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  • Thanks boxerleggo. This is a great series of videos setting out Eds experiments and theory.

    This is perhaps more like the lifehacker2012 system.
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    Your welcome Jehovajah. In that video you posted you're seeing the workings of a Power Inverter Transformer. There're many power inverter transformers known as Joule thief on YouTube videos out there that use 1AA 1.5v battery. However, the Power Inverter Transformer I made is TEN steps above because I use 10AA batteries for a grand total of 15volts. :) I believe that the center tap transformer is the Economical variant of the Edward's PMH.

    So indeed it's like LifeHack2012 Joule thief system
  • Thanks again boxerlego.

    I was just about to post a video of a penny battery with a joule thief! If you YouTube penny battery you will find many videos that relate to what lifehacker2012 is possibly invoking.

    The main possibilities for me are: voltaic cell action, tuned antenna, and PMH type system. I do not claim this is not a fake system, but I also do not dismiss it on the basis of conventional electromagnetic theory either. Conventional theory is flawed and pulls the wool over our eyes.

    In particular, Volta was convinced that circuits of at least 3 different materials, any 3 of just about anything , generated this magneto Thermo sonic electro energy! He tested experimentally a wide range of combinations with varying but interesting results. Of course metals and moist or fluid interfaces produce the most powerful effect, but many do not know what Volta found out nearly 300 years ago! Everything is imbued with and surrounded by this potential!

    He lost out to Galvani as far as the consensus opinion of his time was concerned, but they knew less than he did and even less than we do now!

    I am waiting on some confirmatory work to be done on this construction before I start analysing it too much.
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    Ok, so scratch the particle analysis but pay attention to the construction in this video.

    We get such a poor picture or understanding of electromagnetism that we cannot think in joined up ways. The magneto Thermo sono electro complex is all around us and it behaves by very simple constraints. Induction/ conduction , capacitance/ reluctance, basically a connection disconnection dynamic. The behaviour in a " path" material and in a " gap" or junction material of this power is what our " electronics" are built on . Note the essential voltaic cell principles for generating an in site power supply.

    Ampères electrodynamics allows us to dispense with electrons in the explanation. . However if plasma loop circuits are used to explain I do not deny their regionality and thus. " particulate" behaviour or analogy.

    Finally the plasma loops spinning against each other into and out of substances connects to Eds observations and theory,
  • In all honesty I see the free energy magnet LifeHack2012 made is certainly fake. There is certainly a couple of battery functioning in there... Here is a video replication of Lifehacks free energy magnet.

    Now don't be mistaken and believe what LifeHack2012 is doing is impossible due to his trickery... A great example of an actual working antenna power device made by MagnetMan2010 shows what it requires to make the antenna produce a voltage.

    The crystal radio is also another good example of a "self powering device".

    That is a very interesting understanding about Ampères electrodynamics and plasma loops circuits. Keep up the great work.
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    This might relate to the construction

  • This is Floyd Seeets magnetic triode, a kind of magnetic version of a transistor. The power is the cosmic force in the surrounding area to the device!

    Lifehack2012 may have drawn attention to something very real
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