low pressure point of vortex.

    That is "like a jet turbine" designed in the 60s for gocarts running kerosene. You fired it up with a vacuum cleaner to spin it up.

    I am not sure but "copper" used in the turbine would create a static field much akin to the Schauberger funnel??? (That'd be cost prohibitive to build at this moment in my time.) Perhaps a few ball magnets threw in too?

    You should see my garden project, the tomato plants, after being moved outside and given the treated water, the stems went from match stick size to pencil size in two days. I have two "test" plots of 4'x20' ringed with blocks sunken into the ground. ( I plan on eating my test subjects)

    Humans would benefit from the water also I am sure. I'm still convinced the polluted spring water is better than the tap water.
  • By the way, "alive" spring water makes good home made beer.. the yeast thrive in it.. The converted sugars in the brew get eat up by the yeast who happily pay you in alcohol for the free lunch. I've had to tie cork with the bubbler in with wire to keep it from blowing out. Had to kick over the "charged water for the garden", it was a thriving mosquito colony.
  • Dawai said:

    Hi. You going to "move this" over there to the new category?

    Can anyone make the case that Shauberger continues to deserve his own category within the forum?

    This video has provokative vortex images and very cool music:

  • Hi Guys, i think i can help here anlittle bit.:) last year I was in Austria in Bad Ischl in PKS Villa von Shaubergers and I saw Viktors grandson and the 1th Viktors assistent. I listened to what the peoples had to say, I made somr fotos and I bought two books of Viktor.
    Viktor was very talented and intelligent, the man made all the things for him. When I saw his maschine to produce electricity based on the water temperature and density:
    I though about EDs flywheel. Do you know why did it not work at the first run? Because they used a closed water reservoir and the whole water was very fast cooled! To 4° Celcius, when water is the thickies and then the maschine stopped to work. Viktor claimed, that if the would use open source reservoir ( for example pond) it would cool down the water and work forever! And it was so!
    I will load some my pics from the pks if your interested. (repulsine etc)

    I think, that they made some mistakes in the whole theory. I think, that the grandfather saw and knew the things the son and grand son don't know/understand. The theory of the Viktor is really great. He said, that he knows how comes to tumorgrowth, what is reaponsible and when we that discover we will treat tumordeasase totally diffrent. He writes, that our pumps and pipes spoil the water! But the grand son lost the "thing". I think they should use the golden ratio for their cones and chambers, not the 0.5 chord rule. It is mistaken. If you used Phi you would become even better effects! When you analise the snail shell and othes Fibonnacie structures it is very easy to make a mistake and use 0.5 division not the phi.... When the snail growth the shell becomes closer and closer to the , but at the beginning the division is closer to the 0.5. The snailshell tends to the perfection : PHI! I think we whould make the cones with phi as the parameter.... That makes a quite diffrent shape! And the water would flow there diffrent.

    Masaru Emoto made the experiments with water, that Dawai wrote about plants and spoiled water.

    Viktor Schauberger draws the shape of pipes, they should have to cool and please the water. He writes also about the holy springs, that have much life energy, there were also such sprigs when he lived, that had to much energy and after drinking from such spring the man was dead after few days.
    There are such springs in nowadays. They are the holy springs. If you look carefully in the old legends you find holy springs in your region. The water from these springs can be stored in bottles (from normal spring would spoil after few days [the water in the shop in bottle is sterilised with x-rays or ozon and don't spoil, but it os dead water], from the holy spring can be stored days and don"t spoil). The real water make your mouth wet, look carefully after which bottle water your kouth get wet. After almoust every bottlewater my mouth get rather dry than wet and I need to drink another bottle.... That's wrong. Such water is spoiled. Also water in our pipes is spoiled... And normally when you takes a shower with good water it flushes your negative magnetic energy and your clean... And when you shower with spoiled water it makes nothing with your magnetic energy.... The magnetic trash remain on you. Our water in pipes is with ozon sterilised.... When I take much water from the tap I smell the odour of ozon... The dog when becomes freah water wates a few hours till it does not smell. My wife says I'm insane, because she smells nothing.... You must be very careful!

    By Viktor everything began when he observed the fish , that swam upwards the spring....

    The water is dipol and i think we can observe the movement of the magnetic energy when we look at the water.

    Check the EZ-water on youttube!

    There is so much to say... So much information to share.

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