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A book in every home ..and PMH thoughts

A Book In Every Home = The Life Of A Magnet

We Are The + and - Magnets, we build up the matter that holds the magnets.

"This writing is lined up so when you read it you look East" If we are the magnet, we look east because that's where the electric current comes in from.

The Perpetual Motion Holder.
Perpetual as long as Electricity is flowing. His writings are disguised because he was stealing free magnetic energy from the electric lines. He built a device that he could let electricity run through undisturbed while he collected the magnetic flow that entered in the opposite direction. We have 1-way instruments, our Electric current runs in 1 direction, we only have 1 hot wire in 120v. The negative half is the Magnetic return.
Coils = 120v current alternating at 60hz x per second
One current is + North Electric, and the other current is - South magnetic. "Both forces that make magnet poles should run around a common core"
Connect the PMH to the 120v and create a magnet that is big enough to harness and draw out the magnetic return. "Strong enough to pick up 10 - 20 lbs" = 10 - 20 Amp breaker

Each pole, North-Electric, and South-Magnetic should have an equal pull and push and run around a common core in the perpetual motion holder. Soft Iron core is so that the metal can align to the 2 different currents, it is used to balance it out. Use metal shavings for your core because it can take on any form it needs and will carve out the path to connect both currents that are crisis crossing over each other. He probably had metal shavings in those wound-up glass bottles and wired up two or more together in series or parallel to create a PMH

Remember Ed was looking to find what Electricity is, and through that, he stumbled upon magnet current. "Electricity cannot be made without magnets," "The power line is full of North and South pole magnets"
"They only show, positive electricity, but never show negative electricity. Now you can see that one-half of the electricity escaped their notice. negative electricity is composed of streams of south pole individual magnets. "
When he says "On and one-half" he means 1 full magnet and a half of a magnet. The missing half of the magnet could be connecting to the one-sided electricity.

The Idea is to build a magnetic Sphere like an atom that you can control. should be built as it could have two poles. Each pole has an equal pull and push. If you have a strong magnet you can change the poles in the sphere in any side you want or take the poles out so the sphere will not be a magnet anymore.
Remember, he is teaching us how magnets work, and teaches that the whole universe is a magnet. If we do like a magnet does we won't see any change. Now that you know how a magnet works, do the opposite, learn to manipulate it. "If one-half of the force that makes up the atom is in the core, and the other half of the force run around the core, then in that case the atom could not join the other atoms to make a metal that could hold two magnet poles."

Think too much?


  • this is what I come up with. The two stones on the side he has is the U bar PMH

  • Ubar on the sides

  • This is the picture he is holding in this book
  • When I get inspired I like to sketch out my thoughts to help visualize and refine them.
    Trying to put them into practical terms to do experiments is kinda hard for me.

    I’m just posting them here as they may inspire someone else that can Interpret and try the concept.

    The idea in this drawing is to balance 4 sides with electric and magnetic to create a neutral low gravity center.
    Ed says
    “Air is the best obstruction for magnets to pass through” That means you can use air to make a stronger magnet. Metal would be the Neutral and the copper would be electric.

    Think of a capital H stacked the box between them is your empty space.

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    This is why ED says “ This writing is lined up so when you read it you look East” this painting shows the movement of the stars from the horizon. East force goes up.

    “Stay yourself West” when you are making permanent magnets they work opposite to the earths magnetic force. In the West the force goes down. Since we are the generator we stay ourself west and direct the magnetic current down sending the earths magnetic current in the opposite direction going up. “whatever kind of magnets you are sending out the other kind of magnets are coming back to you”
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