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Breaking hydrogen bond from water for fuel

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My current project, thoughts are, it must be cheap, must be working somewhat right out of the box. Uses here immediate, use HHO as propane like fuel to heat-bend metal for projects.

Construction, using a slip roll form the outer electrode to fit inside pvc pipe, lightly hammer the casing into the pvc pipe, drill tap end caps to connect a 1 1/2 pipe inner bubble collection chamber, drill sidewall to connect outer electrode to dc power, end of center electrode is connected through bottom end cap. For experimenting with this and derusting methods I have used my dc welder as a current supply.. (way over-kill) I apologize for the hillbilly cad drawing. Yesterday when I drilled and tapped the pvc pipe I discovered it is hard to keep the tap straight, it wants to roll over and tear the threads out, once tapped it can hold a poly flow (nytube) fitting. This unit thou it does not have the square inches of electrode plates as the stacked plate units, this is cheap and easy to experiment with.

Operation, using dc power in two electrodes, saline water as fluid, the hydrogen bubbles collect on one polarity electrode, the oxygen collects on the other, a silk screen (trying poly mesh screen wire) directs the Polarized bubbles into two separated chambers in top of unit, oxygen in one, hydrogen in other for remixing and use. The straight mixed HHO is too explosive and easily exploded in unit with back-flash fire (premixed for explosion in quantity) When used as a heating source it is way too hot, would have to be mixed with conventional fuel to cool the combustion chamber. (they mix the current hydrogen-water welding torches with acetone)

Problems, need a way to break the "god particle" holding the water in mix economically, right now it takes more in power in dc current than it produces in Calories hydrogen to burn. Most the (I'd say all the) current HHO claims on youtube about running vehicles off water are BS. With a losing transfer of energy all you could do to utilize this at current technology is to "preload" the car with fuel all night, then use it to drive to work.

EXCITEMENT? seeing the "Tibetan" singing bowl stroked with the mallet, pressure, one direction of mallet on rim, it Charges the water producing a ultrasonic type separation of the water into bubbles.. I want to light them off so bad to see if they pop.. The bowls are from $8 to hundreds on ebay and I as yet don't understand the differences in tones. THE sound appears to release the bond of the water once it is static charged.

OUR country, and the world needs this to work. Hydrogen is dangerous, but so is gasoline. Hydrogen when burned in a torch reverts back to clean water.

Any suggestions on how to make this work better?

A portable operating HHO torch unit.. (not mine)
All the current guys on youtube are making wild claims about gas production, remember most of them are using Lye, sodium hydroxide to produce gas.. and you surely don't want to pump that contaminated caustic into a good engine.


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    Hi Dawai,
    is this design, you've posted any better than the "sandwich" dry cell design?

    This actually really interests me and i hope, i'll build one dry cell for test purposes ;) for my car.

    Do you know, how is it actually with HHO (partially) powered engines and engine oil?
    Does it somehow maybe react with it?
    You know what i mean - when there's a water in the oil, it's getting white as it bounds with it.
    What are the long term effects on the engine running HHO generator?

  • IS the design better? No, not as good. BUT, it can split the two gases in two chambers. (as of yet unproven) My Henrob welding torch takes 4lbs gas, this unit can directly feed that torch. (as of yet unproven) This PVC cell should be fine for ten times that pressure.

    When calculating the efficiency of a cell, it is "distance apart" and square inches of electrodes. The sandwich models have the most square inches, and the most leaks, and.. blow up regular like since the gases are pre-mixed.

    HHO, so far, nobody has came up with a way to split the water into it's base gases efficiently. It is not "power and energy" economical to do so. It costs more in alternator energy horsepower to create the hydrogen than you gain in fuel economy.

    As far as a "engine lasting". No. Using Lye as a electrolyte at levels where you could actually reap benefits of the fuel (I THINK) the caustic vapors will corrode the engine and ruin it.

    If you are getting any water in the oil, it creates acids, caustics, that eat the lead-pewter coatings on the bearings off increasing clearances inside a engine. I have tore down engines which had water in the oil to see round spots of brass on the insert bearing shells.

    All this being said, a cell that separates the hydrogen from the oxygen, had a pressurizing pump to pump up a storage tank on the vehicle could be used "TODAY" to actually increase the mileage of every vehicle on the road. I have not came up with a way of pressurizing the gas safely. (in my head, I've not done any purchases)

    Supposition.. 40K hertz is used in ultrasonic cleaners, it bursts the water up into tiny bubbles which scrub the parts, then the bubbles implode back into fluid. If you had someway of removing the charge in the water when they split and separated they'd stay split, economically.

    I am not a know-it all, I don't know everything, I am wrong at times, so please do your own research. I am just barely bumping my way through this life and trying to have fun as I do.
  • Hello ... 43,000 Hz frequency is said to split water into H and O, going back almost 100 years to Langmuir, also Puharich (spelling bad?), Meyers and others. There are other frequencies mentioned; 600-623 Hz. I haven't tried it yet, but the cost of producing an ultrasound frequency isn't much, mili-amps? It may be necessary to use higher power to get a heavy production.
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