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edited March 2013 in General Science
The Iwaszkos seem to have done good! So i am opening a new discussion on their magnetic work.
Check them out.


  • Well.. i don't want to be skeptic, but the video IMHO (and i am really sorry to say that) doesn't actually prove anything. Or better said: It could maybe fly without all that equipment behind as well.
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    No worries Martin. It is not the video I am discussing in this thread! Aurumsolis provide ample videos of amazing demonstrations of electromagnetic principles. That is what you may like tile to check out, especially the magnetic ones.
    This particular video I posted as an eye catcher to provoke discussion!
    Thanks for visualising it in the thread, I did not have time to embed the correct code.
  • The lads tackle electro gravity.

    The flaw is in retaining a gravitationally coupled notion of mass.
    The comparison of mass and electric charge is a false comparison, interpreted to mean electric force is greater than magnetic force. Keep your wits about you when you study this platitude and you I'll see it for what it is : a bit of " sleight of MATH".
  • Substance or behaviour of substance?

    The distinction is that any substance may behave magnetically or electrically or even gravitationally? Thus to inhere these behaviours as properties of a specific substance is not to do the hard work of distinguishing the way a substance behaves from the substance itself.

    I do not know how to do this very well, considering I have a theory of everything, and thus behaviour is inhere in SpaceMatter. But what if space matter behaviour was a choice? Logically and empirically, the act of choosing would be outside the theory of SpaceMatter. Conscious choice, as opposed to systematic happenstance is the ultimate attribution I can make.

    It is a subjective tautological, self referencing decision I have to choose to make! I cannot definitively establish one or the other descriptions because it is more complex, more layered more fractal than that.

    All I can do is make that subjective choice, and revisit that decision periodically to see if I need to alter the decision. It would be clear if it was just a matter of correct incorrect. Life is mysterious and mystical because it is not binary decide able!
  • Ok, this time I am really excited! The boys have done good. In addition to providing the clearest introduction o the electromagnetic theory on the net, they have demonstrated just how we get manipulated by commercial interests, government propaganda, and scientific Luddites who do not want the gravy train being disrupted!

    View and enjoy!
    Ed would be proud of these 2 and any who follow the direct experimental road!
  • I find these lads so interesting!

    The electron theory they have not looked into the electron yet but I shall be asking them to.
  • Within Ed's experiments, Ed show's us what he did, as well as teaching understanding. Ed show's how to flip the pole's of a charged PMH. Ed show's how magnets build up in and on mass, and Ed show's how magnetic current move's on the wire. Then Ed gives us the understanding. Weather there is a code or not, Ed left us everything. Mostly it's a simple matter of realizing what the pmh is, and what the experiments represent. The biggest part is realizing how the Sun and all the other planets effect each other, and the earth, the roll they play together, as a whole
  • Thanks both of you for contributing .
    I have written to John Iwaszko and he has responded. Apparently it is watch this space!

    One thing he did mention though was how time consuming it was to present his findings on video! I do not know if that was an appeal fr help as well as a fact of life, but I m sure if any genuinely interested parties with the expertise could help he would be responsive.
  • These vids are brilliant, and I can see how the process of making them would be painstaking.
    Do you know what John Sr. is doing now? And do you know if Adam produces the videos?
  • John has not communicated further and I have not pursued him. John Iwaszko and Adam Iwaszko now both have YouTube channels in which more material is being displayed.
  • I am currently listening again to John Iwaszkos Channel. I can recommend it as a good empirical channel with many fabulous demonstrations and explanations using different models and analogies.

    My recent work on the Galilean principle and the Newtonian Triumvirate of forces in an absolute system, underpinning the fundamental notions of relativity makes more sense of their work.
  • Life hacker is showing videos of his coil magnet thingy again.

    The principles explained by the Iwaszko brothers give a clue about how it may be working. There are a couple of extra elements that may contribute to the mix, but essentially everything in a simple RC circuit is there just in an " unusual" configuration.

    If you recall Ivor Catts Wakefield experiments you will know electricity does not run in a wire, but an energy current surrounds a transmission line arrangement.

    In addition the PMH arrangement is evoked in a non Ed like pattern.
    Finally Ampère nd. Volta's researches give much insight.

    Is the device a fake? Is there a battery in the magnets?
    I recognise the doubt in any modern video presentation, especially the many ulterior motives behind anyone of his reasons for posting in such a laconic style, but the device actually conforms to known empirical data, I am waiting for a second confirmation before I analyse the workings.
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    Most likely there're hidden batteries in the magnet, because if you working with the magnetic field then that field would certainly provide a variable voltage based on distance from the coil and no where in the video is this demonstrated. Also copper would be a bad choice of wire dealing with magnetic circuits due to the diamagnetism. To be convincing (or to convince me at least) he should have use a ferromagnetic wire instead, then that would have suggest that he is working with Magnetic field; However the ferromagnetic wire would still provide a variable voltage based on distance from the coil. In this video around at 8:35 shows some experiments with magnetic induction.
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