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Fibonacci and the english language.

Take the sentence, "it's the end of the world".

Step 1 - Give each letter it's postional value



W. O. R. L. D


Step 2 - reduce the values of the word "IT'S".

I. T. S.
9 - 2 - 1

Step 3-add up the values of the word "WORLD"

23. + 15. + 18. + 12. + 4. = 72

The 72nd fibonacci # is - 308061521170129

The last 3 numbers of the 72nd fibonacci #
Equal the reduced postional values of the
word it's.

The sentence does exactly what the
sentence says.

"it's(921)" is the end OF the "world(72)".


  • Very interesting coincidence.
    I would be very interested to see if more corrolations exist, if you have any more examples you could provide...
    I have no doubt the english language can be used as a gematria device to express hidden meanings, and i dont have any more examples, as of yet. Unless i already posted them and forgot.
    But this is exactly the kind of thing ed would have used as an example for education. And im convinced he does try to teach us how to read deeper into english, as well as greek and hebrew.

    Hope to see more.
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