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3rd phase generation for a home shop electric motor

edited March 2013 in General Science
History, A local machinist friend, honest, trustworthy, (does not brag or lie) told me about his 3 phase tools in his shop he was running. As a electrician I explained he could not run 3 phase motors from single phase power, went into detail about the 3 phase 120 degree windings versus the single phase 180 degree power waveforms. All my years as a electrician told me it was impossible.

I finally went to visit, found him building gadgets, tractors, toys just like I do. There outside his shop was a 3 phase electric motor, a lawnmower pull start on the end of it to spin it over. He pulled the rope, flipped the switch and the motor "rattled and grumbled" but started. Then we went inside and started his 3phase lathe off the generated 3rd leg.. started his saw, started his milling machine. I scratched my head, it should not work. No capacitors to "hold power" for the 3rd leg generation. A commercial phase generator has capacitors to hold charge, and a type of refrigerator relay to fire them.

I walked around scratching my head for a bit, went home and built me one, a 10hp 3 phase motor, a 110 motor off a washer to spin it up to speed. Hooked it up to my 5hp 3 phase hydraulic pump for a press, a 3 phase motor on something else.. works. Nothing but a 3phase idler motor sitting in the floor, I have maybe $10 in it. I can bring home any "cheap" 3 phase machines I want now.

Not only does it work, but further conversations with my buddy, he says.
If you forget and let it run all the time, your power bill is cheaper.
I'm still trying to figure out how that is possible too. Back-flow of the 3 phase waveform on 2 legs messing up the CT's that pick off the electric flow in the meter?

Any explanation how this works. All these people building "rodin" coils should just perhaps pull the rotor and end caps off a 3 phase motor and play with the coils to build a rotating magnetic field. A 3 phase motor is "junk priced" cheap since 99% of people can't run it on home power.

If you timed the coils you could step the magnetic field around the coils with dc input. It'd be nice to see if there is EMF generated in the 3rd field. IE: build a magnetic rotating field device like Ed's hand wheel generator.


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