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Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps

edited March 2013 in Offtopic
I find this very interesting:


  • This is off topic however it does help you understand why we are having a hard time understand, Ed;s words as teachings .Ed Leedskalnin gave us the keys to true independence and freedom. Showing us how all things work from all the things we know as big and small. They have, the leaders of our reality. Though time, education, and money have us believe that because of the mount of info, we are given we know everything, or the sure amount of education that is allowed. All the answers are within this said givin knowledge. We know something big is missing, you wouldn't be reading this or on this forum if you didn't. But our leaders have done a magnificent job, we keep going back and applying what we have been taugh without realizing modern physics is one sided, and mislabeled. There has to be some way to wash our minds of the electron electricity mind frame.
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