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EttCM Energy Technologies - ( Working Unity Technology ) Conversion systems from magnetic force

This is Working magnetic power output systems
Once the device is built it is ( self starting ) no outside energy is needed to start this type of technology
and it runs and produces usable energy on its own built in power that it runs on
This technology can be develop systems that can run a Car, truck, train, Ships, producing thousand of horsepower as needed or billions of megawatts for the worlds use.
or run your cell phone never needing charging again. no batteries needed
This technology is for public domain where all the world can use this type of energy, not to be patented at any time.
Why not patented, Because it is the right thing to do for all mankind. for all the planet. everyone has it to use as they

If you wish to discuss this topic, That is why I am here, if you do not believe this is real. that is also your choice
This is a Free will subject. to believe anything you wish.
It is all testable and provable technology, There are prototype units that show this is true.

Thank you. Tom Wlazlak aka magnagravity


  • This is the EttCM Testing prototype motor
    The input watts to run and produce output is 70 watts
    The output of this motor running on 2 coils is 230 watts of torque developed.
    tested by output of shaft torque at the total output of the friction of the bearing
    at the maximum Rpms the motor will produce at the friction of the bearing used
    This is a test motor of the technology only
    The input watts are measured and calculated and the output watts are measured and calculated to show this is a workable and testable technology
    Ready for development by any Government, Country, State, and other of business for energy developments.
    ( The cost of developments are for these groups only )
    This is a World development project - outside the realm of day job people. -
    Sorry People you will have to buy the energy from the Grid, supplied by the world groups that develop this technology in the Future.

    But you will not be left in the dark, if they decide to do it.

    Thanks Tom aka Magnagravity

  • The three drawing above are a design that works on the power of gravity and magnetic and electromagnetic
    The wheel turns on gravity power
    The permanent magnetic force holds a offset of balance to make the gravity power work
    The electromagnets top and bottom lift the weight to a higher level allowing the gravity to produce an output much greater than the force to lift the weight to a higher level because the electric time on is about 1/20 th of a second.
    This is much the same concept as hydroelectric power system work
    but replacing the solar power to lift weight to a higher level is replaced be magnetic force
    Concepts like these are being developed today because of the magnetic materials
    that are of the 21 century that were not possible before 2000
    if people used magnets trying to produce devices to run on their own energy before 2000 they would fail. the technology of today can make it happen
    but for them that were not of this time zone. they did not stand a chance
    to develop a working device.
    So trying to figure out if they did it or not is - did they try before 2000 to do this?
    if they tried before 2000 they did not have a working device that ran on its own power.

    ( Workable Unity Technology ) EttCM Energy to torque Conversion Motors
    started in 2018 - using the magnetic materials of the 21 st century
  • The EttCM Prototype Motor works on a Coil design that produces more output torque power than a normal Iron core coil at the same watts input
    2 test were done to show the torque pull power for a normal iron core coil
    and the EttCM Coil
    Note: the same pull test were done for both the same way
    The string is placed 1.91 inches from the center of the shaft and the output induction plate is 8 inches in diameter
    this is important to calculate the output power on a real motor designed to work with the EttCM coil design.
    The first test below is of the normal Iron core coil using .50 copper wire

    Notice that the scale is a just over 1/4 lbs. and the watt input is about 50
    The test below is the EttCM Coil

    notice that at about 50 watts input the output of the EttCM coil is 1 and 1/4 lbs pull torque This test shows 5 times more torque at the same watts input
    putting this on a motor like the EttCM testing prototype motor allows the motor to produce many more times the output power than a normal electric motor at the same watts input.
    There is no limit to the size or output of this technology
    the concept is the same as a normal electric motor the only difference is the design of the EttCM coil. that produce more output force at a lower input power

    This is Also a ( Workable Unity Technology ) because all the output energy is of the 100 percent usable power built into the device
    Note: No extra energy is developed from this technology.
    This conforms to the laws of thermodynamics and Physics in the same way as
    a normal electric motor does.
    All falls within the normal realms of Science facts. ( testable and provable )

  • This magnetic test device increases and decreases the attraction of ferrous or iron type metals
    It can rotate 180 deg. to change side on the on and off but it takes only 1/50 to the total output to do do
    This device can be used to produce a motor type device that run on permanent magnetic force only
    self starting and will not stop unless a greater force is applied to do so.
  • A transformer design is nice because it has not much in the line of moving parts

    This is an EttCM energy conversion transformer
    The input power is much less than the output power but it is limited to the 4 coil design that limits the ratio of the ( working Unity Technology ) of the unit
    Note: The wiring of this transformer is not the same as a normal iron core transformer so it will not work unless the correct control system is applied to this technology. The electric input control system is tricky and if not done correct will
    destroy the transformer. so the electric control system is not shown on this page.

  • NO Counter Reaction Device
    Is the same a no back EMF on a generator or motor that everyone wants

    They are all on their sides because there all asleep from lack of interested in people
  • I have always loved the Term Perpetual Motion Machine
    One of the best things I love about it is Science People say it must work without using energy Or using non-energy = Humm = What is non-energy Well:
    Gravity is one and Magentic is two forms of non-energy
    Gravity make Energy be using force to make movement of mass or Atoms of Weight and magnetic does the same.
    forgetting are the rest of the BS that is said about perpetual motion and why it is impossible to make something work using non-energy - energies.

    Lets look at one option of a working perpetual motion machine -
    look close this is a Working unity Technology
    that runs on Gravity as the main power source and magnetic that lifts the weight
    to a higher level to drop to a lower level making power output
    ( Just like Hydroelectric power does - only the magnetic replaces the solar power
    in lifting H2O to a higher level to drop to a lower level to generate power.)
    just like Hydroelectric conforms to the laws of physics so does the device below

    People Keep Looking and looking for a device that runs and runs and runs without using fuel of some type.
    But people look at this and What, nothing happens, It works without using fuel as everyone has been looking for. But if something like this is offered
    People just keep looking for the working device that uses not fuel to run on.
    ( Is that just Crazy or what )?
    Are People just looking and really don't want to find what they say they are looking for? ( If so, that is really Crazy )
    So keeping that in mind, Hummm -
  • Hi Tom, here, assemble this contraption, see if that works for you

    Also, you can turn 60W into.. 2,10, up to 50KW for less than 100 bux - a mundane spark gap circuit

  • I do somewhat the same thing, without holding a magnet in my hand.
    I put the copper wire into a jar on a string so the wire can turn inside the closed jar.
    Then I hold only my hands around the jar and then using thoughts only
    I rotate the wire inside the closed jar
    Some people find this hard to believe, but that is OK because I don't need to prove this can be done.
    All that is required is I believe, nobody else needs to be part of that belief.
    This is called being content not to share to others what they do not wish to know.
    also - the 833 times is really incorrect -- .23138889 times is the real factor
    and the 60 watts is .016666667 watts output from that video.
    If the person did the math and was an Electrical Engineer Physicist that did the video - He may have not done such a video and showed the lacking of his wisdom
    sharing with others his lack of such.
  • "also - the 833 times is really incorrect -- .23138889 times is the real factor
    and the 60 watts is .016666667 watts output from that video."

    ok so 60W x .23138889 = 13.883333

    Everything is running on a x833 multiplier through normie circuit means. the
    power brick input is 12v5A60W The flyback transformer is 10KV .006A

    12v times 833 = 9,996 V
    5A divided 833 = .006 A

    one goes up and one goes down. and using Normie means, for a load, you get to choose: either the high voltage or the high amperage out of a total packet input of 60W

    but with the spark gap setup, the amps die in the middle of that spark gap and get incorporated into the voltage via that magnetic field. s the amps get 'compressed' into the voltage potential, and when you 'unzip' this package, you'll get the max potential output of BOTH voltage AND amperage, simultaneously.

    so on the output end you'll get to combine a potential of 10KV
    a potential of 5 A.

    so 60W becomes a total possible output of..50 KILO Watts.
    50KW/60W =.833

    just like...
    Metric(matrix) = 2-5 base 10
    Imperial =3-6-9 base 12

    12/10 = you guessed it


  • A long time ago a man named James Watt hooked a horse up to a weight and lifted that weight and named the weight after himself and called the weight a horse power of watts.
    This still stands today the horsepower watt is 745.6 and the weight is 33000 pounds lifted 1 foot in 1 minute
    So the item above must conform to the laws of how much lift in weight of output to the watts input and this is done in watt hrs. that is 33000 times 60 minutes
    or 1,980,000 pounds lifted 1 ft. in 1 hr. ( that is a lot of weight for a speaker for 1 little spark to develop
    Ok 60 watts output in seconds is a lift weight of = 9.16667 lbs
    one minute is 550 lbs lifted
    in one hr. 33000 lbs. lifted by the thing sparking thing above ( NO: but if you truly believe in make believe ) it is your free will to do so.

    But look it up for yourself. it is all in the standard handbook for electrical engineers for anyone to see. ( everything else is guesswork )

    Of course my friend said " back away before they become dangerous "

    din-ma ( it's all in your head, why let it leak out? )

  • .....
    A string around the shaft is like a wrench stuck to a bar magnet, there is no WORK being done.

    1 horsepower is roughly 1000 watts using the Watt's gimmick of comparing horses to steam power.

    My device uses conservation of energy. I can show 1 pound moving one inch moves over 5 pounds many inches.

    I call this "Egyptian Tool Technology, Caveman Machine".

    I know Nikola Tesla inspired my multistage oscillator. I can show just like Nikola Tesla a small mass oscillating can get a much bigger mass oscillating.

    I wasn't impressed by your magna-cart that does what exactly? Travels to the north end of the track before coming to a stop and you have to wind up 180 degrees and it will travel to the south end of the track. Now when the north end is connected to the south end the cart does what?

    What the magnetic flux are you saying?

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