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Magnetics EmF and the human body

edited March 2013 in General Science
Really strange things happen to the brain, the body in general when exposed to high levels of magnetic flux. Vivid dreams and hallucinations. And I can attest to that as "fact".

A special on youtube, Resonance It goes into great detail about "WHY" the honey bees are dying off, The migratory birds are dying, how humans are affected, they claim by cell phones and towers Rf magnetic interference.

Pier Ighina also states in his works that the "sparrows" could be confused and lose their way home when exposed to his magnetics, then in some later interviews he "sounds like he is out there" in space as a cadet. I know he was getting old.. but..

I've worked around hydro-power plants, transmission lines, plant electricals all my adult life, 60hz is not that bad to "transmit". Just a perceptible humm.. but seeing a guy on Youtube hook a stereo amplifier to a Roden coil, inject HF sound from a Ipad, then the COIL transmits it as HF pulsations? At the stereo wattage levels? He thought it was "cool" to light a fluorescent bulb in this manner.. no clue what he was subjecting his body to in RF transmissions. Cheap light.. Tesla could light his workshop with one HF emitter and neon-florescent bulbs. I kinda think he went a little bit nutty there at the end too.

Once I had the job to put some lights in a induction metal furnace, it kept blowing the transformers in the fixtures I put in, then one day I noticed that the bulbs would light without even being hooked up.. just standing in the corner. Next? I put the bulbs up on "minerlac" conduit straps in the ceiling and walked off. The room lit just fine each time the furnace turned on.

I've lived a nice life, outlived all the relatives that had a betting pool I'd not make it to 18. I still ride my motorcycles and may leave this world today, or tomorrow. I am very aware of the problematic things that make us so "sick" we can't enjoy life and don't really want to go out that way wheezing, or mentally unstable (anymore than I am now).

Now that being said? I may build a jig for the digital hydraulic press to stamp out the horseshoe magnets like Ed used.
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